It's all Quinns fault. When Mercedes suggest a weekend for just the girls, no boyfriends, Rachel quickly offers up her place, seeing as its the biggest, has the biggest living room, and has the biggest tv. On Friday they debate over what they want to watch and when Quinn mentions One Tree Hill, everyone squeals and gets all excited. After two days, and several late nights, they have finished 5 seasons. They haven't gotten to 6 and 7, and they won't cause the boyfriends have showed up, unannounced. Its sunday night and the boys are tired of their sausage fest that they have been having all weekend. THey are ready to see their woman, and they aren't taking no for a reason. The girls don't complain, and they quickly pair off and switch on a group friendly movie. Their watching The Hangover and as soon as Quinn says something about how cute Bradley Cooper is, Rachel quickly shoots off with, "Oh go Brooke yourself Quinn." All the girls crack up, Santana and Rachel high fiving. The boys look at the girls like their crazy, before ignoring it and going back to the movie.

The next day, their at school, Santana, Noah, and Tina are sitting in science. Its a lab day, and the three of them have managed to set it up to where they work together. Noah is in the middle, doing all the work even, while the two girls gossip over him. Tina says something about how she brought Artie to school this morning, and wishes that he would finally kiss her. Santana quickly shoots back with, "Forget him, just Brooke yourself. Much easier, much more pleasing nine times out of ten." Noah once again gives them a weird look, them not even noticing. He snaps about them needing to pull their own weight, and they quickly shut up, moving to read the instructions.

It's in the choir room when he hears the odd saying again. Mike & Matt are sitting up in the corner, with Mercedes and Kurt sitting in front of them. Its not hard to tell what matt & Mike are talking about, based off their body language. Kurt and Mercedes must have figured out the talk to, cause Kurt snaps off with, "Silly boys. You don't stand a chance with that girl. Might as well just get used to Brooke." There it was again, Brooke. What the fuck were these girls talking about? He was determined to find out.

He brings it up that night, while Rachel and him are laying in bed, naked and sweaty. "Babe, what is this whole Brooke thing you girls keep talking about? Do I know her? Should I know her?" Rachel immediately starts to laugh, not knowing if she should tell him or not. She lays her hand on his chest, looking up at him. "Baby, brooking yourself is when know...take care of yourself."
He looks at her like shes crazy, before she sees the flash of understanding flash across his face. "Oh, so its when you masturebate? Why do you girls have to have such weird ways of wording things? Why couldn't you just say that?" "Well, it may not be conventional Noah, but its much better then some of the things you boys say." "What? Jacking off and beating your meat isn't that bad!"
"Whatever you say Noah. I am sure you haven't been having to... See Jack or Brooke lately, right?" He smiles down at her, knowing what she's asking. "Hell no baby! You fill all my needs, haven't needed my hand since the first time you worked your Brooking on me."