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Published on September 5th, 2010.
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Chapter 1/60
The Book
A Plea from the Stars Arc (1/7)

8:59 AM

That was the time the boy saw. He felt his body tensed, and felt his throat dry. His name was Double D, who wore a black beanie on his head, red shirt, long tie, purple shorts, long red socks, and blue shoes. Today, he and his classmates met up in the classroom rather than their usual classroom. He glanced at his peers. He saw Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf gathered around one table, having a conversation. Double D glanced at the clock; 30 seconds was left. He saw Jonny talking to his wooden plank (literally named Plank) behind Kevin's table. Then, Double D glanced at the library's entrance.

Oh dear, he thought, biting his lip and feeling his throat closing up. I hope they get here before the teacher does. There will be terrible consequences. He returned staring at the clock; the clock hand reached the number 9. The entrance to the library door burst though. The boy looked back, only to see his teacher walking in. He widened his eyes. Oh no! They're too late!

The school bell rang. The teacher walked up to the front of her classroom. She placed her books, folders, and other papers on a rectangular table. It was positioned in the front of the other tables. She adjusted her glasses. "Good morning, class," she said. The students replied with their own morning greeting, though they lacked the upbeat energy. The teacher took out her clipboard and a pen. "I will now begin roll call. Please say 'here' or raise your hand." She called everyone's name one by one, and they all responded. When she called Ed and Eddy, she received no response. She looked around to find Double D's table with two empty seats. "Eddward, where are your friends who are late to my class?"

Double D gulped, then felt a cold sweat. "I... Well... They..." Suddenly, the entrance flew open with a loud bang like a gunshot. Two students ran inside the library. The tall one had short hair standing up with a monobrow that can make certain people laugh. He wore a red and white stripped shirt under his green jacket. It's Ed! In contrast, the short boy wore a yellow shirt similar to a bowling shirt. He also wore blue baggy pants, a wallet chain, and red shoes. And Eddy!

"We...made...it..." Eddy said, putting his hands on his wobbling knees before collapsing on the floor. Ed did the same, too.

"So you finally made it," the teacher said to the two, which Ed and Eddy froze. The two turned around to find their teacher staring them down with a scary scowl on her face.

Eddy laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Uh... Hey, teach."

"Don't 'hey teach' me, young man!" Everyone cringed and closed their eyes.

Eddy quickly stood up. "Look! We can explain why were-"

Gritting her teeth, the teacher swung her right arm horizontally. "I don't want to hear anything from you two! You know what happens when you're late to class, right?"

"Gravy?" Ed said, smiling.

"No! A detention! Also, you'll get another detention for breaking that door!" She pointed to the door that has a hole with Ed and Eddy's shape on it.

"But-" Eddy said.

"No 'buts'!" Hearing that caused the two boys to sigh and put their head down in defeat.

Kevin leaned to Nazz's ear. "Man, the dorks are in for it now," he whispered.

"Kevin..." Nazz whispered, frowning.

The teacher started to write out their detention forms to Ed and Eddy. "Right after school," she said, still frowning. "No question asked." They took their forms and sat down their seats with Double D.

"This stinks," Eddy murmured, slamming his head down on the table.

"Okay, class," the teacher said with a happy tone. It was as if the incident with Ed and Eddy never happened before. "Today, you're going to finally write your first book report." Everyone, except some people, groaned. "But this year, you can choose any book here in the library." She saw a few people's eyes lit up.

"Really? Any book?" Nazz asked.

The teacher nodded. "Yes, but short books are hard to write on a one page report. Try finding some other books that's easy and fun for you to write, okay?" She faced everyone else. "You may also pair up with up to three people. This will be due tomorrow in class, so be sure to check out a book if you ran out of time. You'll be presenting your report to the front of the class." The same people groaned again.

"This stinks...again," Eddy murmured, slamming his head on the table.

Everyone started to pick out their favorite book (or an easy book) from the shelves. As everyone roamed around the library, Double D and Eddy sat down on their own bean bags while Ed tried to find their book. They secluded themselves at a corner where no one can see them.

"I hope you're proud of yourself, mister," Double D said, giving Eddy a dirty look.

"Proud?!" Eddy gritted and stood up to his friend. "That teacher didn't let me explain and I ended up with two detentions! And I had a good excuse!"

"Shh!" Double D whispered to Eddy, looking around before facing Eddy. "This is a library, you know. And what's your good excuse, may I add?"

"Well... It all started yesterday night at Ed's house. And..."

"Eddy! Look!" Ed said as he started to jump up and down on his seat.

Eddy, with narrowed eyes, came inside Ed's room. "What is it, Ed?" Eddy turned to look at Ed's television.

"It's finally here! The movie I've been dying to watch!"

"You said that to all movies you want to watch, Ed."

"I know, but this will be the best movie ever!"

"You said that to all movies...again!" Eddy never really comprehended Ed since they have first met.

"It's starting, Eddy!" He suddenly grabbed Eddy by the waist and pulled him to himself like a stuffed bear.

"Hey! Let me go, Lumpy!" He tried to break free, but Ed's strength was too much for him.

"You have to see this Eddy!"

"No! One, take a shower because you stink! Two, we have school tomorrow and I don't want to be late this time!" But it was too late. Ed had already absorbed himself from the movie. Eddy still could not break free from Ed's grip, and his energy slowly faded away. He soon ended up watching the movie.

Eddy opened up his eyes, seeing Ed's clock. It was 7:50 AM. Still, he shut his eyes, remembering the aliens and the mutants. He sniffed something awful, forcing him to open up his eyes. He found himself cuddling with Ed, who was snoring out loud. Eddy lifted up his upper body with wide eyes before looking at the clock again. "Ed!" Eddy shook Ed's head as hard as he could. He saw Ed opening up his eyes.

Ed yawned. "Yes...Mommy?"

Eddy growled and glared. "We're gonna be late to class, and it's all your fault! What do you have to say for yourself?!"

None of them said anything for 10 seconds until Ed widened his eyes. "Oh no! Trouble! Breakfast! Underwear!"

"And that's my excuse," Eddy said.

Double D stared at him. "Well..." He pinched his own nose. "No wonder you smell atrocious." Eddy growled back as Ed walked up to them with a red book he was carrying.

"Hey guys," Ed said, smiling. "I found a really cool red book."

Eddy narrowed his eyes at him. "This better enlighten me or else," he said.

Double D took the book from Ed. The book had a red cover in it with gold pages in it. The title read: Star Spirits and Good Wishes. "A fantasy book?" he asked.

Eddy scoffed, looking away. "It's junk. Perfect for Sarah and Jimmy."

"Well, let's read it before we make our assumption."

"Whatever." The Eds sat around in a circle with their bean bags. No one can see nor hear them.

Double D cleared his throat, turned the page, and began to read. "'Today, I'm going to tell the story of Star Spirits and Good Wishes.'" He looked back to see Ed smiling ear-to-ear while Eddy had a dull expression. Double D turned the next page. The picture shows a colorful platform that were surrounded by stars under a starry night. "'Far, far away, beyond the sky, way above the clouds-'"

"Get to the point!" Eddy then rested his right cheek on his right fist.

Double D frowned at Eddy, then looked down at the pages. "'It's been said that there's a haven where the Star live." He turned the next page. It showed a beautiful sanctuary building surrounded by crystal clear water. The poles on each side shot out water gracefully that made the stars float majestically. "'In the sanctuary of Star Haven, there rests a fabled treasure called the Star Rod, which has the power to grant all wishes.'"

Eddy's eyes lit up a bit, and Ed began to hop up and down with his beanbag. Double D turned the next page. In the center lies what was supposed to be the Star Rod. It had a golden star with a golden brown handle in it. There was also seven stars that had facial expressions.

"'Using this wondrous Star Rod, the seven revered Star Spirits watched over our peaceful world carefully...very carefully.'" He turned the next page. "'And then...'" He stopped, leaning his head closely at the page. There was a weird, old-looking witch with a broom floating above the Star Rod. There was tape on the witch as well. "Oh dear... Who stuck that weird thing into this story?"

"What?" Eddy asked. Eddy and Ed hopped out of their beanbags and looked at the page. Suddenly, an evil dark laughter echoed. The Eds frantically scanned around. Eddy growled. "Must be Kevin! Show yourself!" However, they heard the laughter coming from the book itself. A dark shadow crept toward the page.

"I finally did it!" a deep, menacing voice said, still laughing. "With this Star Rod, I can finally beat my archenemy: Mario! Do it, Kammy Koopa!" As if was by some magic, the once solid paper turned out to be real life. The book started to shake Double D's arms as lightning started to seep out the book.

Eddy gasped. "Let go of it, Double D!"

"I can't!" Double D said, grunting. "My hand is stuck!" He watched Eddy grabbing the book.

Ed laughed out loud. "This is too cool!" he said.

"Help us, you idiot!" Eddy said as Ed began to help them. While they were pulling the book away, they saw the spiky turtle thing with the Star Rod on his hand. The Star Spirits started to back away from him.

"Now let's try using it!" the giant spiked turtle said. The Star Rod glowed brightly to the point of blinding the Eds.

"Argh! Is this part of the story?!" Eddy covered his eyes with one of his arms.

"I highly doubt it, Eddy!" Double D answered, eyes shut. Ed laughed out loud even more.

"This stinks... Three times!" The light was so bright that the Eds felt like they were being devoured. They screamed, expect Ed, who was still laughing. They were slowly sucked inside the book one by one. The light faded into nothingness.

"What's with all the shouting?!" the teacher asked while coming in. She looked around and found no one. She spotted a red book laying in the center of the bean bags. "Who left this book here?" The only answer she came up with was the Eds. She picked up the book, returned it to an empty slot on the shelf, and left the area to find them.