Yamanaka Ino

'The flirty blonde pig' of Konoha as the villagers would so commonly call her

To them, all they see is what she let them

To them, she was nothing

To them, she was the slut

The way she walked

The way she talked

The way she smiled

The way she dressed

All these where what she wanted them to see

All these where what she showed

All these, where lies

The way they saw it, she was a one night stand

A bang and gang

An open house for whoever was in the mood

By she wasn't

She was actually a child

Hiding her emotions in the corner of her mind

Never once letting a person let her see her feelings

Shielding her true emotions with a fake coat of lust

For she will never love

She has never kissed someone

For she has been saving it for someone

Someone who wasn't there

Someone who didn't care

Had he forgotten about her?

Had he left her try to on no ones shoulder?

Had he been so caught up in hate to feel anything else?

Either way, she will not give up hope

She will never give in

Never let anyone's lips touch her own

Despite the way her mouth opened and widened at the false flirty smiles

Her lips remain an untouched territory

For one who's heart is hardened by revenge and sorrow


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