Mathias drummed his fingers on his desk, not really concentrating on what Mr. Kirkland was droning on about. What was it about? The proper way to use adverbs? Apostrophies? Something else beginning with an a that has to be in the middle of a sen...

Shit, he shouldn't have spaced out.

The sound of the messy blonde teacher writing something on the whiteboard, his curvy, feminine letters connecting, twisting together into chalky white words against the grey-green of the chalkboard (Since Mr. Kirkland wasn't too fond of whiteboards), in mere seconds made him ashamed of his own chicken-scratch handwriting.

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The Dane groaned, putting away his doodle covered notebook back into his bag. He didn't even read the other chapters! Aw well, he could just get Berwald into giving him the answers in one of the many classes they share together.

When he wasn't glued to a certain bouncing blonde who was going on about his new puppy.

Maybe he could ask that new foreign exchange student from Norway?

Yeah, no. He would as Berwald and only Berwald.

He and Waldo (As he oh so affectionately nicknamed the stoic Swede), went way back, being neighbors ever since Kindergarten when he moved to the United States from Denmark.

Of course the Dane harassed the Swede, who, albeit small, could still scare the crap out of anyone who fell victim to his 'stare'.

The Dane followed him throughout Kindergarten, tugging on the slightly taller boy's sleeves to get his attention or yell in his ear at naptime just to see the boy's ruffled, suprised face.

Mathias could remember the day he was picked on by an older boy named Gibert, the second grader had cornered him in the bathroom. Apparently, he had used the silverette's stall and was going to pay.

Of course, there was a lot of hair pulling and yelling that caught the Swede's attention, hey, he could get pretty loud if he wanted to.

Berwald had gotten the self proclaimed Prussian to leave the sniffling blonde alone, pulling the trembling boy's small frame against his chest. They sat there for what could've been hours or maybe a mere matter of minutes in complete silence, the Swede rubbing Mathias' back until the boy had stopped crying.

It all changed that day, the Swede seemed less bothered by Dane's presence. It was a beautiful friendship.

Mathias sighed audibly, earning him a scold from the British teacher trying to lecture the class.

The Dane turned his head, resting it against his hand as he stared aimlessly out the window.

Browning leaves swayed effortlessly in the wind, the loose ones tumbled and piled against each other along the sidewalks; only disturbed when a rushing student kicked them away in the midst of their hurry.

It was going to be Fall soon.

He supposed that's when he began falling for Berwald, when he held him so tightly against him in the boy's bathroom.

But, Berwald, he didn't seem to return his affections. No, he nearly gave all his attention these days to a Finnish student, Tino.

Now, Mathias didn't hate the cheery blonde boy, how could he? But, he was jealous. Jealous he couldn't get that faraway look in the Swede's cerulean eyes whenever he looked at him. Jealous he couldn't seem to hang out with him after school since he was always busy at Tino's. Jealous he couldn't get him to love him.

The bell rang. Finally, he could just go home to not do homework and stay up until midnight playing his guitar.

He really loved his blue and yellow baby.