'Ha ha! I can't believe you said that!'

'Gomen, I left it in my locker.'

'Fucking-aye! I'm starving, when is it going to be done?'

The incomprehensible blurring of the other student's conversations, though loud and boisterous a select few may be, went completely unnoticed by the spiky-haired blonde, fading into white noise in the background; irritable, but it fades after a bit. Intense sapphire orbs never left the other blonde's cool gaze, keeping his chin even and bottom lip quivering, barely noticeable. He took in a breath, his heart a hummingbird fluttering frantically in his chest, ricocheting off his ribs, back against his spinal chord and up to his throat, where it stayed fully lodged.

He wet his lips, suddenly feeling very thirsty.

C'mon! Don't chicken out, it's now or never!

His palms were sticky with sweat in his lap, fingers twisting awkwardly at his worn jeans. His deep blue eyes slipped shut.

Inhale, exhale.

He opened eyes drooping, eyebrows creasing upwards to meet in the middle, shoulders sagged. The Swede beside him as stoic as ever, one of his arms resting casually on the scratchy silver tables in their 'kitchen'. The Dane felt defeated. Didn't he even care? Mathais searched the man's face, his cerulean eyes, lips, brows, anything, just for sign that he wasn't to be rejected. (or at least ridiculed, but that was silly. This was Berwald! He couldn't tease his way out of a paper bag!)

But he could leave.

His heart clenched; that was right wasn't it? Taking it the wrong way would not end in taunts or maybe even jeers, but the blonde Swede would distance himself from him. Sit across the room in First period, not let him cheat in Third...what if he asked to change lockers? Mathais wasn't aware anything was wrong until he felt a large, warm hand on his shoulder.

"Are y'alrigh'?"

There it was. Some compassion.

He took some deep breaths to sober himself, chastising that he had to make this all dramatic. He just had to lay all the cards down on the table and go for broke. He brought his hands up on top of the Swede's, leaning his head on top. His cheeks smushed a bit under the weight of his skull, giving his mouth a Popeye look, his lips all the way on the other side of his face. Mathais chuckled at the absurdity, then outright laughed at the confused look Berwald sent him.

Yes, he could tell him.

"Berwald, I know you probably don't care, seeing as you've already got a wife, but I love you," His smile was sad, no longer holding the amusement he usually had, "since the bathroom. Remember? When Gil made me cry? I think I began falling for you then." He turned his face against his fingers, lifting his head back up and turning over the Swede's palm, kissing the inner wrist.

The most unusual thing happened, one of two he didn't know his friend could even do! Berwald blushed, and coughed into his free hand, now suddenly avoiding looking at him.

"I don't love'ya."

His heart shattered, the cold shards spearing the fluttering bird down on his stomach; his blood a cold fire, numbing him.

Berwald looked back, sympathetic and pitying. Mathais hated 's hand, (when had that gotten free?), cupped his cheek, the blush on the Swede's cheeks fogging up his glasses and teal eyes burning with an intense fire, it made him shiver just knowing it was directed at him. His thumb stroked just under his eye, expression softening.

"I mayn't lov'ya, but I'm willin'ta try."

"What about Tino? You're losing me..."

"Tino's m'wife," Mathais opened his mouth, but Berwald held up his other hand, signaling for him to wait, "But not'n that way."

Mathias raised a brow.

What. The. Fuck.

"Home Ec."



Then he grinned, his trademark Cheshire Cat grin, his chest light and feeling happier than he had in a long time, "Good, because I don't do polygamy, so you'll just have to settle for me."

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