Author's Note: Well, here's the second part. I rewrote this one too and now I'm satisfied I know exactly where I'm taking this story. It's going to be a very long ride, I warn you. Until then, happy reading. :)

"I can't believe this," Angela exclaimed as she and Hodgins climbed into her Sienna.

Her husband glanced at her for a brief moment before turning away to buckle his seatbelt and start the engine. It was probably a good idea that he was driving because Angela was obviously too upset to pay attention to the road. There was no need for another accident.

"Sweets can't die, Jack," the artist argued. "He's too young."

Hodgins agreed with her but he did little to show it. Instead, he pulled out of the parking garage of the Jeffersonian and tried to focus on getting them to the hospital as quickly and as safely as possible, while his wife continued with her speech.

"I mean, he's barely 25! His birthday was only two months ago! And he still has to show his I.D. to drink sometimes. I know that I said that before when he and Brennan got ran off the road during that knight case a while back. Remember that? But he just...he's too young..."

"Yeah, well, we just got to stay hopeful. Right?" The entomologist tried, putting the blinker on and signaling a turn. "I mean, Sweets isn't going to leave Daisy if he's got something to say about it."

"But you heard what Brennan said."

"Yeah, but come on, Ange. We don't know the half of it."

Hodgins turned to her and frowned. He could see the tears forming behind her eyes. Angela quickly wiped them away as if she was ashamed of showing how emotional she was getting without all the facts. He understood that she was trying to prepare for the worst, and in all honesty, he was too. However, he felt that in order to keep some control of the situation, they would need to stay hopeful. They needed to be strong for their friend just as they knew he would be strong for them too.

"Don't you think we should try to stay positive - at least until we get some solid information?"

Angela shook her head, at a loss for words. "I know, I know. You're right, it's just..." She shrugged. "Well, we see things like this all the time, you know? Young people dying way before they should. Kids! It isn't fair. I mean, some of these Cole Anderson, or that guy that Sweets met on the subway, the one that didn't die of cancer...These kids have barely started to live their lives and then they get killed and taken away from their families. It's sucks..."

Hodgins nodded his agreement.

"But you never think something bad like that is going to happen to someone you know, personally." After working in this line of work for quite some time now, Angela had gotten used to the notion that bad things were bound to happen to them on cases. However, this was different. This wasn't part of any case, it was just part of real life. That's what made her so afraid. She went on," I love Sweets. He's such a good person. He doesn't deserve this."

"Yeah, Ange. Most people don't," Hodgins reminded her.

She watched him for a second, her glossy eyes as unreadable as ever. She knew that he was right about everything but the thought that things could be going so wrong so quickly did not make any sense to her. She would never understand why any of them, and Sweets specifically, had to go through something like this. She did not like how fragile they all were. However, she knew that she should not dwell on that aspect of the situation, not with more important matters at hand. Satisfied with the consolation, she leaned her head back against the headrest and sighed.

The remainder of the trip was spent in silence.

"Maggots?" Emily repeated, her voice betraying sincere disgust.

The intern hated bugs. Even more so than she hated her mother's meatloaf, which in her case meant quite a lot. She did not understand why someone could want to become an entomologist. It was bad enough having to deal with dead bodies! She did not recall signing up to work with bugs. It made her spine tingle with horror just thinking about it.

"Hodgins is going to have a field day with these," said Cam.

As the pathologist dealt with packing the maggots for Hodgins, Emily couldn't help but frown. Though Dr. Saroyan was focused on the task at hand, Emily could tell she was a little distracted. In fact, ever since the rest of them had left, Emily had felt that Dr. Saroyan wasn't really there at all. In physical form, yes, but not mentally. She was running on auto-pilot. Emily knew she was testing dangerous waters but she could not let her curiosity rest any longer. She was not one to hold her thoughts in.

"Dr. Saroyan," she suddenly said. "Can I ask you a question?"

"What is it, Miss Young?" The pathologist answered, hardly bothering to look up.

Emily continued, unsurely. "I know that it's none of my I'm sorry if I mention something that I shouldn't have mentioned, being that it wasn't any part of my business in the first place...because it's not any of my business..."

"Miss Young."

"I just wanted to ask you if..." She trailed off, wondering how she could continue without making someone upset. "Well, I just wanted to ask if you were alright? I mean, I couldn't help but notice you've been a little distracted...I mean, you seem distracted." The intern continued carefully, "Keen observation. I just...I'm going to take a guess that it has to do something with the whole...accident thing. The...distraction part, not the keen observation part..."

Cam sighed.

Emily continued, fumbling over the right words. "Although I don't know who these people are, I am guessing that they are good friends of yours?"

Half expecting the pathologist to scold her for getting into sensitive business that was just not hers to mess with, Emily held her breath. However, instead of getting angry, Cam set her tools down and explained, much to her surprise.

"Yes. Yes, Miss Young, you are correct. For the most part." There was a pause. She found it difficult to say his name for some reason. "Dr. a close friend and colleague of mine. Miss Wick is an intern here. She was originally supposed to be coming in today but with the accident..."

"I understand," Emily nodded.

"She and Dr. Sweets are dating...well, at least I think so. I'm not really sure how they're doing, to be honest."

"Dating?" Emily wondered. "Can you date other people in the workplace? I mean, isn't that like a conflict or interest or something?"

"No. No, Dr. Sweets doesn't work here," Cam corrected, not bothering to bring up the fact that Hodgins and Angela were both married and had a relationship that began in the lab. After the madness that had occured when Wendell started dating Angela, Cam figured perhaps restricting intercolleague relations would be a smart thing to do. "He works for the FBI. He's a psychologist."

"Oh. I hate psychology."

Cam mused, "Yeah, you hear that a lot around here."

"I dated a psychologist once," Emily shared randomly. "Well, he was a psychology student. He wanted to become the next Dr. Phil, he told me. Wanted to have his own TV show. He always wanted to help everyone solve their problems. Everyone came to him for advice."

Cam knew that this conversation was immensly irrelevant to the case at hand but she was truthfully relieved to have the distraction, however brief. After all, hovering over the dead body of a young man did not help quell her concerns over her friend who she was left waiting to hear news about. She surprised even herself by encouraging the young woman to continue her story. "And what happened?"

"Oh, his advice was terrible! People trusted him because he sounded so smart, but really, he was just a joke. He ruined everyone's relationships. And I'm sure he did it on purpose too. He made them do stupid things and everyone ended up hating him for it. He flunked out of his classes and he cheated on me with three other girls."

"Oh," Cam replied, suddenly very uncomfortable. She was honestly unsure of what to say.

"So," Emily continued, unphazed by the awkward turn their conversation had taken. She had obviously told this story many times before. "I invited all his other girlfriends over and ratted him out. It was awesome!" She spoke of it as if she was talking about a baseball game or a new movie. It did not appear to be a sore subject with her in the least. In fact, the nostalgic gleam in her dark brown eyes told the pathologist that she was losing her to her fantasies.

"Miss Young?"

The intern shook her head to clear her mind of the thoughts. "Sorry. I get so caught up in thinking about it sometimes. It was very satisfying."

"I bet."

Emily nodded. Her demeanor suddenly changed and her voice dropped. "I'm really, honestly sorry Dr. Saroyan. I do not know your Dr. Sweets personally but I'm sure that he is a fine gentleman," this she could judge just by seeing the other people the pathologist had centered her life around. "And I wish him the best."

Cam smiled sadly. "Thank you, Miss Young. I appreciate that." After a moment, she picked up her tools and motioned towards Cole's remains. "We should probably get back to work. This murder isn't going to solve itself."

"Look, there's Daisy," Angela pointed out as she and Hodgins walked into the GW University hospital waiting room.

The young woman appeared to be arguing with a middle-aged doctor in blue scrubs. She was visibly upset, not that any of them could blame her for it. The couple glanced at each other warily and strode over to her. Once they were in her line of sight, Daisy looked looked incredibly relieved. She waved them over with haste.

"Oh, Angela! Dr. Hodgins! Oh, thank god you're here. You have to talk to him," she said in greeting, motioning over to the doctor who looked extremely uncomfortable to be in this situation. "He won't let me see Lance."

"Hi," Angela absently mumbled to the doctor. She reached for Daisy, who really seemed more preoccupied with dealing with the doctor than seeking refuge or comfort in her sometimes-friends. "Daisy, I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" She asked with genuine concern. She could only imagine what Daisy must be going through. And while she sometimes found the intern a little unbearable, she sympathized. If it had been Hodgins in Sweets' place, Angela wouldn't have known what to do.

"No, I'm not alright," Daisy dismissed, surprisingly avoiding Angela's embrace. "I won't be alright until I see Lance."

Angela frowned. Daisy, much like Sweets, seemed to give out hugs whether people really cared for them or not. They were just those kinds of people. To say that her rejection was concerning was an understatement, being that Angela had half-expected to hold onto her and never let go. Then again, Angela could completely understood that Daisy was more concerned with seeing her boyfriend rather than standing around wasting time.

She awkwardly dropped her arms to the side, sharing another quick glance with Hodgins. After a moment, she asked, "When can we see him?", hoping that she could get some answers they were all desperately searching for. She and Hodgins cared about Sweets as much as the rest of them did. She saw him as a little brother. She needed to know that she would be able to see him again.

The doctor shook his head grimly. "I'm sorry. It's going to be a few hours wait. He's in surgery."

"But I can't wait any longer!" Daisy practically screamed. The three of them winced simultaneously. "I've already waited over an hour! I need to see my Lancelot. He needs me!"

"I'm very sorry," the doctor told them seriously. "But there's nothing I can do for you right now. Your friend is in surgery. The doctors want to help him get better just as much as you do. I understand your impatience but you're just going to have to wait for now. You need to let the doctors do their job."

His logic did seem fair, but Daisy still was not happy. "Please. I need to see him."

The doctor sighed, rubbing the back of his neck tiredly. "Miss, I am really sorry, okay? I know how you feel." And he did. His mind was suddenly bombarded with memories of his son, some four or five years younger than Sweets, dying in the very same hospital a year before. He shook the overwhelming images out of his head and tried to remain professional, knowing this was not the time to dwell on the past. "You're just going to have to wait a little longer."

"How could you possibly know how I feel?" Daisy snapped. "My boyfriend is in there lying on his death bed and nobody will let me see him!"

Angela and Hodgins exchanged apologetic looks with the doctor. While they understood where Daisy's anger was coming from, the doctor did not deserve to be on the recieving end of it all. There was nothing in the world Daisy loved more than her Lancelot, and she wasn't sure what she would do without him. The thought scared her into a moment of silence.

Hodgins took this as his cue to speak, hoping to ease the tention. "How long we talking about, doc?"

Again, the doctor shook his head. "Not any time soon, I'm afraid. If I were you, I wouldn't be getting my hopes up too much. Won't probably get to see your friend until late this afternoon, if by then. I promise I will let you guys know as soon as we're sure, alright? You'll get your time, but you've just got to be patient." When the three of them nodded their understanding, albeit reluctantly, the doctor smiled sadly. "I have to go now. I have other patients, but I will check in with you later once I get more news." He turned to Daisy. "I promise."

As they said their goodbyes, the doctor disappeared behind swinging doors.

"Well, this sucks," Hodgins noted, instantly regretting how indifferent he came off sounding. He was very much concerned for his friend's state, however, he hadn't known how to express that without sounding overly pathetic. He was trying to keep everyone calm and composed until they heard the official verdict but perhaps he'd added a little too much brovado into the mix.

"I can tell you're very upset about this, Dr. Hodgins," Daisy replied, with a cold stare.

Angela gave Hodgins a look but she did not say anything to him. She knew that his passive tone was not something he needed to be punished for. She appreciated that he wanted not to overreact. Still, her eyes gave him enough warning to be more careful about his words in the future.

Hodgins tried to ignore the sarcasm dripping from Daisy's words. He wanted to hear that his friend was going to be okay and that all would be fine. Unfortunately, Daisy was oblivious to his pain, too busy blinded by her own.

Angela stepped in. "Daisy, how about we go sit down, okay? Then you can tell us everything."

She placed a hand on each of Daisy's arms and guided her over to the array of uncomfortable chairs, leaving no room for argument. The three sat, Angela sitting between Hodgins and Daisy in hopes of deflecting any negative feelings between the two. Daisy sighed and leaned her back against the ugly blue seat, taking a moment to collect herself. She wiped at her eyes, though the act was pointless because instantly her tears were replaced with fresh ones.

Angela placed a hand over Daisy's encouragingly, and nodded.

Comforted by the sentimental gesture, Daisy began to explain. "I got a call this morning this morning from the hospital soon after Lance was brought in. He wasn't answering my calls so I kind of suspected that maybe something had happened." She paused, "They said...they said that he was involved in a three car pile-up, or something. I-I think it was because the roads were kind of icy. It's so dangerous to drive in those conditions. His car flipped. I always tried to tell him to be careful."

Angela sadly patted her hand, frowning along with Hodgins at the information. "Three car pile-up? Was anyone else hurt?"

"They brought some other guys in, I think," Daisy said. "But thankfully nobody was killed. I haven't really asked but I know at least one of them is in serious condition. I think everyone else is okay." She couldn't but feel a little bitter about that last part. It wasn't that she wanted anyone to be seriously injured, but she did not believe it was fair that her Lancelot had taken the brunt of the suffering while the majority of the others did not. She knew it was an irrational thought, and felt guilty for thinking it, but again she could not help herself. She was not able to think rationally when her lover was in emergency surgery.

"Jesus," Hodgins sighed. "Where was this?"

"Right near St. Matthew's Cathedral," Daisy answered, forgetting that she was ever angry wth him.

Angela and Hodgins were confused. They hadn't heard of any accidents that particular morning, especially not one this serious, which was surprising. Angela frowned, "St. Matthew's Cathedral? But that's all the way near Dupont Circle. That's not even on Sweets' way to the FBI. Or the Jeffersonian."

Daisy suddenly looked ten times more upset and Angela sensed that she had brought something wrong up. "I...I asked Lance to give me a ride to work today. He was on his way to my apartment," she explained. Her absense in the lab made even more sense now. "I-It's all my fault..."

"No, Daisy," Angela denied, firmly. She gripped her hands in hers, sounding as sincere as she could. "Nobody could have predicted this, okay? You can't go around blaming yourself for what happened. You did not cause this."

"But if Lance hadn't been on his way to pick me up, he wouldn't be in the hospital!"

"Daisy," Angela sighed. She waited until their eyes met to continue. "Things happen. And sometimes bad things happen that are out of our hands. And life sucks sometimes because of that." She thought over the conversation she and Hodgins had in her car on the way over. "But this thing, Sweets being in the hospital, it isn't your fault. It's just one of those things that happens in life that we wish didn't have to. You did nothing wrong. Sweets agreed to pick you up and he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You did not force this upon him."

"Are you saying it's Lance's fault?" Daisy asked, incredulously.

Angela bracktracked. "No, Sweetie. I mean...this could have happened to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Just because it happened to happen on his way to pick you up does not make it anyone's fault, and most certainly does not make it yours either." She went on, "It was an accident. A freak of nature. Things like this happen all the time and I believe there is always a reason why."

Daisy looked skeptical, yet full of hope.

"There is a reason this happened, Daisy. But it's not because of you."

"I just feel so bad..."

"I know you do, Sweetie," Angela nodded, squeezing her hand comfortingly. "And you have every right to feel bad. Just don't feel bad for the wrong reasons."

There was a moment of hesitation and then, "You're right," Daisy agreed, albeit it cautiously. "I did not inflict this on Lance. It just...happened. I wish it hadn't but it did and now I just need to be there for him when he needs me," she recited, as if she was asking for reassurance.

"That's right," Angela agreed. Hodgins smiled proudly beside her, although it went unnoticed by either of them.

"But it's just so not fair," Daisy added, her voice suddenly louder than necessary. "Lance isn't a bad person! He doesn't deserve this."

"Most people don't, Daisy," Angela said, sharing a quick, knowing glance with Hodgins.

"Do you think Lance is going to leave me?" Daisy suddenly asked.

Angela and Hodgins collectively cringed at the thought of their young friend dying a premature death. Although they knew little about the extent of his injures, from what they'd heard so far, things were not looking too well. Not even Daisy appeared to know the half of it but that did not stop them both from hoping. They took Sweets being in surgery a good sign that within the next few hours they might be able to visit their friend. And they had a distinct feeling that he would be okay. Despite their worry, the two of them felt surprisingly reassured.

"Honestly?" Angela smiled. "I don't think Sweets could leave you even if he tried."