Super short. I'm sorry I didn't reread this so tell me if you realize anything that I randomly added that doesn't make sense.


Hidan sat languid on his couch, his body numb and he sipped slowly from his glass, the alcohol burned his lips as he greedily allowed the effects to ravish his body, the empty bottle of vodka lay shattered against a wall and shards of glass settled on the floor. He gulped the last few mouthfuls and slammed the cup on his coffee table. His mind was blank, his vision blurry, his conscious felt clean,oh but it wasn't.

He heard his door creak open in his haze, and turned around to face the darkened hallway, a large shadow crept closer and lost it's size, the trademark high ponytail outlined on the wall as the blonde cautiously stalked over, quickly followed by the shorter red head.

"Hidan." Deidara whispered sweetly as he walked over and grabbed the albino mans hand, bringing him off the couch, his drunken stooper made him unstable but was able to follow the two of them outside. Even in his blurred state the smell of blood filled his senses, but he still allowed himself to get dragged blindly, blindly through the now sticky ground.

"Hidan, un we are almost there." Deidara smiled darkly and sprinted towards the small beaten home, Hidan being forced to stumble and fall to keep up with him. They stopped in front of the small stairs leading to the porch, a sign was hanging lopsided, the words "Welcome' was written in thick red letters.

"It's nice to be home." Hidan slurred as he freed his hand and walked through the door, the smell of decaying flesh and mold hit him as he slowly stepped towards the dimly lit living room.

"Mom, Dad. I'm home." Hidan heard behind him right before he was at the room and as he turned he saw a younger version of himself running past, into the living room, he instinctively followed and watched as the past version sat in between the two deceased bodies, the past self smiled and looked at them fondly, that gleam in his eye grew brighter.

" One big, mother fucking family." the teenager laughed.

"Why the fuck are you here?" Hidan grunted and pushed his hair back, the hangover pounded through his body and his head felt heavy and pain shot through him.

" Because you need me un."

"Go away Deidara, I pretty sure I made it obvious that I jeopardize the safety of you and your little fuck buddy."

"Hidan...Shut up." Deidara hissed and handed him a bottle of water, sitting down opposite of him, holding a pen and his notebook.

"Hidan, I think it's time you got to know the real you un."

"The real me,huh?" Hidan whispered, and sighed, He didn't even want to know who he really was.

"I remember before I...Before I went and killed the fuckers, that even though we acted like a normal family on the outside we weren't. They were fucks, always telling me I wasn't good enough, that I was a sinner because of my sexuality, they told me my God wasn't real. Jashin told me to kill them...I remember the dream." Hidan shrugged casually and shifted in his seat before he continued.

"He came to me and told me he would help me if I took the hearts of my "Parents." He told me how he just used her womb, that I was his son so I shouldn't feel bad. So later that night I carved out their hearts and devoured them, I became destined for the heavens then. Then Kakuzu came, He was my neighbor at the time. He heard the screams and came over..."

"Then I showed him what Jashin told me to do. He kissed me, I remember the shock I felt, I was only seventeen at the time, Kakuzu was nearing his thirties." Hidan looked down, a blush crept over his face.

"He kissed me because blood turned him on apparently. He took the rest of their organs and told me he'd come back later for me, to wait for him. I was found around three day's later by the cops, and after a few trials I was claimed to be a fucking psychopath, even after explaining Jashin. I was supposed to live in a home but they told me my uncle came and was going to care for me... I remember walking out to see Kakuzu waiting for me, He pretended to be my uncle and we ran away together. We lived in a lot of different places, and I sacrificed for Jashin and he sold the organs, we came here around ten years ago. I remember we got into an accident, and he died. I...I think I blanked out."

"Are you even listening?" Hidan hissed as he walked over to the hunched over blonde and pulled the knife from his chest, throwing it to the floor and allowing the blood to soak everywhere. "I told you to stay away." Hidan smirked and walked away, unaware of the thin threads slowly slithering behind him.

"Now that I'm back, I'm going to so fucking enjoy this." He laughed and walked over to the corner of his living room and pulled back a few loose floor boards, grabbing a large case that was hidden and opening it slowly he lifted the large scythe from it's confines, swinging it back and forth.

"Well,Well, Look who's back." He heard a deep voice rumble close behind him.

Well as you can see, I have made Hidan a complete psychotic xD Don't worry Kakuzu is going make his appearance again in the next chapter.

Not my best work either D;