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How to explain this...Well it isn't your typical KakuHida. I have used Kakuzu's masks as the demons in my story. Revealed in this chapter is the tiger.

Plot: Kakuzu is dead, and Hidan, suffering a mental breakdown, has completely forgotten about his deceased lover, the enraged soul of Kakuzu slowly steals his sanity. Is it even real? Hidan didn't know.

The breaks are scene skips, it's not supposed to focus on Hidan's life so I didn't feel the need to shove pointlessness into this.

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Birthed in a combustion of flame a beast crawled it's sickeningly deformed body from the melting black lava, it's skin peeled slowly from it's bone, it's large claws held securely into the crystal white floor. The face of a tiger smiled as it pulled it's deteriorating form from the putrid rotting lava of molten intestines, crawling closer and closer. Black liquid leaked from it's mouth, melting the bottom jaw, it's tongue hung by burning strings of muscle, slowly the lava flowed from it's eye's, the soft flesh puddled and dripped onto the floor. It still crawled, it's bones cracking from the heat and strain.

It still crawled, crawled over to the hysterical mess in the corner. It's body loomed over the man, a gurgled laugh erupted from it's bubbling chest, it rumbled the walls and the molten rot sprayed down in a rain of acid from it's broken jaw. It burned the man and he screamed, his skin peeled off and burst, bubbles of puss exploded and leaked more acid. His chest peeled open, his organs leaking from his mutilated form, he screamed and cried, the pain shot through him as his organs burst open from the heat enveloped over him, leaking their foul smelling, chocking him as he seized wildly against the floor.

The beast laughed harder, swiping it's razor claws against him repeatedly until he was unrecognizable. The doomed man gargled on his own blood as he prayed to his God, his eye's rolled into the back of his head as darkness consumed him, his heart, left untouched beat slowly, about to give out, accepting his death he faded in and out, the beast's laughter filled his ears, it's laughter changed, it started to sound strangely familiar, like a small beeping.

Like the beeping to his alarm clock.

Hidan gasped as sat up, a cold sweat soaked his shaking body. Holding his frantically beating heart, the nightmare replayed in his thoughts, it made him sick, he remembered the smell, somehow he could imagine such a smell was completely revolting, the nausea in his stomach projected it's bile out of his mouth, he was barely able to run himself to the bathroom before it burst out past his lip's.

He Heaved all his stomach acid into the porcelain bowl. His shoulders shook pathetically as he fell onto his side, the cold tiled floor soothed his now heated body, it swept the sickness away from him. He pushed his forehead to the floor, sighing he calmed down. In the background he heard the small alarm on his clock beep, for once he was grateful for the torturous machine.

He lifted himself up, and stood. His leg's felt weak, shaking as he walked to turn the small clock off. He shook his head, leave it up to his twisted mind to dream up such a thing. He couldn't help but feel a sort of deja' vu. The beast in his dream, that beast, he knew it from somewhere. It teased his thoughts, it was like he was missing a piece of a puzzle, like something in his memories was missing. He pondered for a small while, giving in at the end, maybe he didn't know...maybe he did

"I don't know how to explain it. It's like it was real, like I knew the tiger's face. I feel like...I feel like something is missing, something I should remember." Hidan explained, his voice strained as he watched his psychiatrist nod and write inside his small notebook. The doctor rubbed his eye's and leaned back, he looked thoughtful, clicking his tongue before he spoke carefully to Hidan.

"Do you propose that you have memories that you are keeping from yourself? I think that you're experiencing a sort of recollection of a lapse in your memory un. Have you recently experienced any other Deja Vu'?"

"Deidara, do you think I wouldn't tell you? How long have I been fucking coming here." Hidan said exasperated and Deidara could only sigh, Hidan was a mystery, he had been coming here for almost six months and he had yet to even figure out the man, yet to break him apart to put him back together the right way, and right now Hidan was in need of help, he had a big problem with opening up, and blocking all attempts to find the real Hidan.

"Well, What do you think it means? Do you think it means anything?"

"I...I think I need to think." Hidan drawled, his pink eye's looked lost as they darted back and forth. Deidara pursed his lip's together, he really didn't want to allow Hidan to leave, he looked too stressed to be left alone, he often told Deidara that he inflicted pain on himself, he claimed it brought him back to better times. He knew Hidan might see this as an excuse to harm himself, but the albino man already left, closing the door behind him.

Deidara sat for a few minutes, chewing on the back of his pen, loosing himself in thought, pressing the intercom he heard the familiar voice on the other end.

"Yes brat?"

"Danna, can you get me the files on Hidan Hoku, Un?"

Deidara sat at his kitchen table, flipping through the few files they had on Hidan. He took notes on some details that might cause Hidan to suffer from those horrific nightmares. Sighing he felt someone tap his shoulder, a pair of lips press against his cheek. "So brat, why did you need these?"

"Hidan un. A patient of mine. Hear this. At the age of 15 he killed his father and mother, no major chargers were issued do to him pleading temporary insanity and not even evidence to proove he actually did it. Also here it say's he follows a religion called Jashinism."

" Sounds like a real nice guy."

"He is un!...Also states he was married to a man called 'Kakuzu Hoku' Both were in a car accident, leaving his husband scarred, and also in need of a heart transplant. It say's he died on the operating table a few months afterwords...It seems Kakuzu was a organ dealer in the black market, he was in jail for awhile, and..oh un, here is a picture of him."

Deidara gasped as he looked at a picture of the man's bare back, four masks tattooed on, one was the face of a tiger, it seemed to mock him, it's large smile spread smugly on it's face.

Hidan was in trouble.

Hidan threw his key's on his counter as he walked around the dimly lit kitchen in his home, peaking out the dark window like he always did, he felt like he was being watched all the time, he rolled his eye's, he was so fucking crazy. His stomach growled and alerted him he needed to look around for food, no surprise he didn't find any, so he called for take-out, he was sour that he was paying so much, but his stomach felt so empty.

He walked into his living room and sat on his black leather couch, he had time to kill before the food would arrive, and though he didn't want to think about his dream, his thoughts went right to it. He knew that he had seen that tiger's face before, it was on the tip of his tongue. Maybe if he just closed his eye's.

Grunting he stood up and walked from the couch, he couldn't remember anything, it made his blood boil. Perhaps he just needed a glass of water, yea just some nice cold water to soothe him down. Walking into his kitchen he pulled a clean glass from his cupboard and walked over to the sink. Pulling up the cold water, he growled when no water came pouring the cup under the facet he was about to walk to find something else to drink when he heard a strange gurgling sound echo inside his pipes. Walking towards it he watched a a small, thread like string wiggled out.

"The fuck?" He said, bringing his hand to touch it, but before he could, thousands of the strings poured out and consumed his body, suffocating him, killing him. He screamed and thrashed, but no one heard him, he was alone after all. Then a shrill laugh ringed in his ear, the face of a bull pulling it's self from the thread's. Laughing as bright light shot out of it's body, coming close to him, he gasped and closed his eye's, fearing for his life.

The bell of the door woke him.


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