So I haven't been in the mood for writing for a long while, but this idea came to me after I was reading DOGS and I had to write it down or I'd forget all about it. I like the Heine-Badou pairing. Very much. :D

You have to do it running but you do everything that they ask you to,

Surprise, surprised they wouldn't wanna watch,

Another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults.

Was listening to this song throughout the whole typing of this story because I was too engrossed to bother shuffling my playlist so ... it's gonna be stuck in my head for a very, very long while. D:

Summary: Aizen forms a bet with Gin to figure out which Espada has the highest amount of self control. Upon orders, the Espada forcibly kidnap Ichigo and drug him to become overly submissive as well as sex-deprived. Slut!Ichigo and Possessive!Grimmjow.


"You know, Gin," Aizen murmured in a sultry voice against Gin's ear.

The smaller man moaned as he arched his back into Aizen.

"I've been thinking."

Gently pressing Gin's tip, Aizen used his other hand to stretch Gin's hole wider with his fingers, producing several short, breathless gasps from his subordinate.

"Ask me what about." Aizen grinned, sliding down Gin's body until he situated himself in the space between Gin's legs.

When Gin stared at him with pleading, lust filled eyes, Aizen teased him by breathing out gently over his cock.

"Aizen, please…!" Gin pleaded, tugging unsuccessfully at the silken ropes that bound his wrists.

Aizen grinned at him, his lips ghosting over the tip of Gin's quivering cock. Already, drops of precome were trickling down to his wet, pink hole.

Gin swallowed and whimpered. "F-Fine. What were you thinking?"

Rewarding Gin with a languorous lick up his shaft, Aizen grinned maliciously and stopped.

"I want to find out which of my Espada have the highest amount of tolerance." Gin rolled his eyes at him and bucked his hips. "Self control, restraint."

Aizen sucked gently at Gin's tip, delighting in the moans he lucratively generated from the younger man. He stopped once more, much to Gin's chagrin.

"And discipline." He blew gently over Gin again, enjoying the tortured look on his face immensely. "Don't you?"

"Please, not now." Gin whimpered, his eyelashes fluttering. "You're so cruel, Aizen - - Ah!"

Aizen's fingers were digging into him now, deeper and deeper in search of his prostrate. "But now's the only time I can get you to agree on a bet with me."

Gin arched his back again. "Ah! Ah! Oh yes, there!"

Aizen continued for a few seconds, then stopped mercilessly. "So you agree with me, Gin? I bet that Grimmjow has the lowest level of tolerance and the highest self restraint."

"Nooo, don't stop." Gin panted, his cheeks flushed. Lifting his legs, he tried to pull Aizen closer but to no avail.

"How about you?" Aizen ignored his plea. He looked unsympathetic, but inside he was definitely doing his best to hold back.

Gin knew this, so he lowered one leg and rubbed his foot against the tent in Aizen's robes. "I hate you."

Aizen shut his eyes and successfully suppressed a moan of pleasure. "I love you. Answer me, Gin."

His hand pumped up and down Gin's shaft, and it was the younger man's turn to moan. "Nnnnn. N-not fair, you always p-play dirty."

Aizen slowed to a stop, relishing the anguished look Gin wore. "Quickly, before I leave you like this."

"You wouldn't dare." Gin murmured, but gave in anyway. "I'm betting on Ulquiorra."

"If either of us loses," Aizen hummed around Gin's cock. "One of us will be the other's slave for seven days."

Gin gripped Aizen's thick curls none too gently. "A week? That's … ah! … So … oh! Oh!"

Aizen swallowed his come before speaking. "So what, Gin?"

"…Long." Gin replied breathlessly, allowing his body to relax on the sheets.

"I have to get an object of desire that will tempt them. But what?"

Satiated, Gin shrugged one shoulder. "That Kurosaki kid. They all wanna kill him, but who's to say they don't wanna fuck him either?"

Aizen stood up, brushing the wrinkles out of his robes. His erection wasn't noticeable and Gin wondered if he'd come in his pants. It wasn't until Aizen walked out of the bedroom door did Gin realize the position he was in.

"Hey! Untie me!"


Truth be told, he wasn't expecting this. It had just happened suddenly, without warning. He'd been standing in mid-air, scanning the area for the epic blast of Hollow energy he'd felt earlier while still in bed. The night air was frigid, even under the warm layers of his Shinigami attire. Ichigo briefly remembered that it had rained heavily earlier, during the early hours of the evening. But that wasn't important.

Four Espada, all decked out in their pristine white and black uniforms, swords strapped to their sides. They surrounded him, right above the old, dilapidated building that had once been a towering, swanky office block. He was probably about a twenty minute walk – for the average human – away from home. That meant his family was still safe; for now. Ichigo felt the niggling sensation of doubt slowly clouding his mind.

He dimly recalled the time he'd left from his bedroom window; his digital clock face had read 4:17 am. No telling how long this battle would take. Could he defeat them all and still be in time for a little nap before school started? Mentally kicking himself for worrying about school at such an untimely moment, he forced himself to snap back to attention. Any minute now, the Espada could launch an attack and catch him unguarded.

Thoughtfully, Ichigo held Zangetsu out in front of him in such a way that allowed him to watch the movements of the enemy behind him. So far, they were merely standing around him in a lazy circle. Out of caution, Ichigo scrutinized each Espada intently, searching for a familiar face to figure out just who he could go easier on and who to be wary of.

Hands in his pockets, Grimmjow Jeagerjacques smirked at him, the familiar leer gnawing at Ichigo's drawer of irritation. Several feet away from him stood Coyote Stark, slowly nodding off to sleep with his arms crossed. Ichigo's eyes narrowed just a fraction as he analyzed his new enemy. He'd never clashed swords with Stark before, but he had definitely heard of his rank in the list of Espada. Just because Stark looked sleepy all the time didn't mean he wasn't dangerous when fully awake. Ichigo felt a small bead of perspiration slide down his neck to the neckline of his Shinigami garments.

Next to the dozing Stark stood Ulquiorra Schiffer, his face void of expression as he met Ichigo's gaze with a cool stare. Ulquiorra was a damn good fighter despite his stony façade, and Ichigo felt more beads of sweat trickle down his back before his robes absorbed them. A slightly hysteric chuckle caught Ichigo's attention, and he turned a fraction to lock gazes with a pink haired Espada. Said Espada pushed his white glasses up his nose elegantly with a gloved index finger before pointing at Ichigo.

"So you're the Shinigami substitute," he said in a vaguely maniacal tone. "You're just a teenage boy."

Ignoring his superior speculation, Ichigo racked his brains, trying to figure out who the hell he was. His confusion must have shown on his face, because the Espada threw back his head and laughed maniacally, making no attempt to disguise the fact that he was somewhat disturbing.

"I bet you don't know who I am, boy." He said tauntingly as his sinisterly eerie chuckles died down.

His emphasis on the last word spiked a tiny bit of irritation in Ichigo, but he refused to rise to the bait. Acting rashly now would only get him into more trouble than he already was.

"No, I don't." Ichigo replied, brave in the face of danger. "And I don't give a damn, either way."

"Oh, that's cold." The Espada giggled, covering his mouth delicately with his gloved hand. "I wonder what it would be like to have you strapped to my laboratory table, panting and allowing me to toy with your exposed body."

Ichigo's honey colored eyes widened in a mixture of shock and disgust as a light blush covered his cheeks. Being mad was one thing, but openly perverted and disturbing as well was starting to get to him. He was wondering whether to defeat that specific Espada first before the rest when Ulquiorra cleared his throat.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, we have been ordered to take you hostage back to Hueco Mundo, Las Noches. We do not expect you to come without a fight. However, refusal to follow us will only result in your punishment." Stony faced, Ulquiorra barely moved from his spot while delivering his little speech.

Ichigo's scowl deepened; all traces of his previous blush gone. "Yeah? Says who?"

"These are Sosuke Aizen's orders."

To his left, Grimmjow snorted brusquely. "And we're going with his shit, why?"

"You know perfectly well why, Grimmjow." Ulquiorra replied callously without taking his eyes off Ichigo.

Running a hand through his cyan hair, Grimmjow groaned audibly. "So what happens if we don't?"

Ulquiorra glanced at him before continuing his staring match with Ichigo. "Failure to participate in this mission will only result in your retribution."

The blue haired Espada swore, glowering at Ulquiorra.

"Do shut up, Grimmjow." The pink haired Espada flapped a white gloved hand at him. "Listen to Ulqui when he talks."

"Got a death wish, Szayel?" Grimmjow snarled, glaring daggers at him. "You don't tell me what to do."

That did it. A loud, foul mouthed squabble occurred right there and then between Szayel and Grimmjow. They almost resembled a cat and a dog. Almost. Despite his dire situation, Ichigo allowed himself a small, amused smile.

Stark yawned and stretched, showing the first signs of life since he'd appeared before Ichigo. He blinked and looked around blearily before nodding politely at the teenager.

"Oh, you're all still here." He rubbed his neck apologetically. "I was a little worried you might have kidnapped him and left without me."

"Keep sleeping and we really will leave you here." Grimmjow turned his interest to Stark. "I can't believe you can even sleep standing."

Shrugging, Stark stuck his hands into his pockets. "Well, I'm a pretty versatile guy. I guess I can adapt better than you can."

Easily incensed, Grimmjow sputtered indignantly. Szayel laughed and held his arms out to Stark.

"I'd embrace you, Stark, but you'd probably shoot me. So let's settle for one several feet away." He grinned widely.

Stark shrugged again and held out his arms indifferently. "I don't like hugging people."

"You hug Lilinette." Grimmjow muttered half-accusingly. "Is there something going on between you guys or what?"

"That's gross. No, of course not." Stark shuddered slightly and smirked at Grimmjow. "She's like a little sister, that's all."

"Yeah, with advantages." Grimmjow shot him a lecherous grin. "Don't you dare deny it."

Szayel huffed and folded his arms gracefully across his chest. "Lord, that's borderline pedophilic, Stark. Who would've guessed?"

Ichigo inched away, desperately trying to look for a way out. This entire thing was a mess, obviously. He wasn't in the mood for dealing with their antics. Right now, what he needed most was sleep. And the Chemistry notes from Thursday's experiment. Maybe he could borrow them from Ishida.

He lowered Zangetsu and ran a hand over his eyes tiredly. His arms ached from holding his zanpakutou in the same stance for so long. Seeing as none of the Espada were paying any attention to him, Ichigo backed away carelessly with a soft sigh.

His sigh turned into a gasp of shock as he bumped into a hard chest. A hand grabbed Zangetsu's hilt and swiftly yanked it out of his hand.

"Ah! Hey!" Ichigo's startled yelp caused the other three Espada to whirl around and focus on him.

Dammit. Ichigo cursed inwardly. He'd forgotten all about Ulquiorra. How could I be that sloppy?

Well, we're up shit creek now, King. Shirosaki's voice echoed languidly inside his head.

His tone of voice undeniably epitomized what Ichigo was feeling now. He felt tired and sleep deprived, but waving the white flag was definitely not an option with four highly ranked Arrancar around.

"How careless of you, Shinigami." Ulquiorra said quietly, single handedly keeping Ichigo's hands in a tight hold, with Zangetsu in the other.

"Give it back." Ichigo hissed as the grip on his wrists tightened to the strength of iron. He was too worn-out to bother with mature arguments. "You're hurting me."

"Not to the extent that you will suffer death." Ulquiorra leaned in and trained his emerald green eyes on honey brown ones. "You have the decision of following us without a fight, or else."

Ichigo swallowed as Ulquiorra wordlessly handed Zangetsu to Stark for safekeeping. "Or else what?"

There was hot breath on his ear, and a creepy whisper that sent chilly tingles down his spine. "Or else you get to experience my new concoction, boy."

A white gloved hand dangled a sinister looking syringe filled with a clear red liquid before his eyes. Ichigo turned his face away, but not before he spat in Ulquiorra's face.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Grimmjow muttered from the side, his hands still in his pockets. He looked fidgety and uncomfortable, which was exactly what Ichigo should have been feeling in place of his exhaustion.

Ulquiorra used his sleeve to wipe away Ichigo's saliva. "You have my permission, Szayel."

A gleeful chuckle was produced from the pink haired Espada as he trailed his fingers down Ichigo's neck. "I thought you'd never ask."

"W-What the hell - ?" Ichigo stiffened as a thin needle promptly pierced his skin right at the hollow between his neck and shoulder. "Uhnnn."

The effect was instantaneous. Ichigo felt his muscles relax immediately, causing him to lose his balance and drop to his knees, where he swayed precariously before keeling over to his side. He could barely keep his eyes open.

Get a grip on yourself, Ichigo! He scolded himself in a stress-induced panic. Gotta … get … Zangetsu …

He could still hear voices. That meant he was still fairly conscious. Just what the hell did Szayel stick into him?

"What the hell! Why do I have to carry him?" That gruff voice was unmistakably Grimmjow's.

"I don't like getting my hands dirty. Besides, you barely did anything anyway." Szayel answered superciliously.

Stark sighed. "He's right. Let's just get going before someone else comes and tries to intervene."

"Bastards." Hands roughly pulled Ichigo upwards. He was thrown over someone's shoulder – presumably Grimmjow's. Ichigo mustered his strength to protest, but what came out was a soft moan.

"Jeez, he's still awake. Szayel, how much did you give him?" Grimmjow muttered from somewhere around Ichigo's ass.

"The entire syringe, which is more than enough. The new drug will make him extremely compliant later on, so don't worry about him kicking up a fuss." Szayel's smooth voice spiked worry through Ichigo. "I'll have to warn you, though. He'll be practically begging to be touched after that."

"You're such a pervert." Grimmjow heaved a sigh and flipped Ichigo back down, where he slid a strong arm under his knees and supported his back. "He's just a kid."

"What, growing soft in your old age already?" Stark teased from somewhere to the right.

Grimmjow replied with a disgruntled scoff.

Ichigo 's entire body felt hot. It was bad enough that he could barely move, and the drug infused into his bloodstream was making him flushed and sweaty. His breath came in pants, as if he'd just finished running a marathon. He felt glad he was being carried. He had an exceedingly strong urge to be held.

"Nnnnn." He turned to the source of warmth carrying him and buried his face into Grimmjow's chest.

"Hang in there, kid." Grimmjow whispered, his breath tickling Ichigo's ear.

Ichigo murmured incoherently and lightly clutched at Grimmjow's shirt. They stayed that way until exhaustion dragged him into a dreamless sleep.


He awoke feeling much better and refreshed. This was a surprise, considering all he'd been through the night before. Ichigo blinked and opened his eyes as far as they would go. There was light streaming through from somewhere. He frowned and raised a hand to shield his eyes. Said hand was stuck in the blankets pooled around his body. For a fleeting moment, Ichigo panicked, recalling what that intimidating Espada had suggested before; Szayel, was it? Thankfully, he was in a bed and not lying down trapped on a cold steel table with needles hovering above him.

The mattress was soft. Everything was white, from the pillow cases to the sheets to the blankets. Ichigo looked up and took in the view of the room around him. It was practically empty, save for the bed and a white wooden chair, plus the three walls. Sunlight was spilling in from a tall, hemispherical hole in the adjoining wall with grey stone pillars. Ichigo could only see the glisten of light brown sand beyond the window.

He got out of bed and stretched. He was mildly surprised to find that he was naked. It wasn't beneath Aizen to strip his hostages of their own belongings before providing them with his own version of clothes. Curiously, Ichigo reached out and placed a hand on one of the stone pillars that filled the gap in the wide hole. It was warm, probably from the heat of the sun shining outside.

He walked over to the bed and stripped the blankets off of it. Wrapping them around his body like a towel, Ichigo walked over to the walls and wondered if there was a way out. The gaps between the pillars were too small for his body to fit through. He wandered aimlessly around the barren room, trying to gather his thoughts. Where was the entrance? If they had gotten him in somehow, there had to be a way out. He bit his lower lip and stared at the white walls.

It wasn't until he reached out and placed a hand on one of the walls did a gaping hole appear. Well, it more or less materialized in front of him. He stared at it in astonishment before poking his head out to take a peek. There was a long row of corridors to his left and a dead end to his right. Sunlight leaked in through the gaps in the pillars down the passageway. Delighted at gaining his freedom, Ichigo stepped out and glanced around warily in case someone tried to jump him. Seeing no one, he turned to the left and shuffled down the stoned route. He peeked past the nearest pillar and got an eyeful of the vast sandy dunes all around. Why Aizen chose to live in a bleak desert of all things was really a marvel.

Barefoot, he welcomed the warmth emanating from the large shapeless stones built to form a path in the sand. It wasn't until a small dark brown scorpion skittered across his foot and delved deep into the sand did Ichigo feel alarmed. So Hueco Mundo wasn't negated of the usual desert life. Strange, considering the amount of Hollows running amok all over the place. Keeping his eyes peeled for any more dangerous desert creatures, Ichigo hopped over the stones, which were gradually growing warmer and less comforting beneath his feet.

A harsh laugh made him jump in shock. He turned, expecting to face a random Hollow in search of a soul to eat. Instead he locked gazes with Nnoitra Jiruga, an Espada he had previously fought on his last trip to Las Noches. Ichigo felt his heartbeat race. This was much worse than he'd expected. Facing a random Hollow without the aid of Zangetsu seemed like a better option than Nnoitra. Here was another violent maniac out to stick something into him.

"You know how funny you look, playin' hop-scotch over those stones?" Nnoitra strolled over, leering openly.

"That wasn't what I was doing." Ichigo scowled, stepping onto the long folds of the blankets to avoid getting the soles of his feet scorched. The sun was higher in the sky now, and the stones were positively smoldering.

He winced in pain as one of his toes touched a stone. Nnoitra sneered.

"Poor baby. All alone out here without anyone to defend you."

Ichigo shut his eyes and tried to calm himself. Don't take the bait. He's just trying to piss you off, start a fight and kill you.

"Scared?" Nnoitra's jeering voice sounded closer, and Ichigo opened his eyes hurriedly. It wouldn't do to let the Espada get too close. "I would be, if I were you. No sword, nothin' to fight back with."

One hand cupped Ichigo's cheek, fingers stroking his skin. Ichigo leaned into the touch, feeling the urge to be held spike up once more. He lowered his gaze meekly. Nnoitra grinned and chuckled again.

"So they really did drug you."

Ichigo's eyes flew open and he swallowed before stammering. "W-what with?"

Shit, I can't even control my voice now.

Nnoitra's face was close to his, his menacing eyes glittering with amusement. "Who knows? All I heard from Szayel was that it'd make you all tame and docile."

Fighting the urge to whimper for Nnoitra's hands over his body, Ichigo blushed. "I … I … What do you want from me?"

Nnoitra raised an eyebrow with a wicked grin. "Shouldn't it be more along the lines of what you want from me?"

I can't believe myself. Ichigo felt his blush deepen as he felt his body grow hot again. Just what the hell is happening to me? Was that injection an aphrodisiac?

He was leaning into Nnoitra now, allowing the Espada's hands to roam freely over his body. Long fingers brushed his nipple and Ichigo's breath caught in his throat. Nnoitra pressed his lips to Ichigo's, covering what little space was left between them by pulling the smaller male against him. Their tongues battled for dominance, slick with saliva, their growing erections rubbing against each other. Ichigo moaned, breaking the kiss and feebly tried to push him away.

"So … so hot." The orange haired teen grasped at Nnoitra's Espada uniform desperately.

Lifting Ichigo up over his shoulder, Nnoitra walked back to the shaded part of the corridor, away from prying eyes and the heat of the sun. He grinned down at the blushing boy, noting the look of relief on his face. Ichigo was cute, so very cute. The

"Better?" he trailed a finger down Ichigo's cheek, smirking when the boy wrapped his arms around his neck.

Ichigo exhaled a soft sigh. "Yes. Thank you."

Nnoitra acknowledged his thanks by locking lips with him, one hand supporting Ichigo against him and the wall, the other sliding through the opening in the blankets for his hardening erection. One grip around his cock elicited a surprised gasp from the boy, and then the gasp turned into a long moan as Nnoitra stroked his tip with his thumb. Ichigo automatically wrapped his legs around Nnoitra's waist as the taller male gripped his hips and pushed him up against the wall, grinding their erections together.

His mind was spinning in a whirl of confusion, heat and incredulity. His skin was hot to the touch and he was sweating, but there was a pool of heat somewhere below his stomach and an unsatisfied itch he urgently needed to suppress. When Nnoitra's fingers traveled from his cock to his balls, Ichigo rolled his hips eagerly. Grinning, Nnoitra slid a slick finger into his hole, scissoring continually before adding a second finger, then a third.

Ichigo couldn't hold back his moans as waves of pleasure spiked through him. His breath was coming in short gasps as he panted into Nnoitra's neck, fingers gripping the fabric of his Espada uniform.

Hidden from somewhere above, leaning out the balcony with a set of stone white binoculars against his eyes, Aizen chuckled. "Looks like Nnoitra's out of the game."

"Let me see." Gin snatched the lens from him. "Ooh. Kurosaki has very long legs."

"So does Nnoitra." Aizen waved a hand airily. "I personally like Grimmjow's legs."

"You like anythin' with a hole on two legs…" Grinning, Gin handed back the binoculars to Aizen. "So all we gotta do is keep feeding Kurosaki those drugs?"

Aizen folded his arms over his chest. "Yes. And then we release him among the other Espada."

"What, all at once?" Gin chuckled. "That would be rape."

"I'll show you rape." Aizen promptly picked him up and carried him into the room, throwing him onto the bed. "I wasn't satisfied the last time."

Back down below, Nnoitra stood stock still inside Ichigo, who was equally stunned as a screaming moan that sounded very much like 'AHHAIZENNNNHNN!' reached their ears.

"What the hell?" Ichigo blinked, fingers in Nnoitra's tousled black hair.

"Yeah, what the hell," Nnoitra, who knew everything, gave a particularly rough thrust.

Ichigo's screaming moan matched that of Gin's.


Eleven fracking pages.

I had to stop before this turned into a very long oneshot. Plus I was kinda in the middle of sketching Ichigo having a hot make out fest with each Espada…well, only the sexy ones of course.

Why Nnoitra? Cause I kinda wanted him out of the way. And he is…sort of hot. Without the weird lampshade behind his head.

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