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Angeal was used to taking orders. He had done since he was a cadet and when he progressed to SOLDIER. There were his routine orders, and there were strange requests, both of which he had learned not to question. These days as a 1st he wasn't taking very many orders, nonetheless, when the need arose he was ready as a good SOLDIER would be.

Besides the Turks, the SOLDIER 1st Class Division was the pride of Shinra when it came to combat. They were quick, strong, and efficient; trained to be prepared for anything. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

"Your mission is to clear out Shinra Manor. I don't want a single monster lurking there. We need use of the labs for our new project. Do I make myself clear?"

Angeal nodded. Professor Hojo grinned "Good. Failure of this mission will result in demotion. Now take these keys. These should unlock the basement and all the coffins there."

Angeal raised a brow. It was odd that a mission this small could jeopardize his career, but as usual he did not question it. He would treat this mission like any other. With pride, honor, and precision.

"Yes sir."

Professor Hojo gave what almost looked like a smile but ended up being a smirk, "Excellent…and Angeal…I want them all dead."

The SOLDIER 1st nodded once more and left the lab. Something about that place always sent a shiver up his spine. The same was to be said about the Professor.

Gearing up, the brunette placed the Buster Sword on his back and carried his standard issue SOLDIER sword at his side. Taking a deep breath, he headed off to start his mission.

The first and second level monsters were easily defeated. It wasn't until he reached the basement that he needed a little more effort. Still he managed with only a few scratches. The first few coffins contained creatures of a higher level. Angeal sustained a few minor injures after disposing of these. After bandaging a gash on his arm, his eyes traveled to the last coffin. It was coated in several layers of dust and looked completely forlorn. The brunette was tempted to just skip it, but he intended to carry out his mission right.

He unlocked it and raised the cover. Angeal could not contain his gasp. The inside was lined in a beautiful purple satin, different from the wood that lined the others. Even the wood that made up the coffin was a fine mahogany. But it was the craftsmanship caught Angeal's eye. It was the being nestled in the it.

At first Angeal had though it was a female, but upon closer inspection of the facial features, he saw that they were distinctly male. This man had smooth alabaster skin, a full bottom lip that was tinged pink. With raven hair as soft as the fabric it laid on, the SOLDIER could no longer help himself. He reached out and ran his hand over the black locks.

Captured by the creature's beauty, he had not noticed the steady rise and fall of the other's chest. It wasn't until the eyes fluttered open and ruby orbs stared at him, that he realized this stranger was alive.

Angeal had forgotten his mission all together. The other man stared at him for a long while before speaking. His voice was horse from years of neglect, "You're here to kill me aren't you?"

The SOLDIER blinked. It was an odd first question, but it made him remember why he was here in the first place.

"I'm here to kill off the monsters."

"Then you're here to kill me."

"But you aren't a monster."

"Don't let looks deceive you. I am more monster than any of the creatures that lurked here."

There were a few moments of silence before Angeal whispered, "Why are you in there if you are alive?"

Sitting up, the other man looked at his feet. He showed no expression and spoke in monotone, "Why should I tell you? SOLIDER…almost as untrustworthy as the Turks…"

"We're not all bad."

"So you think. How many innocent people have you murdered all in the name of war? Don't tell me none. Woman, children, fathers and brothers…They are somebody to someone and their life was snuffed out all because someone sitting comfortably in an office says it is the right thing to do. So he sends his puppets so he doesn't get his own hands dirty. "

Angeal growled a bit, "You know nothing of what I do!"

A dry chuckle came from the other. "Really? I used to be the worst of them all. Kill people just because my puppet master didn't like them. Having sex with the target for thrills and then leaving their blood on the pillow. Saying 'I love you' and then handing them poisoned wine at dinner. I made men and woman alike lust for me, string them along and drop them when I was bored." He chuckled again and looked the astonished SOLDIER in eye. Gray blue eyes met crimson, "I was the worst of them all. I was former Turk Vincent Valentine."