1Clare was asleep on Eli Goldsworthy's bed. Now before you jump to conclusions, nothing happened. Nothing. Seriously, nothing.

They had been working on their latest English assignment, when Clare had this sudden rush of drowsiness. She dozed off right on Eli's navy blue comforter, bedspread as Eli called it. Eli, still with cotton candy colored hair, decided that it was the time to get his secret love back. He had this amazing prank set up.

He grabbed a water gun and filled it with some slime he made out of flour, water, and green food coloring. He also grabbed an airhorn. He waited for another half hour to make sure that Clare was really asleep. When he was certain she was, he began to let the prank unfold.

Much to his dismay, Clare wasn't really asleep. As smart as she was, she knew Eli was going to attempt to get her back. Eli leaned over Clare's head, airhorn in hand, and made sher her eyes weren't open. Eli smiled as he thought is plan was going to work.

Clare's eyes shot open, making Eli jump a little.

"Thought you were gonna scare me, eh?" Clare stated, smugly.

Eli frowned. "Whatever. I can still get you back." and with that, he pushed the airhorn, making Clare squeeze her eyes shut, and proceeded to pump the slime-filled water gun.

"Eli!" Clare screamed, jumping off his bed. Her yellow dress was soaked with disgusting, unlikely removable slime.

"Haha!" Eli evil-laughed. He ran out of the room and ran into his bathroom, locking the door behind him.

"Open this door Elijah James Goldsworthy before I bust this door down with my bare hands!"

"Ha, I'd like to see you try." Eli said, through the door. Clare pressed her back against the door. Eli knew cause-and-effect relationships, so he knew what would happen. He unlocked and opened the door, causing Clare to fly into his arms.

Clare squinted her eyes. "You would." Eli nodded, and pressed his lips to hers. She gasped.

"You would." Eli wispered.