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Day 20-Halfway Point

I'm so angry. I can't think of anything to say! Just…HOW THE FUCK? This morning she didn't even acknowledge Ian's existence, and now they're all lovey dovey with each other? And WHAT about George? I mean what he did- is doing, oh I don't know! Whatever he did was wrong, but I see the look in his eyes with that look that he cares for Amber. And I thought she was crazy for him. When did Ian get in the picture? And SHE KNOWS! She KNOWS that I like him. I mean, I never really formally told her or confirmed it that night in the woods, but she knows. GODDAMNIT!

First my parents didn't show up, give a track suit that is 12 sizes too small to try to make it up, then Becca goes and ditches me, now THIS? Why the Hell am I staying here? I have no clue! Oh yeah, boot camp. You know, sometimes, I think boot camp would be better than this place.

It just sucks. For once there was a guy that I connected with on more than one level. We jammed, we hung out, he was genuinely nice to me, and not just because I was there with him. He hung out with me, just me and he wasn't scared. He is just so nice, and funny, and sweet, and talented. I thought that he was no longer pursuing her. I thought he give up and see what he wanted was right in front of him, the person who has been there to listen to his issues, to be there when he doesn't want to be alone, his, well, inspiration for his music. Guy really are blind and stupid, he clearly did not think that he was the muse for those lyrics. I am a ghost to him.

I'm not a skinny, blonde, fat kid wannabe! I'm just this punk rock girl with some issues with people. Why can't he understand me? Do I have to go up to him and just be like "Oh by the way Ian, I like you and have since pretty much the first day." for him to get the picture? I mean, really! I know that I don't come up as the nicest person, but I still have feelings like everyone else here.

I don't know. I guess I just cannot wait till I am out of here. Or not. I mean, why would I want to go home after this?


Will angrily puts down her journal, pen marking the spot where she was just writing on the basket on the washer as she feels the heat from the dryer under her butt. She'd rather feel the heat on her butt than the hot tears run down her cheeks. The dryer stops and she quickly finishes her load, making a note to fold it later back in the cabin and leaves the room, walking at a power-walker's pace back to her cabin where she plans on ignoring the girls (ESPECIALLY Amber) and going to sleep, having the Pixies CD that Ian gave her on as loud as humanly possible and on repeat.

Walking that pace and looking towards the ground, she didn't notice the teddy bear-like figure walking towards her with a basket of clothes as well until she accidentally collides with the person, clothes flying in a pile in the middle of the wreckage, covering both her and the person.

"Sorry." She mumbles, as she rushes organizing between her clothes and his (she saw the Batman boxers amongst the pile).

"It's ok Will." He says. She freezes as she hears Ian's calm, warm voice answer back.

"No. I wasn't paying attention, and I just don't want to do anything but sleep right now." She makes her excuse, trying to calm down her racing heart and not show any change than it was earlier that day.

"No, really it's fine. I know that sometimes you are just in one of those funks. It will pass." Ian calmly tells her.

"Thanks." She says flatly as she gets the rest of her clothes in her basket and picks it up. "Well, I'm gonna head off to bed now. I'll see you in the morning." She says, rushing away from the scene. She hears a faint Goodnight from Ian as she walks away. When she returns to the cabin, most of the girls are already in bed either reading a book or asleep. The past weekend have been a lot to do, especially with the parents. She looks over, hoping to see Becca pop her eyes off from her book to give her a nod or a smile, but none. She quickly puts her clothes on her trunk and makes quick work of getting ready to bed. She hears the faint giggles of a couple of the girls taking a magazine quiz as she puts on the earphones, and the Pixies sooth her to a deep sleep…

Ian is just in a good mood, on this natural high from his day that started out really crappy, but just ended up great. After bumping into Will, he thought something was up with her or something, but she said she was tired, so he just went on his way and into the laundry room, putting his clothes into the washer. He feels something hard in the middle of the pile. He moves over the clothes and sees the journal, pen neatly tucked into a page, the same one he saw when he found it in this exact room.

"Oh hey, I guess Will has written some more poems, let's see what she has." He tells himself out loud as he starts the washer. He jumps up on it and opens up to the pen bookmark, starting to read its contents…