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'I should've never said yes…'

Cloud sighed as he felt the sprinkles of rain become heavy as he continued to walk around outside in the streets of Midgar after getting out of some random person's car in the alleyway. He hated himself for allowing Vincent to control him to the point where he had to give blowjobs or fuck men in their cars just to make money for Vincent to use to buy whatever he wanted. Their relationship didn't start out that way when he first met him at a concert seven months ago. Cloud smiled sadly before his vision became blurry because of the rain and his tears. Vincent was his life… He was all he could think about for the first two months since they started dating. Vincent used to buy him anything he wanted, take him wherever he wanted, and was always such a romantic…until the third month of their relationship after he moved in with him. Granted the man was eleven years older than him and he should've known better than to leave his mother and move in with a 27 year old since he was only 16, but he didn't care at that time. He let his love for Vincent get in the way…

He realized that Vincent began to change when he walked into their bedroom at night and told him that he wanted to put some spice in their sex life. Of course he never understood what Vincent was talking about since he assumed that their sex life was great, but when he smirked at him before pushing the bedroom door open more to reveal a friend of his that he'd never met before, he stared at Vincent in shock at what he wanted. He assumed that he wanted a threesome, but was proved wrong when Vincent stepped aside and let the random man climb on top of him without his consent. He looked at Vincent in fear, but he relaxed slightly when Vincent said encouraging words to him.

After that night passed, he thought that would be enough spice, but he was proved wrong again when Vincent brought over a different man than from the previous night. As the weeks went on, one man became two, and two men turned into three, and Cloud didn't like where this was heading, but since his feelings for Vincent were so strong, he allowed the men to do whatever they wanted to him because it was what Vincent wanted. He soon learned from one of the smug men after they finished with him that Vincent was making money off of the men sleeping with him. He approached Vincent full of confusion and hurt and all he received was a strong slap in the face and him yelling that he needed to repay him for all of the money that he spent on him. He tried leaving Vincent that night, but he caught him and proceeded to beat him while yelling that he wasn't going anywhere since he had very rich investors that were interested in fucking a blond.

Cloud didn't know when and why Vincent turned from his boyfriend into his pimp, but he was tired of living a life where he was used by men and Vincent giving him needles and pills to make him stop screaming in hopes of someone hearing him and coming inside their apartment to help him. He needed to get out…but there was nowhere for him to go. He tried going back to his mother, but she shut the door on him as he pleaded while crying for her to let him in. He gave up his friends for Vincent and when he tried to go to them, they all turned away from him like his mother did. He had no one…

"Hey, kid! Watch out!"

Cloud came out of his thoughts when his head hit the concrete and a body landed on top of him. He looked up into angry emerald eyes and frowned.

"Get the fuck off of me."

The emerald eyes widened before narrowing as the man got off of him.

"Is that what you say to the person who just saved you from getting hit by a truck?"

Cloud furrowed his brows. A truck? He looked around and saw that he was lying on the curb of a street. He didn't even know that he was walking on a street. He sat up before facing the tall man with angry emerald eyes and long silver hair. He was about to walk away from the man, until he grabbed his arm. Cloud turned to face him in anger.

"What the fuck do you want!"

"I believe a simple thank you will suffice, brat." The man replied sternly. Cloud snorted. He didn't give a damn who this man was. He wasn't getting what he wanted from him.

"A thank you for what?"

"For saving your life."

"Hn. You didn't save me."

"Oh so you're telling me that you wanted to be hit by a truck?"

"Maybe I did…" Cloud said as he yanked his arm out of the shocked man's grip and continued walking down into the alleyway. He was very sure that he meant what he said, but he didn't want to stay to let the random man question him about it. When he felt a hand roughly grab his shoulder, he rolled his eyes.

"Look man, I already fucking told you. You're not getting-"

Cloud turned around and was shocked when he felt a punch land on his jaw that forced him to the ground. He slowly looked up to see it wasn't the same man that saved him and was one of Vincent's "clients" that was smirking down at him.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here boys… It's Vincent's little fuck toy. I'm sure that you won't mind if we fuck you for free…"

Cloud's eyes widened in fear as he heard several laughs getting closer to him.

'No…I won't do this anymore…'

Cloud narrowed his eyes and slowly got up and raised his fists. Though he knew he couldn't take down all of the 8 men in front of him, but he would rather die before letting one of them have their way with him like they usually did under Vincent's supervision. When the first one made their way to try and swing at him, Cloud ducked and aimed a punch at the man's jaw, but another man punched him in his ribs before the punch connected. Cloud hissed in pain when another man had stabbed him through his shoulder before slamming against the concrete wall. Cloud panted heavily as his vision become blurry and began to feel tired as the laughing men started advancing their way towards him. He heard one of the men scream in pain as barely saw the rest of the men running away before he passed out.

Cloud groaned when he felt something cold against his forehead and repeatedly blinked his eyes opened before staring at the man who stopped him from getting hit by a truck in shock. What the hell was going on and where the hell was he?

"I know what you're thinking. You're lying in a bed in my apartment. Since I didn't have anything on me to heal you're head wound and shoulder wound in the alleyway, I decided to carry you back to my apartment to patch you up. As I was cleaning your head wound, I realized that you were running a fever probably because of you being wet and in the rain for so long. I don't want to know what you did to piss of several men, but I do advise that you not walk down any dark alleyways after 12a.m."

Cloud narrowed his eyes at the man above him.

"Listen, guy-"



"It's my name."

"Whatever. I didn't provoke those bastards! They attacked me!"

"I figured, but I was saying that just in case…"

Cloud frowned at the small chuckle Sephiroth made and tried to get up, but pain quickly shot up his back and quickly laid back down while groaning in pain.

"Also, I wouldn't move with that shoulder of yours. The wound was pretty deep. In fact, I was quite surprised that I could stitch it up here… The man that stabbed you was close to slicing a main artery."

"What are you a doctor?"

"Nope, but I am friends with several, so I learned a couple of things from them. Do you work by any chance?"

Cloud's eyes widened a bit before looking at the wall next to him.

"I work in…sales…"

Cloud didn't know why he said that or why he even answered Sephiroth's question. It wasn't like he wanted to know the man or let the man get to know him. As far as he was concerned, he'd be forgetting about him as soon as he said he could leave. Cloud's eyes widened a bit and felt his insides twist. He forgot about Vincent… He'd probably beat the shit out of him when he saw him for not coming home on time tonight… He'd done it before and the beating he received left him not able to see out of his right eye for weeks.

"Uh huh… Well, I hope your boss doesn't mind you not being able to work for a couple of days until your shoulder and head wound heal."

Cloud stared at the silver-haired man in horror. He couldn't do that. It was already bad enough that Vincent was going to beat him for not coming home on time and he didn't want to know what he'd do if he told him that he couldn't sleep with his clients.

"No! I have to go to work tomorrow! Isn't there some pain medicine that you can give me?"

"I suppose I could go to the store tomorrow morning to pick something up, but-"

"It's fine. I'll wait until then. I'm sure my boss won't mind. Can I leave now?"

Cloud raised a brow at the man's chuckling.

"Of course not! It's three in the morning! Why would I let you go right now so that another group of men can attack you? Besides, you don't have enough strength to even walk out of the room. In the morning, you'll be ready to go home so get some rest."

Cloud looked at the man suspiciously. Certainly he wasn't saying what he thought he was…

"You're…allowing me to spend the night here? In your apartment?"

"Yeah…is that a problem?"

"Well, no I guess… It's just that, you don't find too many people that let a complete stranger stay in their home…"

"True, especially a stranger that owes them a thank you…"

Cloud frowned at the laughing man that stood up and walked towards the bedroom door.

"Don't worry, I'll get you to thank me later." Sephiroth said before walking out of the room and closing the door. Cloud stared at the door before grabbing the blanket with his uninjured arm and bringing it up closer to his face before sighing and letting a small smile show on his face. At least there wouldn't be a random man or Vincent in his bed tonight…

End of Chapter

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