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Today I had zero inspiration for my other fics so I decided to start a new one and see where it goes. It's an AU fic and I don't know if I should continue it or just stop writing about it.

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iAm Not That Tough


She moves there in the eighth grade, as does he (coincidence? I think not).

By some weird twist of fate he turns out to be the only guy in their grade. He's a class ahead of her in Math, but every other class she's stuck with him in.

Because of her tomboy-ish qualities, he becomes close to her rather than the other girls in her grade. He seems to be a nice guy, if not a bit on the dorky side. He's okay at sports, not the most amazing guy in the world. He's awfully good at Math and technology stuff, but horrible at spelling (which, by coincidence, is her strong point). The boy is not good at music, either (another one of her best areas).

But by coincidence or not, he falls for her best friend.

Carly's an artistic genius. She's forever drawing pictures and he seems to be impressed by them (considering they're both terrible artists). Carly's also beautiful, sweet and just the all-around perfect girl on the outside. He's never seen the selfish, petty side of her that she has seen and probably never will.

She's only heard a rumor from a trusted friend of hers, Wendy. Wendy takes the opportunity to rub it into her face and though it truly stings, she doesn't let it show. She just nods and takes it all in.

She doesn't cry (no, she's too strong for that) but instead just stares into space for the rest of the night. She tries to recover during the long summer before school begins.

But she knows that she'll never fully recover.

She's never told Carly about her crush, it would make it even more humiliating when they find out for sure that he likes Carly.

But when she sees him again that first time at fellowship for the first time in 2 months, she falls all over again.

He's grown out his shaggy brown hair and his deep brown eyes are even better than she remembers. She sighs silently as he smiles at her then turns back to his friends.

She doesn't know what to do (how to feel) because she just can't like him and put her heart up for risk once again, just to have it broken when he lets her down gently (because he's never violent like she is) and she's rejected once again.

She just plasters a smile on her face and resumes talking to Carly and Wendy.

Because all he sees her as is a tomboy girl (one of the guys) that he enjoys arguing with lots during classes. They don't ever hang out outside of class or any other time, just when she's the only option (other than Carly, but she'd always thought they'd all talked the same amount) so it makes her feel like he only talks to her when there's no one better to talk to.

She's now scared for school to start because there's 3 more guys in their class this year which means she'll be even lower on his list to talk to.

But she doesn't tell anyone about all of this because she's Sam Puckett and Sam Puckett doesn't obsess over guys, especially one Freddie Benson.

Confusing, right?

Remember that it's an AU fic. I've changed some of the characters. Their personalities are the same but now Carly's an artistic girl, Freddie's a dork with a bit of jock, and Sam has more feelings now plus she's a bit smarter. But don't worry! Seddie still fights.

The background will be explained more thoroughly in the next chapter.

Should I continue?