Title:Fair Warning
Fandom:Clover no Kuni no Alice
Pairing:Nightmare / Alice, Julius / Alice
Summary:Nightmare already knows the answers to expect. But, then, this was just a courtesy call anyway.
Warning:Spoilers for Clover I suppose?

. o . o . o . o . o . o .

"Was there a particular reason as to why you're visiting me?" Julius crossed his arms irritably over his chest. Not bothering to deign the floating incubus his full attention, he looked away pointedly. "If it's nothing pressing, I do have work to attend to you know."

"Of course, forgive me. I wouldn't want to disrupt your work, Clockmaker." Lifting his pipe to his lips, Nightmare took a drag. The smoke curled lazily around him as he exhaled. "I merely thought I would do you the favor of assuring you of Alice's whereabouts after the Move. But, if you're too busy..."

Julius turned reluctantly back around.

"She's in Clover, then?" He eyed the incubus blandly. "I'd already assumed as much. What with the disappearance of the Castle of Hearts and Hatter's place a Move was the obvious conclusion."

"Yes, she's in Clover. With me, in fact. The Move placed her almost directly into Clover Tower." Nightmare smiled wryly. "Understandably, she's still shaken up over the change."

"She's a Foreigner." Julius pointed out bluntly. "It can't be helped that she's unfamiliar with the workings of our world."

"No, no, you misunderstand me. Alice adjusted to the idea of the Move just fine." Drifting slowly down from where he'd been perched casually in the air, Nightmare fixed his good eye on the other man. "But, she's been terribly upset that you were left behind."

"It's not unexpected that I should remain in Heart. My place is with the Clock Tower." Julius met the incubus' gaze squarely. "She's proven herself to be a rather remarkable young lady, I'm sure she'll find a way to adapt to the change regardless of whether or not I'm there."

"So, you're not at all worried?" Nightmare didn't bother to hide his frown. "She's certainly worried about you."

Julius remained stubbornly silent and Nightmare took it as a bid to prod further.

"In fact, if I were to make a guess, I'd have to say that she seems to be more than a little in love with you."

"That's a decision she made on her own, then." Though his face remained impassive, Julius's hands tightened into fists against his biceps, white knuckles contrasting sharply against black fabric. "I refuse to discuss the matter with you."

"No?" The incubus inquired, deliberately coy. Flicking the ash out of the end of his pipe, his frown returned. "Very well then."

"Now," Julius repeated coolly. "If there's nothing truly pressing-"

"I love Alice."

The Clockmaker jerked slightly. His gaze fixing sharply on Nightmare as the incubus gave a lopsided grin at the admission.

"And, no I'm not 'simply spouting nonsense in order to get a rise out of you'. I'm telling you that I love her." Picking up on the thought before it had been spoken, Nightmare snorted softly in amusement before lowering his voice to a serious pitch. "However, I'm not such a nice guy that I'll hold back if the person she's waiting for doesn't have the balls to admit he loves her as well."

"You." Julius narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"Fair warning, Clockmaker." With a shrug, Nightmare gestured abstractly towards the veils of the dream surrounding them. "This was just a courtesy visit."