Vincent looked out the window. It was a warm day in the summer. The flowers had long since bloomed since the arrival of spring and the countryside was absolutely breathtaking. It reminded him that even though the winters in Banora were brutal, the spring and summer always made it worth the wait. He placed the wet dishes on the rack to dry. He took off the gloves and glanced to the ring on his finger. The gunman still smiled at the sight, even after six years of looking at it. The memory still fresh in his mind.

They laid there in bed, spent and glowing. Vincent cuddled up to the big man and kissed him tenderly. Angeal smiled and looked into the crimson eyes. "You're so beautiful, Kitten" Vincent blushed lightly, hiding his face in embarrassment. Angeal chuckled, always loving the way the other responded to his affections. "I find you utterly resistible. I'm addicted you Vincent Valentine. I don't ever want to see you in the arms of another man. You've made me selfish."

The ex-Turk chuckled lightly and looked to his lover, "I would never love a man as much as you, Papa Wolf"

The smirk that curled on the ex-SOLDIER's lips made Vincent's eyes narrow in suspicion. He knew that smirk very well.

"Well I just want to make sure it will never happen," said Angeal as he reached into the nightstand and produced a little black box. Vincent gasped and bit his lip looking to the big man, "Will you marry me, Kitten?"

Vincent threw his arms around the other and kissed him with more passion than he had ever before. Angeal wrapped his arms around the smaller frame and smiled into the kiss. Vincent pulled away but stayed close, smiling he replied, "Of course Papa Wolf"

Their wedding had been small. Sephiroth along with Zack and Cloud flew in to attend. Angeal was pleased to know that their relationship had been going well. They had been married only six months when Vincent noticed a change in Angeal. He seemed distant at times and after much prying the big man finally admitted what had been on his mind.

"Its just, I always pictured myself with a big family. I love kids..."

Vincent looked down, "We'll find a way Angeal. You'll get your family."

Then Nadia had come into their life. Vincent could remember the scared green eyes hidden behind chocolate brown hair. She was eight when they rescued her from the basement of her abusive parents. The tortures she endured only brought her closer to Vincent as he could relate. After lots of love and therapy, she was now a bright and caring teenager.

Nadia hadn't been the only one they rescued. Adam was the remains of a tragedy that hit Banora. Barely a few months old when his father had found out that his wife had cheated. He murdered his mother and committed suicide, leaving the baby all alone. No one had wanted to take him in. Angeal just couldn't leave him. Now Vincent watched as the sandy blonde haired boy tackled his adopted father, golden eyes shining bright as if nothing bad had ever happened to him.

Even with the two happily in their possession Vincent had the feeling that Angeal wanted more. For a while Vincent tried to fill the void with other things with little success. Months later he received a package addressed to him. He pulled out the envelope and extracted the letter.


The documents and items that were involved in your experimentation were finally released and ordered to be thrown away. I managed to salvage some things that may help you in your new life. I know Angeal very well...So enclosed is the full report on your experimentation, from beginning to end and something that you may want that goes along with one of the sections I highlighted for you. These things were not easy to obtain. Use them wisely.

Best Wishes,


Vincent raised a brow and pulled out the thick file. As noted there was a small tab pocking out from near the end. He pulled out the page and scanned it. His eyes widened.

"Experiment #73: Genetic Reproduction of the Chaos Gene

Subject may reproduce when subjected to Injection 214. Desired results is for the Chaos Gene to pass on the the offspring, thus multiplying. Injection 214 will activate the engineered womb implanted in Experiment #26. Sperm must be treated with Mako or the Chaos Gene will terminate it.

*Inject subject in the pelvic region for better result

Gestation: 5 months

Chance of Miscarriage: 24%

Chance of Complications: 57%

Notes: Inseminate subject. Carry out till month 4.5 of gestation. Move child to the incubation chamber. Keep subject sedated as much as possible through gestation process.

His hands trembled as they pulled the bubble wrapped item in the package. He set it on the table and slowly unwrapped. it. The glow of the liquid in the capped syringe was purple. A label encircled the tube. Injection 214.

Angeal burst through the door "Coco is pregnant!" Vincent jumped and turned around, hiding the package behind his back. "Really? You've been trying to breed her for months now. Her chicks will sell nicely then" Angeal smiled. However, the glow of the syringe caught his eye. "Whats that?"

Vincent swallowed hard. "Sephiroth sent me some of the remnants of my experiment." Angeal bit his lip a bit. "Oh?" The gunman just handed the file to his husband. There was a long silence, even after Angeal had finished reading. Vincent looked to him, waiting for a reaction.

"Now I'm bad with science mumbo jumbo but what I got from this is that with this injection, you can produce kids."

"That's what it says."

"Is that what you want?"

"Well yes. I know you want a big family and well having biological kids of our own would be...wonderful."

"Are you positive? Vincent, this is a really big decision and I don't want you to do something you don't want. I mean there is a 57% chance of complications and- what are you doing?"

Angeal watched as Vincent snatched the syringe and disappeared into the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later rubbing his hip. "Positive enough for you?" The big man only smirked and whisked his husband off to the bedroom.

Vincent called out for dinner. Angeal came in with a bunch of little raven heads (and one sandy blonde) hanging off of his clothes. He shook them off with care and they reeled on their mother. A pair of gold and four pairs of red and gray (the color of Angeal's eyes before the mako) eyes looked to him with hunger. Vincent chuckled, "Alright you little vultures, to the table. Nadia! Time for dinner!" He heard shifting upstairs which confirmed she would be down soon. "Kenna..." the five year old looked up innocently, "Yes mommy?"

"I want you separated from Adam. You two get into another food fight, I don't care how small and you'll regret it. Charlotte that goes for you too. No more poking your brother with your fork."

Charlotte scrunched her nose and looked to her twin brother Nathan, "I can't believe you told mom on me." Vincent shook his head and tapped her on the nose, "He didn't tell me, I just knew." The little girl huffed a bit at being caught.

Angeal helped serve the five little ones before he sat down himself. Nadia came down and greeted her father with a kiss on the cheek "Hi Daddy."

"Hello sweetheart." he replied.

She served herself and sat next to the youngest, Hailey who giggled when her father started making funny faces.

As the others talked, Vincent sat down and thought about his new life. He had gone from killer, to experiment, to hermit, to lover, and now to "mommy" and though he cursed Angeal on a daily basis for having the kids call him that, he wouldn't have it any other way.

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