Warnings: Brief mention of nudity

Summary: The Doctor and Donna discuss the painting "The Pearls of Aphrodite" by Herbert Draper.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, the BBC does; but I do pay for my TV license on time for what it's worth!

A/N: Inspired by a Pete & Dud TV sketch from long ago.

A Little Bit Of Gossamer

"So, why are we here, Spaceman?" asked Donna, as she peered round the room at the artwork on display.

"Weird readings from this gallery," replied the Doctor, "that seem to be coming from this room in particular."

"And what are you picking up in this room? Where is it coming from?" she enquired further.

"From somewhere over… here!" he exclaimed, as stood quite close to some very well known paintings.

"Isn't that… what's her name… the goddess woman?" Donna fought for the right words.

"You mean Aphrodite? Yes, she's –" the Doctor abruptly stopped and stood wide-eyed, staring at the painting in front of him. It was indeed Aphrodite; a very scantily clad Aphrodite, who looked remarkably like a person not a million miles away from him at that moment. A resemblance that included long wavy ginger hair, tempting eyes, soft curves and porcelain skin. The Doctor unexpectedly blushed to the tips of his ears.

"Are you alright, Doctor?" Donna longed to know what had caused him to blush so inexplicably.

"I... I… er… what? I'm… er… yes." He softly stuttered. Donna was decidedly intrigued now.

"Is it that painting? Surely, you've seen a nude before? Hang on. Don't tell me you knew her in real life. Did you?" she asked quietly, suddenly worried by his continuing quietness.

"No Donna," he eventually said, "I didn't know the model."

"I'd love to look that good," Donna added, confidentially. "That is a body to envy."

'Oh Donna! You do look that good. In fact, even better!' the Doctor thought, 'if you only knew how I saw you!' But instead of taking the opportunity to compliment her, he chickened out.

"Good job she's got that little bit of gossamer," he lamely replied.

A/N2: View the painting at: .com/art/v/paintings/Draper_Herbert_The_Pearls_of_.html ;

and Pete & Dud at: .com/watch?v=R9OCS08rabE .