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"Is dad home yet?" Danielle said cheerfully while looking out the window. It was raining heavily and it was really cold.

"Shut up, sis...I'm chatting with someone!" Raziel said as she was using her laptop, her prized possession. Danielle had one too, but she only used it for playing the Sims 3 and writing fanfiction.

The two girls were sisters, fraternal twins, Danielle being the older one by a mere five minutes. They both had black hair and brown asiany eyes, but that was pretty much it. Danielle was the taller twin and had boob-ish length hair. Raziel's hair was short, up to her chin and she was shorter in height. Not only that they looked different, but they liked different things. Raziel loved using the computer constantly as Danielle would be an obsessed freak about video games. Talk about hardcore gamer.

Danielle shushed Raziel as she was still peering out the window. It was around 11:30 on a Friday night. The girls were in pajamas, just sitting in the living room after a long day of school, obviously Danielle was waiting for their father as Raziel was chatting with god knows who.

"Danielle, calm down. Jeez, dads coming home with your stupid game. Sheesh." Raziel said blankly. Danielle snapped.


"Tell me how it's not stupid."

"The storyline is great, the characters are like adorable, and –" Danielle paused. Raziel looked at her twin, noticing that she stopped talking.

"Exactly, you don't know."

"No! Dad's here!" Danielle's eyes glistened. She thought, Kingdom Hearts 2, here you come!

"OH HELL NO!" Raziel quickly typed 'BRB' to the person she was IM'ing and got out of her seat, trying to block Danielle from getting her game from dad. In the middle of the living room, Raziel tried to get Danielle away from the door.

In a matter of seconds, the doorknob clicked, turned...

"I'm home girls!" their dad shouted. He was tired, yet he still had that warm smile on his face. He was soaking wet from the rain. Danielle was running to her father to tackle him and get her 'precious' game. That is until Raziel tripped her. Their father gasped.

"Dannie, dearest, you okay?"

She huffed the hair out of her face, "Yeah dad. I'm alright." She picked herself up and dusted herself off. As Raziel snickered, Danielle shot back a death glare at her, causing her to be quiet. Raziel got a towel and gave it to their father.

"Thank you so much sweetie, but...I have a surprise for you guys!" he said, bringing out a plastic bag from Best Buy. Danielle's heart raced, and Raziel's did too. What did dad bring them?

"For Raziel, I got you...", he reached in the bag, "here." He handed her a Bleach manga. Her eyes widened in happiness, grabbing the book quickly, yet delicately. She flipped through the book, smiling. She then hugged her father, as a way of thanking him.

"And Danielle, I know you've been waiting for this.." he said as Danielle's palms were sweating, just waiting to touch the game case. The seconds passing seemed like minutes, "here it is!" he brought out her beloved game, and before he was about to hand it to her, she quickly grabbed it and hugged him.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you daddy!" she quickly hugged her father, rushing into her and her sister's bedroom with the new game. Raziel and their father stared blankly, thinking Danielle was a bit crazy.

"Um.. I'll be in the room.." Raziel took her laptop, going in her room, telling her dad goodnight before she went into her bedroom. As she expected, Danielle was turning on her PlayStation, just waiting to play. Raziel shrugged, laying on her bed, continuing to IM the person she was IM'ing earlier. Danielle soon pressed the 'New Game' selection and started playing.

12:00. 12:32. 1:15. 1:57. 2:36. The clock was ticking.

In this raining, cold night, the twins still lay awake, their father all already fast asleep, as the rest of the neighborhood. Danielle, who is lying on the floor, still continued to play Kingdom Hearts. Raziel, on the other hand, was sitting on her bed with her laptop, watching anime off the internet.

"Oh shit! This Roxas guy is hot!" Danielle said as she was doing this little skateboard mission to earn more munny in the game.

"Be quiet! It's like 2:40." Raziel said, removing the headphones from her ears.

"No, I'm playing a game." She said childishly.

Raziel scoffed and continued to watch Naruto Shippuden as Danielle just played her game. As she was playing, she fell in love with this Roxas character. He had mesmerizing blue eyes, amazing spiky blond hair, a cute smile, and a really awesome outfit to go with it. Not only that, but he looked like Sora from the first game. Danielle was in love with Sora too, but at the moment, she was too busy swooning over Roxas.

Raziel looked over away from her laptop, watching her sister play. As a cutscene appeared on the screen, Raziel paused her show, watching the little movie.

She layed on her stomach next to Danielle, watching. The scene was a group of four teens, one with slicked back blonde hair and a camouflage outfit, a chubby kid with a red jersey that had a dog, a girl with piercing green eyes and a orange and white floral shirt, and lastly was that Roxas person. She didn't know who Roxas was exactly, but Raziel soon started feeling the same about Roxas. She started crushing on him.

"Whose the blondie?" Raziel asked.

"Why are you so interested all of a sudden?" she replied.

"He's sort of cute."

"I know he is." Danielle beamed, "But hands off! He's mine." She winked.

"Whatever you say, sis." She chuckled. She watched her sister play her game. Raziel wasn't really interested in the plotline, she was more into Roxas. Cute, adorable, and freaking gorgeous Roxas.

Danielle saved her game (she stopped at the part when Sora got his new outfit at Yen Sid's), and when she did, thunder struck, making loud thuds as she played.

"Stupid thunder.." Raziel said, and when they thought that it was going to get better, a ear piercing crackling noise was let out, causing the TV to get fuzzy, then.. black and white, until it was just static.

"Oh...shit..." Danielle said slowly. The lights flickered, the TV did that annoying buzzing sound. Raziel checked her laptop, seeing that it kept turning on and off.

"Sis..." Raziel said.

"Yeah?" she responded with a gulp.

"I'm scared..." her voice was frightened as ever.

"Me too...I'm turning the TV off...good thing I saved the game...heh..." she stood up and quickly moved to the TV as if thunder were to strike her. She pressed the button to turn the TV off, and for some reason, it wasn't turning off, "What the hell?"

"Yeah sis?" Raziel grabbed her pillow.

"It's not turning off..." she said, pushing the button quickly over and over again. Danielle raced to her bed, pulling herself into the sheets.

"I'm scared like hell, Dan..."

"Me too Raziel...but...l-lets go to bed...before something else happens. Raziel nodded, and the two went to bed uncomfortably.

The suns rays peeked through the windows curtains, blinding the girls. Raziel woke up, rubbing her eyes as she stretched. Her eyes looked over to the TV. It was off.

Hey...wasn't it on? Raziel thought to herself. Danielle soon woke up and did her morning stretch.

"Raziel.. last night was scary like hell." Danielle yawned.


"Yeah, the TV and stuff- oh my gosh!" Danielle screamed, pointing next to the TV. Raziel screamed in terror, seeing two teenage boys asleep beside their TV. The two boys woke up, obviously startled.

"It's- it's-!"

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