OH MY GOD! I am a horrible person!

First off, my story is based off the book, Something Borrowed by, Emily Griffin.

I have received a few reviews calling this to my attention and I assure all of you that it was not my intention to plagiarize. My friend had read this book a long time ago and had told me about it in great detail. However, we had a huge fight around the same time and I haven't talked to her since.

Years later when I first signed up for FanFiction, the first plot that came to my head was the one that was written by Emily Griffin. At the time, I had searched for the story, not remembering the title or how I had come to hear about it, but found nothing. Thinking I hadn't heard it after all, I just wrote all that was in my head, unconsciously plagiarizing Emily Griffin's work.

I had recently read the book and the similarities are striking. I feel absolutely terrible and I'm considering taking the story off for good.

I recommend you read the book, but it is for mature audiences. Please accept my apology and I hope this incident does not change your opinion of me as a writer.