The Hokage stared down at the baby that the ANBU had brought him. The baby whose diaper he'd witnessed being changed only a few hours earlier. The ANBU was saying something about the child having been taken and replaced with another despite the 24 hour guard on it, and he could see why Rat would think that. If he hadn't already known, he'd be panicking himself.

Why did Naruto have to take after his father so much? Especially since the Namikaze Stabilization Seal has been lost forever with the death of the last of the adult Namikaze.

He sighed and explained to the upset ANBU that Naruto had not been replaced, that the baby he was holding was indeed Naruto, and that the boy inherited one of the more unfortunate Kekkei Genkai that were out there. Not all Kekkei Genkai were desirable or for that case very useful, case in point being the clan from Kumo that communicated through farting. There had once nearly been a diplomatic incident when someone who had a little too much cabbage accidentally told the clan head that his mother was an ugly cow.

"Poor kid." Rat said as he picked Naruto up to return him to the orphanage "He...She's going to be so confused when he, er she, er he gets older."

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