Published on September 7th, 2012.
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Chapter 60/60
Project Crossover Books
A Star-Powered Showdown Arc (5/5)

The three boys ran as fast as they could under the starry night. Loud series of stomps and panting echoed across the path to Shooting Star Summit. Three shadows were zooming passed the stars buried on the summit. When they reached the top, they entered the column of light and flew up to Star Way. Soon, they reached Star Haven, but there were no Star Kids around. They figured everyone was waiting for them in Star Sanctuary, which they were right.

"Ah..." Eldstar said, smiling. "You've finally came, Ed boys." The Eds walked up to the center, surrounded by the Star Kids. "First off, I'm assuming you're wondering why we know you."

"That is correct," Double D answered.

Eldstar cleared his throat. "Then allow us to explain...everything."

"Everything?" the Eds asked.

"Long ago, the universe created millions of dimensions. Each dimension holds a variety of species. Some were the same, and some were different. Every time period was different as well. For countless millennium, every dimension never knew other's existence. A few, such as Mario and Luigi, were able to accomplish, but not through this." The Star Spirits held up their hands in the air, summoning different versions of books. Eldstar summoned the exact book the Eds read.

"That's that thing that sucked us in!" Eddy said.

"These 'things' are not normal books," Skolar said. "The books are called Crossover Books."

"Crossover Books?" the Eds asked.

"Crossover Books," Klevar said, "are gateways to the other dimension, hence the word 'Crossover' in it. Right now, the newer books are completely blank with the exception of your first book."

"If they're books, they should have words in it," Double D said. "A story, to be more specific."

"And that's the interesting part!" Muskular said, raising his voice. "This whole time, the book you went through recorded your entire adventure!" The Eds' widened their eyes.

"Are you serious?!" Eddy asked.

"That's cool!" Ed said

"Allow me to elaborate," Klevar said. "Try as you may, but you can't access the dimension. In order to access one, a Crossover Book must be activated based on you three's interests, wishes, and/or themes. The books are completely blank, so all your wishes will end up unintentionally. After going through your new adventure, you go back home with everything in your possessions. The book records your adventure so that you can read your own adventure. It even has magical pictures and videos of it as a bonus. However, you cannot access the world with the same book. Hopefully, there is a blank Crossover Book that will let you three to the same world."

"That's...amazing..." Double D said, gaping.

"Now I shall tell who we really are," Eldstar said. "We are one of the Crossover Sentinels in Mario's world."

"Crossover Sentinels?" the Eds asked.

"Crossover Sentinels," Misstar said, "are divine beings that watch and, sometime, assist you. We are guardians in our respective worlds. There are so many Crossover Sentinels in the same and different dimensions. They can range from ordinary ones, to unique ones, unnatural ones, or even new ones."

"We," Mamar added, "are also responsible for unlocking the portal back to your world after completing your adventure."

"Do you all understand so far?" Kalmar asked the Eds. The Eds nodded understandably. "In each dimension, there are heroes called Vanguards."

"You can describe a Vanguard as..." Muskular said, "one of the main protagonist."

"What does it mean?" Ed asked.

"Mario is a prime example of a Vanguard," Eldstar answered. "Vanguards are heroes, or soon-to-be heroes, who will lead you three and your new friends. They lead the group with new developments or ideas. They are very important in their part, especially their final fight in the adventure."

"However," Mamar added, "you three are responsible for the Vanguards. You will need to help them grow into fine heroes. For example, Mario needed several people to help him defeat Bowser. Your friendships helped Mario overcome his obstacle."

"One of our roles is special for this very moment. We Crossover Sentinels are doing this because we want someone to be connected from every dimensions. The bonds you'd formed will always be connected with everyone. This is a once-in-a-life opportunity to go through every unique worlds. You three...are the first lucky participants." The Eds widened their eyes. "You've been wondering how come we know you. We know you because of our special role. We all chose a random dimension and sent this book in my hand. This book ended up in your school's library, although it's a miracle no one read this book fully until Double D did."

"Well, that's our school's capabilities," Double D said, frowning. "Not even the librarian examined that book thoroughly. It really was...a miracle for us."

"Almost everyday, you three showed up where you three were sucked in. By adding more power, we can see what you three do in your daily lives. This also applies to many other people around your area."

"So you're stalkers!" Eddy said, gritting.

" not the right word, Eddy," Kalmar said.

"Double D," Skolar said, "you were the first one to enter Synchronization."

"That's correct," Double D replied.

"Synchronization is a very unique power. You have that because of the Star Kids and the Blue Star Kids. Together, they created perfect teamwork, symbolizing true friendship. That's what Eldstar meant by being connected with your friends. By acquiring absolute trust, you and the other friend can use Synchronization. However, it is very, very difficult to gain your friends' absolute trust. It may be possible that you may not use Synchronization ever in your life."

"Before you continue on," Eldstar said, "do you want to take part in this? We will not force you if you think otherwise."

"You should absolutely do this!" Twink said. "You can meet all sorts of people and places that you three never knew! You learned something new and gained things from the other world after you go back home! Like what Eldstar said, this is a once-in-a-life opportunity!" The Eds looked among themselves before grinning widely.

"I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!" Ed said, jumping up and down. "That means I can make new friends and become a hero while protecting the weak from my enemies! I want to meet all kinds of species!"

"Of course we shall participate," Double D answered with a smile. "There are so many things I would like to learn. I never believed other dimensions existed until we came here. New places to explore, and new discoveries to be found!"

"Count me in!" Eddy said, grinning. That means I can get currencies from other worlds! I'll be super rich, and I'll get to meet all sorts of cuties! Everyone in the room smiled and cheered.

"Very well, then!" Eldstar announced as the Star Spirits lifted their hands.

Unbeknownst to the Eds, all Crossover Sentinels in all dimensions received a transmission from the Star Spirits. The Eds and the Vanguards were coming.

"Ed boys," Eldstar continued, "allow us to grant a permanent power that shall be helpful and special! You three and your friends are the only ones who can use this power of absolute trust: Synchronization!" All the Star Kids and Blue Star Kids circled around the Eds repeatedly. The Eds felt a surge of power before it died away.

"Okay," Double D said, grinning. "So..."

"You will all meet new friends along the way," Klevar said. "Synchronization is so powerful that your invisible, inactivated aura will leak with the people around. They can activate this state even without one of you guys."

"And with that, your adventure has finally ended!" Eldstar said as all the Crossover Books were given to the Eds. Eldstar's book, Star Spirits and Good Wishes, hovered in front of the Eds. A white portal opened up, revealing the school's library. "Have fun, Ed boys!" The Eds smiled and ran through the portal as it closed up.

"We've finally finished our special role," Misstar said, sighing.

"I have a strong feeling we will meet them!" Muskular said.

All of the sudden, Eldstar forgot a critical risk of the Eds going through different worlds. He quickly thought up his sentence. If you fail your adventure, you three will suffer consequences in their world. Do not ruin the plot too drastically.

The Eds grunted after they fell on the ground. The book that was placed in the shelf landed on Eddy's head. "Ow!" he said, rubbing the back of his head. The book landed in front of their faces. The title suddenly changed into a completely different title.

"Paper Mario Eds?" Double D said. "That's...a strange title..." The Eds got off the ground.

Eddy gasped in a positive way. "I just forgot! Remember the book report we have to do?"

Ed and Double D widened their eyes. "That's right! I completely forgot about that!"

Eddy grabbed the book. "Well...we can use this book as our book report!"

Double D, however, had a disapproving look. He took the book away. "I thought you would say that. Eddy, we can't use this. First of all, no one in this world will believe this book. Second, if what the Star Spirits said is true, having us in the book will add up nonbelievers of this crazy adventure. Third, and most importantly, there's not even facts compared to a regular book such as an author."

"But... But..." Eddy soon widened his eyes. "That means after all this time, we have to choose a different book for the project?!"

"Time?" Ed said, then he had a shocked expression. "Time! I've missed my favorite show!" The rest knew what Ed meant. They were gone for two weeks.

Double D quickly scanned around to find a school clock. "No way..." he said. "This whole time, the time we went in barely passed..." Ed and Eddy looked at the clock. "Since the time we were sucked in, only a couple of seconds had passed, excluding the time after we came back."

"Geez!" Eddy said. "I almost had a heart attack. So now what?"

Double D looked at a shelf and picked out a book. Much to his dismay, he was forced to peel off the library tag on Paper Mario Eds. "For now, we start our book report on this regular book. Gather the Crossover Books and put them in your backpacks since they are not library books. Once school is over, we head back to my house to keep the Crossover Books safe." The Eds did it what Double D ordered. The Crossover Books were big like Paper Mario Eds so their bags were unusually big and heavy. Even after all that, no one knew about their secret huge adventure.

Many hours passed since Eddy and Ed went back home. They managed to store the Crossover Books in Double D's room. When the two left, Double D was too absorbed on reading their latest adventure. It had 60 chapters in it. He missed all the moments in there, but he knew he and his friends would return one day. Double D read it to the very end, but the final sentence took him by surprise.

"'If you fail your adventure,'" Double D said, "'you three will suffer consequences in their world. Do not ruin the plot too drastically.'" He gasped, putting down the book slowly. Any adventure they would go will have a greater risk than he thought. He wanted to say that they dug their own graves. He shook his head, trying to remove that thought.

Instead of thinking of the worse, he was going to think the positive. It was unhealthy to think like that. He realized it was getting late, and they had school tomorrow morning.

Double D, already prepared to sleep, put the Crossover Book aside and dreamed many new worlds. Ed and Eddy dreamed the same thing as Double D. In Double D's mind, he recalled his words that the three were unstoppable together.

A/N: First of all, I would like to thank legendofzeldarocks for inspiring me to write. I also want to thank you all for supporting me. Without both of these things, I don't know what would happen. Now that the whole story is over, I can finally present to you all what I have been itching to tell you all for a year. Introducing...

Project Crossover Books

Project Crossover Books is a "never-ending" series involving the Eds going through another series' plot, but their involvement and actions will alter the original plot by a tiny bit. All stories will involve having the Eds following the plot of the other universe with reality added in it. With Synchronization as their power, the Eds will rely on their abilities to go on this never-ending adventure. In the end, at least one of the Eds will learn a valuable lesson as they grow older. This series has a long timeline as the story goes on, influencing the next sequel once they completed their adventure.

There are several purposes of this series, especially being never-ending. This is to fill up the crossover section with stories you do not see often such as Pikmin, Zelda, etc. Back then, you wondered why there isn't a story that would work with the Eds. Almost all crossover stories with the Eds are never finished, which is a bad sign for authors to have. With this series, hopefully it will satisfy most readers who wanted to read that story.

Most crossovers I've read involved characters in one series to transport into the other series without their consent. This series will be different from most crossover stories because the Eds can get access to the world somewhat willingly by their interests/wishes.

Because it is a "never-ending" series, it would take many long years to publish crossovers that you might want to see. It is possible that I could potentially stop this series if there are too many things affecting my life. With all that, it is a giant project to handle. For more ideas to contribute, check my profile about my Discord group.

There is also a Edfanon wikia page I created if you go into my profile. Later on, Paper Mario Eds' wiki will have all sorts of facts from rejected ideas to references. I encourage you all to check it now by typing one of my titles into your browser's search engine.

Ultimately, I want to share my imaginations to you all and have fun. I do enjoy interacting with you guys that like my work.