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"Doctor. Doctor, can you hear me?"

A warm, heady breeze was ambling through the wild poppies, making them sway to and fro. In the midst of the flowers lay the Doctor and Amy, their limbs intertwined, wearing nothing but his tweed jacket draped over them.

"Doctor, you've been out there 'scouting' for hours. And the TARDIS readings are showing that those poppies are laced with a potent aphrodisiac. They'll make you love drunk; quite literally."

"Imagine that." The Doctor smiled and stroked the soft skin of Amy's arm. She lifted her head from his chest and looked at him with misty eyes.

"Maybe we should answer before she comes lookin' for us. You know how River is," she said in a pensive voice, feeling like she was floating on a cloud she didn't want to come down from just yet. The communicator transmitting River's voice rested among the poppies not far from them, the green answer button blinking expectantly.

"Come on, Doctor, I know you can hear me. Now stop messing around with your wife and get your Time Lord derriere back to the TARDIS, or so help me I will come out there and get you!"

"Told you," Amy said in a singsong voice.

The Doctor sighed and grabbed the communicator. "Alright, keep your shirt on. We're coming."

"Same to you," River replied knowingly before signing off.

The Doctor and Amy stood up and redressed, helping each other to speed up the process just in case River made true on her vow. "Amazing place, this. We should come to Venusia more often," the Doctor remarked.

"It does make a great anniversary spot, for future reference. Although I don't think River would be very fond of the idea," said Amy. The Doctor straightened the collar of her jacket, having difficulty keeping his hands from wandering. He grinned in response and slid his hand behind her neck, claiming her lips with his one last time before walking with her through the poppies back the way they had come.

It had been two weeks since they left Novus Lux. Over that time they had taken Martha and Mickey to their original destination—to defeat a group of aliens with an unquenchable craving for blood—and then to a few other interesting places of their choice. Venusia, a planet whose sky was constantly painted with breathtaking auroras, was a leisure destination known for its myths of poppy fields that affected your hormones. The Doctor and Amy knew for certain now that it was no myth.

"'Bout time," River noted as the couple appeared. She was standing in the doorway of the TARDIS, arms crossed and one eyebrow raised disapprovingly, taking in their rumpled clothing.

"Right, yes, so. Fields of poppies as far as you can see and that's it. No civilization past the resort," the Doctor said, clearing his throat and trying to look nonchalant.

"Convenient," said River, moving to allow them inside.

The Doctor coughed and began fiddling with the console, facing away from her, but her sharp eyes caught the delicate pink shade the tips of his ears were turning nonetheless.

"Where's Ian?" Amy asked, unable to keep the blissful look off her face.

"With Martha. That little devil's got her captivated," River answered, sitting down in a chair and flipping through a thick volume with ragged pages. It was an extra copy of the TARDIS manual that the Doctor was sure he had lost ages before, although whether on purpose or accident he didn't say. Whatever had happened, it was apparent the poor book had taken a beating. River was set on learning how to fly the ship, just in case there came a time when the Doctor wouldn't be on hand to do it.

Amy left the control room to go find her son, and the Doctor's gaze lingered on her figure appreciatively until she rounded the corner. What with River and Martha and Mickey on board and Ian's constant need for attention, it wasn't as easy for him to get alone time with her as it used to be. Not that he was complaining; he enjoyed the company immensely, even if it did lead to issues like the hot water getting used up when everyone decided they wanted to take a shower at the exact same time. It was also nice to have readily-available babysitters, whether they were willing or not. Usually they were, although sometimes only after they'd been handed the little heart stealer. But the Doctor had to admit that no one was better with Ian than his mother. He liked to stand just outside the nursery door when it was time for bed or a nap and watch her rock their boy to sleep, listening to her sing him into a stupor with that beautiful Scottish accent, her fiery locks brushing lightly against his face. He remembered, what felt like millenniums past, when Jenny had just been created from his DNA and he had bitterly told Donna that his paternal side had died long ago with his family. But that had been long ago, and he never would have thought that all it would take was this half-human newborn to reawaken the spark.

"Only two weeks old and he's already smiling responsively. That's something I haven't seen before, not even in the hospital," Martha said, entering the control room.

"The maturity rate's a little more advanced for Time Lords," the Doctor replied informatively, although he couldn't help feeling a touch of pride.

"He's got dimples and everything too. Makes me wish I had one of my own."

"Um, not quite yet though," Mickey spoke up, dropping the pink jelly baby he had been sniffing curiously.

"Yeah, probably not the best idea to have two in the TARDIS at once," added the Doctor hurriedly.

"Okay, I got it. Not like I was planning on it right now anyway. Men, honestly."

A ringing noise suddenly filled the room.

"What is that?" River asked, closing the manual.

"Telephone, of course. Haven't you heard one before?" The Doctor answered.

"Who would be ringing you?"

"Oh, lots of people and…person-like things. You get telephone calls, don't you?"

"Well yes, but I'm not a frankly rather odd Time Lord flying around in a police box time machine. There's a difference."

The Doctor ignored this and picked up the phone. River watched him as he conversed with the person—or person-like thing—on the other end but gleaned nothing about their identity from his answers. When at last he hung up, she said, "Well, who was it?"

"The American president, from the year 2173."

"And what did he want?"

"She is having a bit of a problem. It seems the United States' children are slowly disappearing overnight."

"How'd she know how to contact you?"

"You know how governments are. They like to keep tabs. And it must be bad because I'm usually a last-resort option."

"So are we going or what?" Martha asked, intrigued by the mysterious problem.

"Might as well check it out." The Doctor smiled and threw a lever.