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Rose had her very first classes the next day. Despite being pretty well prepared, she was nervous. She, Sam and Ina went off to their first class as Hogwarts students, Transfiguration.

All the other first year Slytherins and Ravenclaws were waiting outside the classroom when the three girls arrived. They also filed in line silently.

Rose was trying to remember all that her father had ever told her about Transfiguration when a boy stepped in front of her. He had platinum blond hair that was slicked back out of his face. He was a Slytherin and behind him were two other Slytherin boys. Rather large Slytherin boys in fact.

"Hello there," said the boy in voice that reeked of arrogance. "I'm Draco Malfoy. You're Rose Snape, are you not?"

Malfoy, thought Rose. Of course that name sounded familiar. Mr. Malfoy had been a suspected Death Eater after the fall of Voldemort, but he was able to get out of any time in Azkaban. Her father and him had been fairly good friends in Hogwarts and even for a time outside of school.

Their friendship had suffered after he war, however. Rose didn't know much about it. But she knew the boy in front of her.

Well, she barely did. Apparently they had spent time together when they were kids. Babies, really. But she hadn't seen a Malfoy since then.

"Oh," she said. "hello there…"

"I'm glad to see that you're following your father's footsteps," said Malfoy. "And made it into Slytherin. Even if you are only a half blood." It was an off-handed commented about her heritage. Of course a Pureblood like Malfoy would be obsessed with blood purity.

"Oh yes," said Rose dryly. "I consider myself lucky that I could ever be considered for Slytherin house with such a lowly background."

Malfoy nodded. "Rose, I hope we can become friends this year. I'm sure our fathers would approve greatly." Malfoy held out his hand for her.

Rose raised her eyebrow at it. "Oh Draco, are you sure you really want my halfblood hand touching your Pureblood hand?"

Then the door to the classroom opened and Professor McGonagall ushered them into class. Rose and Sam giggled over Malfoy's dumbstruck fact as they walked in. Even Ina even had a smile on her face.

Her first week had Hogwarts seemed to fly by. Her classes were fun, but challenging, which she loved. And her first Potions class wasn't nearly as embarrassing as she thought it would be.

She thought having her father as a teacher would be too weird, but it wasn't, really. She wasn't sure if she should call him "dad," "father," or "Professor Snape", but she would cross that bridge later.

Malfoy hadn't spoken to her much since that first day, which pleased her. Whenever they saw each other in the common room or halls he would sneer at her and Rose would return it with a famous Snape glare. That usually did the trick.

She even had a chance to talk to Harry Potter again.

She had been trying to find her way to the library, but had gotten lost. Even after spending some time in Hogwarts before actually being as student didn't help with a sense of direction around here. She was just about to start looking out for a Hufflepuff when she ran into Harry.

He, too, looked lost. They were in an empty hallway and stopped, staring at each other.

"Hello," he said. "You're the girl from Diagon Alley." He said, surprised.

"Oh," she said. "Yes. That's me. You're Harry Potter."

Harry blushed a bit. "Oh yeah. I'm still not used to people knowing my name before I even have to say it…what was yours, by they way?"

"Rose. Rose Snape," she answered. Harry flinched.

"Your dad is Professor Snape?" he asked.

"Yes…" she answered.

"Ah, well. He doesn't seem to like me, does he?"

"Oh, the way he acted in the shop? Yeah that was weird…" said Rose.

"Not that. Well, not just that. He singled me out during my first Potions class, too," said Harry.

Rose wasn't too surprised. "Yeah…my dad likes messing with Gryffindors, sadly. It would have been funny if I had been in Gryffindor. I would have loved to see if he was nice or his usually self toward me," she said. Harry laughed.

"I'm sorry about him, Harry," said Rose. "I'm not sure why he's so weird toward you specifically. Maybe I'll ask him about it…"

"No!" said Harry quickly. "I mean, please don't. I don't need any more attention then I already have."

Rose smiled and nodded. "Ok. That sounds fine. And Harry?" He nodded. "Are you lost, too?"

Harry's face turned red again. "Yeah…a staircase moved and I got turned around. I was looking for the library, actually. My classes are already killer. And I've never learned about magic before, so I'm way behind, I think."

"I'm looking for the library, too!" said Rose. "Maybe together we can find it. If not, we can get a Hufflepuff to help us." Harry gave Rose a questioning look. "Oh, house stereotype," she laughed. "Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders. It's really random, but who knows, it might be true."

The two first years started out trying to find the library. As they walked, Rose asked him why he hadn't learned about magic before coming to Hogwarts. Rose had never formally been taught anything, but living in a magical family usually taught you a few things unconsciously.

Rose learned that Harry had grown up with the Aunt on his mother's side. She was a widow and absolutely hated magic. Actually, she never told him that his mother and father were magic in the first place. So of course Harry never knew he was a wizard. "Not until Hagrid came and told me," he said. "Aunt Terry hid my Hogwarts letters, too."

Rose was surprised that someone would keep all this information from their family. She felt lucky to be in one that embraced her differences.

The two finally found the library. They too a table to themselves and studied together. Having a Potions Master for a father had taught her a lot, so Rose helped Harry with that. Harry had a knack with Defense, which Rose lacked and so he helped her with that.

The Slytherin and the Gryffindor parted ways that night as friends.

Rose was sure your father would not be particularly proud about this.

Fred hated being stuck at home when his older sister, Rose, was off having a magical time a Hogwarts.

He didn't mind the local Muggle school that he went to. He had a few really good friends there, but he just wanted to finally go the Hogwarts. He didn't want to wait a whole nother year. And Rose was sure to boast about all that she had learned during the Christmas hols.

Fred was currently laying upside down on the couch in the living room and watching a repeat episode of Doctor Who. He was waving his toy Sonic Screwdriver around randomly, pretending it was a wand. Only one more year and he could have his very own.

"Fred!" his mom's voice came from the kitchen. "Letter!"

Fred jumped up. He never got letters. He ran to the kitchen. There an owl on the table and mum was feeding him bits of toast from their breakfast. "It's a Hogwarts owl," said his mum.

"Hogwarts? Is it Rose?" asked Fred, confused. Why would she send him a letter.

"No," said his mum. "Not from Rose." She handed him the letter. "Who else do you know that goes to Hogwarts?"

"No one," he said. He took the letter and tore it open.

Acid Green One,

This is Fred Weasley, your name twin -

- and George Weasley, your name twin's real twin.

We thought it would be brilliant to mentor you in all things prankster -

- before you even come to Hogwarts.

You seemed like you would be the prankster type on the Hogwarts Platform.

And we talked to your sister about getting your address -

-And we think it's sorta brilliant that your dad is Mr. Grumpy Gills Snape.

Then we thought about his face if you were to become a prankster in Hogwarts.

It was quite funny in our imaginations.

We hope you agree with this -

- and reply to our owl.

Because we hold all the secrets of Hogwarts, and would love to pass on this knowledge to the younger generation.

What do you say?

Mischief Managed,

Fred and George Weasley

"Brilliant!" said Fred.

"Who is it from?" asked mum.

"These two guys that helped Rose and I with her trunk," answered Fred. "They're twins and one even has the same name as me! We talked for a bit on the platform and they want to teach me all their prankster secrets!"

Fred started toward his room for a pachment and ink so he could write a reply.

"Did you say prankster secrets?" asked his mum.


"You are NOT going to be a prankster, Fred!"

"Whatever you say, mum!" shouted Fred from the stairs. He was already thinking of how fantastic his time at Hogwarts was going to be: filled with pranks with the twins.



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