I don't own anything~

Just an idea put in my head by one of my bestest friends.

You know those mornings where everything goes wrong?
Out the door, half way towards your destination, then you realize you've forgotten something?
U then have no choice but to be late towards the original destination.
Very smart move.
Everyone will stare at you when you eventually walk in.

But that doesn't stop you.
Even this type of attention is better than none.
Entering the room, you grin as everyone turns to glare.
Not the first time you've interrupted the lesson.

Taken out into the hall by sensei,
Reminded that you'll never pass, and
Of all the chances you've been given.
Looked straight in the eye and
Listed off the reasons you don't care.
Education is pointless.
Definitely not required for the next Hokage.

Congratulations. You'll never get that minute of your life back.