Here's the third installment of the Bleach: Intimacy series! This 2 part one-shot features one of my favorite couples Ichigo and Orihime! This is based on a dream I had this morning, and I rushed to hurry and write it so I wouldn't forget. I apologize beforehand if there are any grammatical errors you may stumble upon.

Yes, I have a perverted mind. A very perverted mind. And I'm proud of it, too! (lol!)

WARNINGS: This story is 100% pure, un-beta-ed! Also I'm not sure how the Japanese school system goes. I heard they go to school year-round. Others say that the Japanese go to school 6 days out of the week. I honestly don't know what to believe, so I'm writing this (I suppose) based on the American school system. That's the beauty of Alternate Universe fics; the author is free to do whatever! (lol!) If that offends you, please do not proceed past this point! Thank you!

There might be some slight OOC-ness (out of character) in this story. Uh… sorry…?

Swearing, mild underage drinking, and slight mentions of sex partakes in this chapter. And everyone in this story is at least eighteen. So uh… no worries, okay?

Bleach: IntimacySummer Fun Part 1 featuring Ichigo and Orihime

"Bet you we could we could have some fun girl" Summer Love Justin Timberlake

"Whoo, hoo! School's finally over forever! I don't have to deal with this shit, anymore!" Keigo Asano exuberantly cheered, tossing his book bag in the air where it landed in a heap next to a garbage can on the sidewalk. A few textbooks and notebooks spilled from the unzipped backpack, landing on the pavement.

The energetic brunet felt a fist painfully connect to his head from an annoyed brunette.

"You ignorant dumbass!" Tatsuki Arisawa shouted at Keigo. "You were supposed to turn those textbooks in before school ended! And why'd you litter all over the fucking place?"

The now frightened Keigo scrambled to his ginger-haired savior, climbing on the young man's back to escape Tatsuki's wrath. "Iiiccchhhiiigggooo! Sssaaavvveee mmmeee fffrrrooommm ttthhhaaattt dddeeemmmooonn!"

Ichigo Kurosaki clenched his teeth in aggravation when Keigo's sudden weight forced him to bend forward, causing him to stumble and almost making him fall on the pavement before him. "Goddammit, Asano!"

With the speed and agility any professional wrestler would envy, Ichigo did a back-bend, making Keigo's spine to hit the sidewalk with blunt force. "Can't you keep to yourself for once? You do stupid shit to piss her off! Deal with it!" The ginger-haired potty mouth righted himself before walking again.

"Yyyeeeaaahhhhhooowww!" Keigo hollered in pain. Everyone around him watched with mild humor while the brunet rolled around on the sidewalk, clutching his back, trying in vain to rub the pain away. "Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie, ouchie…" Keigo repeated, hoping the mantra would help ebb the painful bursts that scattered throughout his back.

Ichigo Kurosaki, Tatsuki Arisawa, Keigo Asano, Orihime Inoue, Uryu Ishida, Mizuiro Kojima, Yasutora Sado—who everyone calls "Chad" thanks to Ichigo—and Chiziru Honsho were all walking together after school. Today was the last day for the group of seniors attending Karakura High and their graduation ceremony was the next weekend. How Keigo managed to qualify to graduate would remain a mystery to everyone around him.

"And to think," the feisty brunet immediately stood up, the pain miraculously gone from his body. "My parents rented out six rooms at the Karakura Inn this weekend for me and all my friends to celebrate graduation. "But… since you all are so mean to me… I guess this means none of you want to come…?"

Keigo walked ahead of everyone, who stood still from his words. He narrowed his eyes and grinned naughtily, knowing he now held all of his friends' attention. This is so sweet! They're gonna be eating out of the palm of my hand! Hee, hee!

"Wait a minute?" A maroon-haired female spoke above the silence. She adjusted her glasses to get a better view of the brunet walking ahead of everyone. "You mean to tell me we have the weekend to ourselves at a hotel?"

Keigo stopped in his tracks and turned to face the stunned group. Smiling brightly he told them, "Tomorrow and Sunday belongs to all of us. No parental or adult supervision to interrupt our fun! That is of course… none of you are coming. Don't worry… I completely understand."

Two whole days with the beautiful, boob-a-licious Orihime? I'm not going to pass this up! It's destiny! Fate has finally answered my prayers! Chiziru's dirty mind flashed lewd images of her and Orihime engaging in several intimate acts, with Orihime's gray eyes blinking back tears, and softly crying out Chiziru's name.

The brick-haired pervert eased behind Orihime, sensually rubbing her small body against the curvier teen's derriere, making sure to crush her breasts against Orihime's back. "Say Orihime," Chiziru whispered huskily in her ear. "Why don't we go, and we can even share a room together?"

Completely oblivious to Chiziru's advances, Orihime nodded enthusiastically and cheered, "It sounds like fun. I have the weekend off work anyway. So I can come."

Yes! Chiziru thought deviously. I have Orihime to myself this weekend! I can finally make my move!

"Oh no you don't!" Tatsuki roughly pulled Chiziru backwards by her shirt. "I don't think so, Chiziru! Orihime's sharing a room with me! So whatever's on your mind, you can forget it!"

"You're such a cock-blocking bitch." The angry teen scowled at Tatsuki, adjusting her crooked frames over her face.

The raven-haired fighter grabbed Chiziru by her wrist, yanking her forward until their noses touched. "What was that?" Tatsuki asked through clenched teeth, fire blazing in her eyes.

"Um… heh, heh…" Chiziru sweat-dropped and her body temperature rose. Staring into Tatsuki's angry, brown eyes, she nervously waved her hands in front of her face in surrender and chuckled, "I-I said that my-my skirt needs a new s-stitch…"

Releasing her, Tatsuki lowered her voice and replied, "I thought so."

"Does this mean you're coming too, Tatsuki?" Keigo asked hopefully.

Smoothing the imaginary wrinkles from her pleated, gray skirt, Tatsuki nodded. "Yeah I'm coming. Someone's gotta keep a watch on the horn-dog over here." She jerked her thumb in Chiziru's direction.

Chiziru lifted her nose in the air in response. "Hmpf! I don't know what you mean!"

"Well," Keigo turned towards Ishida, Chad, Mizuiro, and Ichigo with a hopeful look in his brown eyes. "What about you guys? Can you all come, too?"

"If you think I'm going to go on a trip with you just to participate in lascivious acts with all of you, you're sadly mistaken, Asano." Ishida rolled his blue eyes at the sulking brunet and sucked his teeth. "I wouldn't dream—"

"We'll be there." Chad's deep voice interrupted Ishida's rant. He placed a comforting hand on the wide-eyed Ishida's shoulder.

"Yeah!" Keigo pumped his fist in the air and shouted eagerly. "I knew you wouldn't let me down, Chad!"

"I'm texting Michiru, Ryo, and Mahana right now Mr. Asano." Mizuiro used his thumb to type on his cellphone keypad, letting their other friends know about the weekend trip.

Keigo's jaw landed in the pavement from Mizuiro's words, ignoring the 'mister' in front of his name. He's told Mizuiro several times to just either call him "Asano" or "Keigo". However, the shorter teen insisted on calling Keigo "Mr. Asano". Keigo had given up a long time ago in trying to reason with his friend. Now he just accepted Mr. Asano. "You too, Mizuiro? This is gonna be the best weekend ever!"

Ichigo stood between Ishida and Chad and grabbed the former into a headlock. "What's the matter, Four Eyes? Worried that you're gonna get in trouble with your old man or something? You're eighteen and he still got you on lockdown?" He grinned when he noticed Ishida's face brighten from embarrassment.

Ishida countered Ichigo's attack with a leg-lock. Growling through clenched teeth, the onyx-haired teen responded, "The nerve of you, Kurosaki! I'm going to kick your ass for that remark!"

"Oh yeah, I'd like to see you try, Nerd Boy!" Ichigo goaded.

Ignoring the wrestling boys on the sidewalk, Orihime faced Keigo and asked, "Does the Karakura Inn have a swimming pool?"

Keigo's face broke out into a wide grin at the thought of the voluptuous teen in a swimsuit. Oh boy! I can't believe I get the chance of a lifetime to see Orihime half-naked! "Ahem," clearing his throat, the cheerful brunet closed his brown eyes and lifted his forefinger, ready to tell his friends about the amenities the hotel had to offer.

"Not only does the Karakura Inn have an Olympic-sized swimming pool, but it also has his and hers hot springs, free cable including the naughty channels, free Internet, free breakfast, and twenty-four hour room service. Yes indeed, my parents went all out—"

"Hey, why don't we call the girls and tell them to meet us downtown to go swimsuit shopping?" Tatsuki faced Chiziru and Orihime, interrupting Keigo.

"Oh, Tatsuki," Keigo cried manly tears. "But I was talking…" he sulked.

"I'm on it right now, boss!" Orihime jokingly saluted Tatsuki while she dialed Ryo, Mahana, and Michiru's numbers from her cell. "You can count on me!"

"Even if Keigo's hosting this event, this weekend does sound promising." Tatsuki spoke while Chiziru nodded in agreement.

Everyone continued to look on as Ichigo and Ishida fought each other on the sidewalk.

"You bastard!"

"You asshole!"

. . . . .

As soon as Ichigo entered his home, his face was met with the bottom of his father's shoe. "Good afternoon, Ichigo!" Isshin Kurosaki kicked his son in a high-spirited greeting.

"Oof!" Ichigo's face landed against the opposite wall, and a dull throbbing spread throughout his head. "Damn," he muttered into the drywall.

Setting his foot on the floor, Isshin told Ichigo, "You're losing your touch, son. You're eighteen now. You're old enough to block my attacks. There's no excuse for your pathetic behavior. You're getting soft on me, boy."

"What the hell was that for, Dad?" Ichigo shouted. He drew his arm back and balled his hand into a fist. With as much force as he could muster, Ichigo thrust his arm forward, his fist connecting with his father's jaw.

In a dramatic fashion, Isshin was sent flying across the living room, landing underneath the large portrait of his deceased wife in a slump. "You-you're getting stronger… my son… There-there's nothing left for me to… teach you…"

"Bullshit!" Ichigo marched towards his father and proceeded to stomp him repeatedly in the shoulder. "Why is it that every time I come home, I have to deal with you? Why can't I have a normal Dad? How'd I get stuck with you?"

"Ichigo! Please stop! You're going to hurt him!" Ichigo's younger sister Yuzu Kurosaki cried as she watched her older brother flatten their father into the hardwood floor from her seat at the dining room table.

Ignoring the duo in the living room, Yuzu's twin sister Karin continued to eat her lunch. "Just let them fight. It's good for them to get their aggravation out of their systems."

"Yeah but what if Ichigo really hurts Dad?" Yuzu's large, cocoa eyes filled with worry as unshed tears threaten to spill from behind her lids. "Then he would—"

"You worry too much, Yuzu." Karin casually spoke with her mouth filled with ramen. "Don't sweat it. You know how they are."

Removing his foot from his father, Ichigo looked down at the bruised and battered man and said, "I'm spending the weekend with some friends. I'm going upstairs to pack, and I'll be leaving around 7:00PM."

Instantly jumping to his feet, Isshin cried manly tears while grabbing his eldest child's shoulders. "Does… does this mean my son's going to finally become a man? Son, you don't have to lie to your dear old Dad about seeing a woman to lose your virginity! It's okay, my son. Just remember to always use protection!" Lowering his voice so only Ichigo could hear, Isshin nudged his son in the arm with his elbow and asked, "Who's the lucky girl, huh? Is it Tatsuki? C'mon, I know it's Tatsuki!"

Unfortunately Karin and Yuzu heard every word. Replying dryly, Karin stated, "Well it's not like Ichigo's good enough to bed someone like Orihime. So I suppose Tatsuki would have to do." The dark-haired twin picked up her bowl and guzzled the beef-flavored broth before rudely belching.

"Ahh… that was good," she breathed, setting the bowl on the table.

Anxiously biting her fingernails, Yuzu shakily spoke. "Um… I-Ichi…go…?"

"That's right!" Isshin cried, preventing his daughter from speaking. "My son's too much of a loser to get with someone like Orihime! Oh, Masaki!" He reached for the large portrait and leaned against it, nuzzling his face against the picture. "Oh my love, how… how did we conceive a failure like Ichigo? Why couldn't you have given birth to a winner? Was it my sperm that did it? Or was it your egg?"

"You people are fucking insane!" Ichigo's face darkened burgundy while listening to his family lackadaisically talk about his non-existent sex life. He punched his father who went flying across the living room again, crashing into the coffee table. "It's nothing like that, okay! Geez, why can't I have a normal family? Why do I have to always put up with this shit?"

The humiliated teen stormed upstairs to get ready for his weekend getaway, ignoring the groans of pain coming from his father.

"You know, Dad," Karin rested her chin in her palm and yawned. "I think Ichigo's gonna die a virgin."

"You know, my daughter," Isshin righted himself and stood, dusting the coffee table debris from his lab coat and slacks. "I think you're right. Ichigo's so clueless."

"I heard that!" Ichigo shouted from upstairs.

"I wanted you to!" Isshin countered.

. . . . .

"We shouldn't be doing this!" Ishida hissed at the other ten teens standing ahead of him.

Everyone stood at the entrance to the gate of the swimming pool at the Karakura Inn, frowning at the lock on the door's handle. It was after 11:45PM, and the entire group stared longingly at the bright lights that surrounded with crystal water.

Keigo wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, fighting off the night's heat of 85 degrees. Even wearing swim trunks, no shoes, and a button-down, multi-colored, floral printed shirt, his body couldn't fight the warmth of the summer night. Man, if we could somehow get in there, he thought wistfully, his large brown eyes never leaving the pool.

They arrived on time to check in at the front desk earlier that evening. Due to extreme exhaustion, everyone showered and slept. Unfortunately they slept past the curfew hour to use the swimming pool, which is why everyone stood outside to find a way to take a dip in the cool water

"We're going to get caught and kicked out of the hotel!" Ishida continued to protest, while Tatsuki, Orihime, Chiziru, and Keigo were huddled in a group deciding how to pick the lock so everyone could go swimming together.

"Are any of you listening to me? Hey! I'm talking here!"

"Yes we hear you." Ryo Kunieda rolled her obsidian eyes at the pestering brunet. She tossed her long, black hair over her shoulder and scowled. "If anyone is going to get us caught, it's you with all of your loud-mouth complaining!" Turning towards her friends she asked, "Whose genius idea was it to invite Uryu with us? I came on this trip to get away from my parents, not to spend time with one."

"Hey, I resent that!" Ishida's voice rose several octaves. A vein began to bulge from his temple, and he balled his hands into fists at his sides. "If you're insinuating that—"

"Chad, could you break this lock for us?" Orihime's sweet voice interrupted Ishida's tirade, who sweat-dropped from her words. "You're the only one who's strong enough to do it."

The tall half-Mexican approached the gate and reached for the lock. He gave the heavy metal a firm tug, weakening the lock.

"Chad, you can't be serious!" Ishida's glasses fell out of place due to his constant fussing. He adjusted his thin frames while he continued to voice his opinion. "What if we—"

"Pipe down, Ishida," Ichigo scolded his hyper friend. "Your loud voice is gonna get us all caught." He carried a small, cordless stereo over his shoulder as he looked on the other side of the gate.

Facing the scowling young man, the brunet shot back, "Well excuse me if I'm concerned about our well-being—"


"It's done." Chad dropped the heavy lock on the pavement and carefully opened the metal gate so the hinges wouldn't squeak.

The six girls whose bodies were tightly wrapped in thick, white terry cloth robes entered first. Their squeals and giggles barely contained their excitement as they giddily made their way into the pool area.

Mizuiro entered next, followed by Ichigo, Chad, a grumbling Ishida, and Keigo who was carrying a 6-pack of beer in each hand. "It's party time. It's party time. It's party time." He bobbed his head to the imaginary beat playing in his mind.

Ichigo and Keigo set the cases of beer and the stereo on a round, cement table.

Chad, Mizuiro, and reluctantly Ishida made themselves comfortable in the beach chairs that surrounded the lighted pool.

"We're so bad to be doing this. Hee, hee." Mahana Natsui walked to the refreshment table and pulled out the latest Ayumi Hamasaki CD, Love Songs from the pocket of her robe and placed it inside the stereo.

Setting the volume to medium so the music wouldn't arouse hotel security, the busty, wavy-haired brunette reached for a bottle of beer and swayed to the music filling the air around them.

"That better be root beer in your hand, Mahana…" Ishida scolded from his position on the beach chair.

Facing Keigo, Mahana told him, "Next time we go on a group trip, we leave 'Pops'," she pointed an accusing finger in Ishida's direction, "at home where he belongs. It's summer vacation and I wanna have some fun."

Looking at Ishida, whose face was bright red with humiliation, Keigo told him, "You can't upset the ladies, Uryu." The playful teen knew calling Ishida by his first name would get him riled up, so Keigo did it on purpose. "We came here to have fun. If you're going to be a spoil-sport—"

"Hey I have to agree with Uryu," Ichigo told Keigo, sitting down in a beach chair. "If I had known you were bringing alcohol…"

"You guys sound like a couple of old men." Mizuiro stood and reached for a bottle of beer. "We're here for fun times and everlasting memories, not to be a bunch of sticks-in-the-mud."

"Huh? 'Sticks-in-the-mud'? Now who sounds like an old man?" Ichigo narrowed his chocolate eyes at the short teen and griped.

Orihime, Tatsuki, Ryo, Chiziru, and Michiru met with the others, each girl reaching for their own beers.

Ishida's mouth gaped open, looking at the curvaceous, wide-eyed, soft-spoken girl before him. "Not you too, Orihime!"

"Oh, it's awwwriiight…!" Orihime burst into a fit of giggles when she sung the tune of her ringtone to a slack-faced Ishida.

Hearing Orihime's voice singing off-key made the other girls join in with laughter.

Regaining her composure, Orihime gave the brunet a serious expression and told him, "Seriously Ishida, lighten up. Let's just enjoy the night."

"Hey, you guys," Ryo spoke, gaining everyone's attention. "I just remembered that this is our last time together as a group."

"What do you mean, Ryo?" Mahana asked her friend while taking a swig of her beer.

The black-haired teen looked around at the group of curious faces and explained herself. "What I mean is after graduation, we're all going to go on our separate ways. Some of us are going to university. Others will stay here, work, and live on our own. This is the last time we'll see each other…"

Eleven faces looked down at their feet, sadness overtaking their expression. Each young adult thought about how their lives were drastically going to change in the upcoming months.

Ishida, Ryo, Mahana, Mizuiro, and Orihime opted to go to university in the fall. Keigo, Ichigo, Tatsuki, Michiru, and Chiziru opted to go to university next year. They wanted to focus on saving money from their jobs to move out on their own before attending school. Chad decided not to go to school at all. Instead he wanted to remain in Karakura to work and take care of himself.

"She's right you guys," Keigo was the first person out of the group to speak. "We may never see each other again," he sulked.

"How can you all be so sure?"

Ten heads turned in the directions of Chiziru's voice.

"Who knows what the future may bring? Let's just focus on making good memories, now." She playfully winked at everyone and sipped her beer.

Hearing the cheerful pitch in her broke everyone from their sour moods.

Orihime cleared her throat and lifted her beer bottle in the air. She moistened her lips with her tongue and shouted, "To everlasting memories!"

Chad, Ichigo, Keigo, and a hesitant Ishida each reached for a beer and lifted in the air to join the others. "To everlasting memories," the group repeated.

"Down the hatch!" Michiru laughed and swallowed several gulps of the cold, alcoholic beverage.

Staring intently at her bottle, Tatsuki nonchalantly shrugged. "Here goes nothing." She took a few sips of her beer and immediately began coughing.

Spitting the sour beverage from her lips, she sputtered, "G-Gross! Th-This is n-nasty," which made everyone laugh around her.

Chiziru approached Tatsuki and placed a hand on her terry cloth-covered shoulder. "Drink it until it becomes tasty. That's how you handle alcohol."

"You speak as though you've done this before," Ichigo told her with a blank expression on his face. His bottle of beer remained unopened, deciding he wasn't going to partake in underage drinking.

"Oh hush, Ichigo," Ryo scolded him. Facing Tatsuki, she told her, "Now just drink and don't think. You'll get used to the taste soon enough."

Rolling her eyes at Ryo, Tatsuki scowled, "No way! I'm not touching that stuff—"

"Peer pressure, peer pressure…" Mahana waved her beer bottle playfully in Tatsuki's face, which made the girls giggle in response.

Huffing dramatically, the wild-haired teen replied, "Alright, alright! If it'll make you all shut up about this, I'll drink!" Placing the open end of the bottle against her lips, Tatsuki closed her eyes, held her breath, and guzzled the carbonated beverage quickly.

All around her, most of her friends were shouting, "Chugchugchug…" minus the voices of Ichigo, Chad, and Ishida who just continued to stare with mild amusement.

Tatsuki managed to devour most the drink, with some of it spilling past her lips and absorbing in her robe. Once she was done, she carelessly tossed the bottle aside, where it rolled against the refreshment table.

"Yeah, whoo, hoo!" All of her girlfriends cheered at Tatsuki's feat.

Keigo sulked and pointed his finger in the direction of his male buddies. "You-You guys are losers! Even the girls are beating us tonight! Let's have it, Ichigo! Chugchugchug…!"

"You're the loser," Ichigo scowled and flicked his middle finger against Keigo's forehead, eliciting an "eep" from his friend. "There's no way you're going to get me to drink, so shut it already."

"Aw… you're no fun…" the hyperactive brunet cried manly tears and whined. Regaining his composure quickly, Keigo faced Chad, Ishida, and Mizuiro, trying to goad them into the drinking game.

Placing his bottle on the table, Ishida replied, "Sorry buddy. No can do. I refuse to drink." He sat in his beach chair again and reclined back to look up in the night sky.

"Sorry Keigo, but I don't drink." Chad stated. He too, placed his bottle of beer next to Ishida's on the table and sat in his beach chair.

"Looks like you're on your own, Mr. Asano," Mizuiro calmly told him, taking a sip of his beer. He sat next to Ichigo's right at the refreshment table and watched the girls huddle together after they set their beer bottles a few feet from the pool.

Stomping over to the refreshment table, Keigo plopped beside Ichigo's left and huffed, "You guys are lame. None of you are any fun." He swallowed several gulps of his beer before following the gazes of his friends.

"Hello…" Keigo whispered huskily.

The group of males watched in silence as each of their female friends disrobed one-by-one. Chiziru was the first to relinquish her body of the heavy fabric, making sure to place her glasses in inside the pocket of the robe before removing it. Once it was off, she displayed a hot pink, metallic thong bikini with a halter top.

Facing the group of gaping young men, she thrust her hips to the side and smirked. "You like?"

Nodding eagerly, Keigo quickly replied, "Uh huh, uh huh…" The rest of the young men remained silent, opting to watch with mild amusement.

"Too bad," the maroon-haired teen lifted her nose in the air. "Because you can't have it!"

Feeling dejected, Keigo moaned, "Aw, man."

"You walked right into that one, Mr. Asano."

Gritting his teeth in annoyance, the brunet growled, "Do you have to be so calm about it, Mizuiro?"

Before Mizuiro could reply, they watched as Michiru was the next young lady to disrobe. Her swimsuit was more conservative than Chiziru's. She opted to wear a simple one-piece, lemon-colored bathing suit and giggled when Mizuiro winked at her.

The next one to remove her robe was Mahana. She wore a strapless, black and white polka dot, Brazilian cut bikini. She adjusted the top over her heavy cleavage and grinned when Keigo started to drool on the table.

"Not bad," Ishida muttered quietly.

Chad chuckled lowly when he heard his friend commenting on the beauty standing before him.

Ryo took off her robe to reveal a pink floral patterned, mid-drift tankini. The bottoms were low-cut, revealing a great portion of her skin, yet leaving everything to the imagination.

"God, thank you for this moment in time," Keigo looked up at the dark, star-less sky and wept manly tears. "I can now die a happy man."

Punching his friend in the arm, Ichigo growled, "Shut it, Keigo." He wouldn't let anyone know that he too, was enjoying the peep show, if the mild erection in his swim shorts was any indication. He waited patiently for the fidgeting, auburn-haired teen standing behind Tatsuki to reveal what she wore underneath.

She's blushing like crazy, Ichigo told himself. Whatever Orihime's wearing underneath that robe, it must be something special.

Rolling her eyes at the five gaping males watching her every move, Tatsuki quickly took off her robe and tossed it aside. She wore a simple navy, triangle bikini that had red skull designs all over it. Tossing her wild hair aside, she matched her gaze with her boyfriend, Keigo. Her cheeks tinted pink at his playful, secret wink.

Tatsuki quickly turned away from Keigo, trying vainly to burn the image of his handsome face resting comfortably in his palm from her mind. His lazy gaze boring deeply into hers; the playful twinkle in his eyes and that naughty grin promising more fun just for the two of them later on.

No one knew of their relationship and she preferred for it to be kept that way. It was still fairly new. They've only been seeing each other for a little less than six weeks, but she already felt comfortable enough to take their relationship to the next level. It was strange that she wasn't ready for the world to know about them as an item, but she has no qualms about sleeping with him.

Keigo can come off as goofy and troublesome most of the time, but when they were alone he was nothing short of caring, attentive, and understanding. Tatsuki also didn't mind it when he flirted with other girls, mainly because he knew they'd just knock him on his ass anyway. Plus, it served as a distraction to anyone who may try to figure out if they were and item.

The only person Tatsuki told about her relationship with the class clown was Orihime, who didn't possess much surprise at the information. Thinking of Orihime… the wild-haired teen looked in the direction of her best friend and smirked at the auburn-haired girl's nervousness. Her turn was next.

Gulping hard to alleviate her rattling nerves, Orihime slowly untied the knot to her robe. Her pewter eyes locked with Ichigo's hard, chocolate stare.

Everyone around them disappeared except for the two of them. Orihime reflected on her shopping trip earlier that afternoon with her girlfriends. Tatsuki picked out an extremely revealing swimsuit, hoping that it would capture Ichigo's attention.

'If this doesn't make him notice you, then nothing will!' is what Tatsuki said. She went on further to say, 'Ichigo's such a cold fish!'

Her other friends nodded in agreement, except for Chiziru, who merely rolled her eyes at everyone. Orihime wouldn't have to worry about Ichigo if she would only focus on me.

Orihime was a bit skeptical in accepting the swimsuit, but reluctantly agreed if it would improve her chances in snagging her high school crush. She was leaving Karakura soon for university and she didn't want to go without Ichigo knowing about her feelings.

For years she stood in his shadow, too shy to approach the fiery carrot top with the truth. Nevertheless, Orihime was content with being his friend. She was one of the few people Ichigo allowed to get close to him, and for that she was thankful.

Now the determined, eccentric young woman had another idea in mind to get closer to her beau.

Although Orihime wasn't a professional in the Art of Seduction, she knew enough from the many stories Tatsuki shared with her about her trysts with Keigo. Also, the extremely graphic erotic novels she read provided more than enough detail to make her immerse herself in the passionate scenes, substituting the heroine and hero with her and Ichigo.

She still recalled the nights she allowed herself to be so deeply engrossed in a story that she soaked her panties, pajama bottoms, and bed sheets with her intimate fluid. The pages of the book practically came alive while Orihime imagined Ichigo's fingers lightly caressing her collarbone, leaving a blazing trail past her bosom, dipping gently into her navel, only to reach—"

Oh my! I'm daydreaming again, and at the worst time! Orihime mentally scolded herself, giving her inner pervert a light spanking on her arm. Returning to the present, she blushed darkly while removing the robe from her shoulders.

Orihime looked down at her feet as the thick fabric pooled around them. Too afraid to look up, she listened while her friends cheered loudly at her choice of swimsuit.

Taking Tatsuki's advice against her better judgment, Orihime chose a two-piece, string bikini. The fabric was flesh-toned with certain areas covered by the strawberry-printed designs splayed throughout the swimsuit.

She felt naked, very naked. However, Tatsuki told her that was the whole point of wearing the garment. It didn't help matters that the bikini top had a keyhole opening that displayed more of her massive cleavage.

This is so embarrassing. Orihime fought the urge to cover her body with her arms. Instead, she boldly looked up at the man whose attention she sought most.

The look in his eyes made Orihime's heart flutter, and she squeezed her thighs together to ebb the throbbing she felt at her body's core.

I-Ichigo…? Isis hehorny…? That means, does he like what he sees…?

. . . . .

I'm so fucking evil! Ha, ha! Okay, not really. This one-shot was turning out to be extremely long, so I had to divide it into 2 parts. I'm currently writing part 2 now. Let's hope that it'll be available by Sunday so we can all delve into Ichigo's thoughts and the much anticipated lemon.

I never wrote a IchiHime lemon even though I've been in love with this couple since before I started watching Bleach. I have to change that.

Okay, this is really off-topic, but I'm so in the mood to write a Keigsuki lemon! I never read one before and I couldn't find any in my search. And isn't it obvious that I'm a total Keigo fan girl? Poor thing; he doesn't get enough love/attention in IchiHime fan fiction.