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"Danielle... so will you be my girlfriend? Yes... or no?" Sora said in inquisition. His eyes lit up, smiling as a way for her to feel comfortable.

Except, Danielle wasn't in such a comfortable position, emotional-wise. She didn't know what to feel. Happy? Excited? Anything? If anything, she was overwhelmed in a happy way. Her heart was racing, like she was having a heart attack.

As if her prayers were answered, Raziel peeked into the window, knocking. "Hey guys, want to see a movie with me and Roxas? It's a Tim Burton movie, just so you know."

Relieved, Danielle responded quickly, "Yes Raziel. I'd love to watch with you and Roxas."

"How about you, Sora?" Raziel asked. Sora, who was rather disappointed that he couldn't hear Danielle's response. He felt somewhat rejected, to think of it. He hasn't felt bad in a while, and trust me, he feels really bad that he didn't get to know her response.

"Sure." Sora said, trying to show that he didn't feel sad.

"Alright then, come on, get over here you guys, you can't expect to watch the movie from there." Raziel smiled, "Hurry up, we're going to prepare it while we wait for you."

She left, and once she did, Danielle tried to quickly get off, but since she was out on the window, it was a lot harder to get off, especially with Sora blocking her way. Talk about awkward.

"Excuse me... Sora..." Danielle said, trying hard to get out, as well as not fall off her window.

"Huh? Oh!" Sora was caught up in his thoughts about Danielle. He wondered if she was going to say yes or no. What if she said no? What would happen if she said yes? Shortly, he moved away so Danielle could get through. She stumbled a bit, but with a little bit of help from Sora (Even though he was nervous and awkward, it didn't stop him from helping her out), she managed to get out of the window. Sora tailed behind her and when he reached inside the room, Roxas was on the bed, still with that big smile on his face. Raziel was popping the movie 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', even though it was way past Christmas as well as Halloween. It was already the first week of Spring by now.

As Raziel parted away from the DVD player, she sat down by the foot of the bed, remote in hand. Sora sat on the far edge of the bed, opposite of Roxas. Sora looked over to Danielle, hoping she would fill the space in between them. The tension started to rise. She didn't want to sit next to Sora for the fact that she just felt... awkward. Instead, she sat next to her sister on the floor.

Danielle twiddled with her thumbs, taking a few glances at Sora from the corner of her eye, hoping he wouldn't notice. Honestly, on the inside, Danielle was just as fuzzy and nervous as she looked. Her eyes shifted quickly around the room, her hands were shaky, her heart was pounding like crazy against her chest to a point where it almost hurt.

"Bro.. why you sulking there?" Roxas whispered to Sora, who was sitting at the far side of the bed. Sora was staring at Danielle who was sitting with Raziel on the floor eating popcorn.

"It's cause of your girlfriend, Roxas!" Sora whispered back, his voice loud enough for only Roxas to hear. Roxas's looked at him curiously.

"What happened?" Roxas asked, ignoring the word 'girlfriend.'

"Danielle was about to answer me when I asked her if she wants to be my girlfriend... but Raziel pops out of nowhere and ugh." Sora replied, shrugging it off.

They watched the movie, equally intent. Although Sora was bummed out for the fact that he couldn't hear Danielle's response in time, he cleared it out of his head so he can the movie and enjoy it. Even though he wasn't rejected, per say, it almost felt like he did. Now he has to anticipate for the next day, maybe even days for an answer. He just wished that the answer was yes, and quick.

During the movie, Sora started to familiarize with the setting and the characters, stating that he remembered and knew that place. He told stories about the people he knew, like Sally, the Mayor, Doctor Finkelstein, Jack, and even Zero the ghost dog. He told little stories about the Heartless inhabiting and terrorizing the place and how he was the one that got rid of each and every single one, exaggerating his reenactments of him fighting them off. He even told them that he met Santa, Danielle smiled to herself, remembering in the game that Sora acted like such a child when he met Santa in KHII.

As the movie kept going, Sora still rambled on and on about his adventures as everyone listened to his ridiculous tales.

The movie credits rolled and everyone's eyes weren't focused on the TV anymore, they were more focused on being closed. Danielle gripped on a pillow, hugging it as she slept almost awkwardly on the edge of the bed. Roxas's head was on top of Raziel's head, which was cradled into Roxas's shoulder. Sora was in a rather awkward position, he was also on the edge of the bed as well, trying hard not to fall off.

"Bye guys, see you hen we get home!" Raziel said, grabbing her bag, feeling chipper. She gave the two spiky headed boys a quick hug, smiling.

"Goodbye..." Danielle reluctantly waved, her hands behind her back, not giving them a hug. She still felt awkward about the whole Sora thing. Soon, the females left the house, walking to school. On the way. Danielle finally took a breath and grabbed on Raziel's shoulder.

"Tired, Dannie?" Raziel said, half scared since she didn't expect her to suddenly grab her.

"Thank you so much, Ray." she let out a sigh.

Confused, she said, "What, thanking me, why?"

They moved while talking, "Last night, before you told us to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sora asked me out and I was stuck, I was so happy yet so shocked, then you came to relieve the awkwardness. I thank you."

Raziel stopped in her tracks and stared at her, "What is wrong with you?"

"What, I was stuck!" the older twin stepped back in defense, her expression was scared.

"You should've said yes! Do you know how lucky you are to be asked by him? At least your guy asked you, you should've said yes! Oh my god, Danielle... you know what?"

"What..?" Danielle put her head down in defeat, feeling rather sad.

"Don't talk to me until you said yes to Sora. By then, I'll be ignoring you."

"But, Ray!" Danielle bellowed, but Raziel cut her off by putting a hand in front of her face.

"Starting now, I wont be talking to you." Raziel started to walk way, chest up and nose high, ignoring her sister.

Danielle let out a sigh and accepted her challenge and the fact that she had to wait to talk to her until she gave Sora the 'okay'. She tailed behind her sister and just walked to school, not talking to her sister, her sister not talking to her.

As the day passed, Danielle tried to talk to her sister, but remembering the fact that she wont respond back, it was hard to go on with the day. Danielle just wanted the day to end just so she can go home and say yes to Sora, as well as getting her sister to speak to her again.

When school was dismissed, the girls walked over to their house. Raziel was still giving Danielle the silent treatment. Danielle was trying to think up ways in her head how she would say yes, but the ideas seemed to be impossible, since it was suddenly awkward between the two of them. She couldn't tell Raziel to tell him for the most obvious reason. She couldn't just go to him and say yes because of the fuzzy feeling and the tension when she sees him.

Then, she remembered. Roxas. She could ask Roxas. She stirred up a foolproof plan that was bound to work.

Raziel was on her laptop in the living room, again watching anime. Currently she was watching Yuyu Hakusho, fawning on how cute Karuma is, and how cute Yusuke and Keiko were as a couple.

Roxas was watching TV, occasionally looking at Raziel's leptop screen to see what she was looking at. Danielle had a DS at hand, playing some Mario Kart. Sora was watching TV as well.

Everyone was content, maybe except the the about to be couple. Danielle waited for the right moment to ask Roxas and tell him, but Sora was still there. Danielle just sat there, waiting.

Sora, was just sitting there, anticipating for the response. He wondered why she hasn't answered him. Was it a yes? A no? Perhaps she wanted to tell him alone in a secluded place, but still the thought of what her response was just lingering in the back of his head.

While watching TV, Sora went to the bathroom. Danielle took this as a chance to tell Roxas.

When Sora closed the door to the bathroom, Danielle grabbed Roxas by the wrist and just stated, "I need to talk to you.", pulling him up the stairs so she can talk to him.

Raziel noticed her sister taking Roxas, but she ignored it, not wanting to miss a detail in her show she was watching.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, Danielle you're hurting my wrist, ow..." Roxas said as they trailed up the stairs. The stopped a few feet from the staircase, right in front of their door to their bedroom.

While Danielle was apologizing to Roxas about his wrist in pain, Sora left the bathroom. When the bathroom door opened, a faint echo of the flushing sound was heard. He saw that his brother and Danielle wasn't sitting on the couch anymore. Curious, he asked Raziel.

She took the headphones off one ear and said, "If you're looking for them, check upstairs."

"Thanks." he darted off toward the flight of stairs and heard faint voices. Slowly, he crept, trying to get a better hearing of the conversation.

So far, he heard the words like, a lot, and you. In the same sentence. He felt disappointed that his own brother was even letting her say that to him, knowing that he liked her. He started to tip toe up the stairs a bit faster, hearing a bit more, fuming by the second.

"So please, yes or no?" he heard Danielle's voice say.

"Yeah, Danielle sure. Anything for you." Roxas said in a voice that sounded like he was flirting. Soon, Sora was up the flight of stairs, and before his eyes, he saw his world into the arms of her own brother.

He walked a bit closer, and to the pairs surprise, they pulled away, looking defensive. Sora got it all wrong.

"Sora, it's not what you think!" Danielle shouted, trying to sound convincing, hoping he didn't think the wrong idea, but she knew it was too late.

"So\ is that why you didn't say yes at first? Because you like Roxas? It's okay, I understand." Sora was heartbroken, seeing what he just witnessed, even though it wasn't was it seemed.

"Sora, no it's not like that, I swear!" Danielle tried to back herself up, but it didn't seem to work.

"Sora, come on, I she was just asking me to-"

"No, Roxas. I'll explain. I should tell him myself anyways." Danielle interrupted him, and walked up to Sora.

Sora raised an eyebrow and said, "So if it's not what is–" and again, Danielle cut someone's sentence off, but instead of going over their sentences, she tiptoed and kissed Sora, right on the lips.

She pulled away, "Sora, yes. I would love to be your girlfriend. The reason why Roxas is here because I asked him to tell you my response because I was nervous to tell you this myself, but then it got a bit out of hand... so please, don't think I like Roxas, because I like you. I hope there isn't any confusion... hope you're not mad..."

Shock, relief, and happiness were the only things Sora felt at the moment. Danielle waited for a response from him, to confirm that he wasn't mad nor confused about the situation.

He just smiled at her and lifted her chin up to him and lowered his head to kiss her. "I can't stay mad. I'm just really happy to hear you say yes."

Danielle returned the smile and hugged him, digging her head into his chest.

Roxas looked at them, grinning to himself, but at the same time jealous of his own brother. He wished him and Raziel were like that at this moment, kissing, hugging...

He walked past the new couple and peered over to Raziel on her laptop. Raziel looked back at him and waved, giving him a small honest smile. He waved back, and then Raziel put her attention back to Yuyu Hakusho. He made a sound of want, hoping, longing, wishing that she were his.

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