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Author's Note: This is unrelated to my other True Blood fan stories. I was inspired while rewatching the Godric episodes that there may have been another way of getting out of the FotS earlier that involved Jason, and while I am waiting for the season 3 finale.

This will be simple Godric/Sookie … uh, maybe not, I can't write simple as in girl sees boy, boy sees girl, cue the music, and start spinning the camera around them as they stare deeply into the other's eyes.

Also taking dialogue and existing scenes directly from True Blood.

Warnings: NonCon between Sookie and Gabe in chapter 1. Also drug use (not V) later in the story.

Smart Enough to get Depressed

Chapter 1

Steve and Gabe were no good sons of bitches. They couldn't fight him like men, held a knife to his throat to get him in the back of the car, and had to go clocking Jason in the head with a steel ammunition case that only held paint pellets.

Jason wasn't aware of what was going on after that till he found himself lying on a floor, with Gabe leaning over him. Gabe was not letting Jason's unarmed, tied up, with tight plastic tie wraps on his wrists and ankles, helpless state slow him down, and he slashed at Jason's chest, arms and legs with a box cutter.

"What the fuck, man?"

"Oh yeah, keep talking like that, Stackhouse. This vampire's got a problem with that nasty talk."


"Vampire lover, now you'll know the truth when one of them drains you dry," Gabe taunted as he slashed deeper.

"Stop it."

"And once I'm done showing your sister what a real man's got, I'll throw her in too. For dessert."

"Don't you go doing anything to my sister, or I swear there will be no place you can hide. You hear me?" Jason threatened as Gabe started dragging him.

"Yeah, you keep screaming, sister fucker. He doesn't move much during the day, but he's awake most of it."


Gabe only laughed softly as he pulled Jason through a steel doorway into a dim room. He quickly let go, exited and shut the door loudly.

Jason rolled to try to sit up, and groaned at how much these cuts hurt. Gabe was going to pay.

"Hey," he yelled. "Let me out." There had to be someone other than Gabe around. Jason kept calling out. Someone had to hear him soon.

A calm voice asked, "What are you doing there?"

"You got to help me. Gabe and Steve have gone nuts, and they got my sister."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at me. They called me a vampire sympathizer, tied me up and sliced me open."

"Are you a vampire sympathizer?"

"I don't know. I don't hate them. I mean I've met some, and talked a lot with one that was nice, and my sister dates another one. And I don't know why they're talkin' 'bout my sister like that, but no one should. They don't even know her."

A young man came out of the shadows, walked close to Jason and tried to open the door. "They locked it," he said.

"Well, yeah."

Whoever he was, he looked down at Jason for moment. Jason guessed he was a vampire, because his coloring was real bad, but he had never seen one with blood trickling out of his nose and ears.

He said, "Locks are not necessary with me." His foot was a blur as he kicked backward and the door fell open.

Jason's mouth dropped open and he asked, "Are you a …?"

"I am vampire."

"Is that why Gabe hacked me up like this? To bleed all over in front of you?"

"I am not hungry. I have told Gabe that already."

"Could ya untie me?"

The vampire bent down and put a finger under the plastic, cable tie on Jason's ankles. He lifted it and Jason's ankles and legs went up. He asked, "What is this? I may damage you further, trying to get it off."

"Ya got to cut it. It doesn't tear apart."

"I have no knife," was the quiet reply, as the vampire let Jason's feet drop. He wiped the blood away that was leaking from his ear and licked the back of his hand clean.

"Can't ya bite it or something?"

"I do not want to."

"Come on. How else am I goin' to get out of here?"

"I will ask Mr. Newlin to free you."

Jason laughed hard. "I ain't lookin' like this to be let go. I know too much. He showed me all their secret weapons in a room beneath his house. Silver and wooden bullets. Guns, rocket launchers, bows and arrows, silver throwing stars."

"When did you see that?"

"He showed them off to me yesterday. Said I was ready to go to the next level as a Soldier of the Sun."

"You objected to killing vampires?"

Jason was starting to think there was something off with this vampire. He was a prisoner, but could kick the door open at any time? And he seemed simple, in the head, if he thought he could ask Steve Newlin for something and get it other than a stake through the chest.

"Sure," Jason answered. Currently, his only was out of here was to convince whoever this was to help him. He sometimes had to agree with girls, what did it hurt agreeing with a vampire? "Why would I want to kill someone at all? That's not Christian."

The short-haired, young looking vampire nodded. Jason thought he looked sort of innocent, despite the tattoos on his arms and at his neckline.

"Uh, since it looks I'll be staying here with ya, my name's Jason Stackhouse. What's yours?" Jason mentally crossed his fingers, hoping it was not Eddie.


"Do you know where we are?"

"The church basement."

"Oh yeah … I guess that's why there's no windows. But what are you doing down here?"

"Mr. Newlin invited me."

"Have you been here long?"

"Two weeks."

"Wait, Steve's gonna …. you gotta get out of here. He's gonna expose you to sunlight at dawn."

"I know."

"You know? Then why are you still here?"

"I want to burn."

"What?" Jason asked in disbelief. "You don't mean that. I mean that's like suicide. That's bad."

"Why is it bad?"

"You'll be dead. You know?"

"But I have already killed many, Mr. Stackhouse."

"When was the last time you killed someone?"

The vampire did not answer that question. Jason thought it couldn't really be more than a couple mistakes. This vampire was not smart enough to have been one for long. His tattoos were those modern tribal sort.

"You've been listening too much to Steve and his nonsense. I was all for the whole thing here with honesty and what God wanted, and it was like my brain was taken out and Steve put his babies in there."

Godric tilted his head, confused by what Jason was saying. Babies in his head? It must be some colloquial phrase he was not familiar with.

"Don't worry about that. You help me, and I'll help you. Get me loose, and I'll help you get out of here. I know the whole layout out there."

"I do not want your help."

Jason sighed. How did he get stuck with such a dumb vampire? Okay, so Godric was not going to do anything to help him, except he was not going to drink his blood because he seemed to be crazy.

"What about my sister? Gabe said he was going to cut her up too."

"Someone has been screaming," Godric said, tilting his head to listen better. There had been a woman yelling his name, along with Isabel's and Eric's yesterday, but she sounded unharmed then.

"If it's a girl, it could be my sister. Whoever it is, we got to save them."

Godric eyes looked out into the hall, then at Jason. "There's blood on your bonds."

"You've got to be kidding me. Now's not the time to be squeamish while Gabe's slicing someone else up."

Jason's wrists and ankles were suddenly parted, and he did not see where Godric went.

Now that Jason could move, it hurt to do it. "Ain't that just fucking great?" he said to himself. "I'm gonna bleed all over Gabe while I kick his ass."

In another room, Sookie was screaming while Gabe slapped her around, after he beat Hugo unconscious, then started screaming louder when Gabe forced his nasty cock into her. He was putting his weight behind what he was doing as he rocked against her, trying to get into her unresponsive, unprepared body. Even though she was no longer a virgin, it still hurt a lot.

She prayed that Bill would finally come. She prayed Hugo got up. She prayed Gabe got a coronary and keeled over. She prayed that the cardboard Jesus on the board game box she was staring at would miraculously come to life and use that stake on Gabe. Anything … anything to make this stop.

It did stop and Gabe sort of went towards the ceiling before he came to a stop with a young man with dark hair holding him by the scruff. He was shorter than Gabe, but had a good hold of him.

Gabe pleaded, "Godric, it's me."

Godric? This was Godric? Sookie had expected someone sort of like Eric. At the moment, she didn't care what Godric looked like. He saved her. In Sookie's book, that made him beautiful.

The vampire ignored Gabe and twisted his head, snapping his neck, then let his lifeless body fall heavily to the floor.

To Sookie, Godric said, "You should not have come."

Sookie tried to fasten the buttons that remained on the front of her dress. Her slip was not torn so she would be somewhat covered.

"Hey! Where'd ya go?"

"Jason?" Sookie called. Oh fuck, where did Gabe throw her panties, or did he rip them?

A still bleeding Jason stumbled through the door. "Sook … what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What about you? Did you do that to him?" she asked Godric.

Godric looked mildly offended, but said nothing in his defense.

"No, he got me loose," Jason said. He had noticed Gabe at Godric's feet. Probably dead with his head looking over his back like that. "We gotta get out of here. The church is up these stairs out here."

Sookie moved, but stopped to grab at Godric's arm, "Come on."

He shrugged her off, asking, "Why are you touching me?"

"'Cause you're just standing there."

"You believe you possess the strength to move me?"


"We need your help to get out of here, Godric," Jason urged.

"I cannot help you now."

"Why not?" Sookie asked.

"It is still daylight out."

"How long is it till sunset?" Jason asked.

"Eighteen minutes forty-one seconds."

The Stackhouses exchanged a glance.

"Will ya help us in nineteen minutes then?" Sookie asked.


"Listen, Godric, they're armed. We're not. I'm also hurt."

"So's Hugo," Sookie added. She wasn't sure if Jason realized what had happened to her, and didn't want to point it out now. Or ever. Right now, she wanted out of this place.

"Hugo?" Godric commented, "Get his eyes open, and I'll command him to follow you till you reach Isabel."

Sookie's gentle prodding and calling 'Hugo' did nothing, and she filled Jason in on who Hugo was, and he told Steve Newlin and Gabe her real name, and that's when they realized that she was Jason's sister from Bon Temps.

"That's what Hugo gets for believin' 'em. Steve even promised us breakfast and to send us on our way, if we answered his questions."

The repetition of Hugo's name and the chatter of the humans was grating, besides the smell of both of them bleeding. Godric preferred to be left alone with his thoughts now.

He leaned close to Hugo and whispered loudly, "Wake up."

Hugo jerked, opened his eyes, saw Godric and screamed.

"Be silent," Godric commanded. "You will follow Sookie Stackhouse until you meet Isabel."

"How'd ya know my name?"

"You just told a story to your brother about Hugo telling Mr. Newlin and Gabe your name."

"That's pretty smart," Jason said.

After centuries of Eric's blond companionship, Godric had to admit he did not think there could be two individuals that used their brains less than his impulsive Viking friend. His estimation regarding them being able to walk up these stairs and out of the church without incident plummeted.

Godric walked out to the bottom of the stairs, and looked up.

"What'cha doing?" Jason asked.

"I am trying to listen. Please be quiet, Mr. Stackhouse."

Sookie watched Godric adjust his head minutely. He murmured, "There are a lot of humans moving about upstairs. Including children."

"It's the lock-in," Sookie realized.

"We cannot go up now with them there."

"Why not?" Jason asked. "Can't you scare them away?"

"When I quickly glamour whole rooms of people, it's a panic, not an orderly dispersal. Will they stop entering the church soon? We do not need to go into the main part, up these stairs is the vestibule and the outside doors."

"Can't ya just shoo them away from the doors?" Sookie asked, standing too close to him. Her terror from earlier had her reeking strongly of something distracting in an enticing way. Godric started imagining how her blood would taste, before he reminded himself that he was not hungry. There was no need for him to feed.

Since he was already inhaling to catch her scent, he let out a audible sigh. Godric explained again, "They will run outside and inside, alerting others. I recommend waiting."

"Jason's bleeding."

"He is no longer actively bleeding, and will remain that way if he does not move and reopen his cuts," Godric pointed out. His last night in this world was going to be spent in constant annoyance till he was rid of these humans. No one wanted the Stackhouses gone from here more than him right now.

"They're gonna lock the doors for the lock-in," Sookie insisted.

"I did not notice they were made of silver when I entered the building … have they been replaced?" Godric asked sarcastically. He did not wait for an answer, but went up the stairs to see if there was some way that he had not thought of to get these idiots out of here. Why would Isabel send someone so incompetent after him? He did not think that because she was human either. There were plenty of dim-witted vampires too.

"What?" Sookie asked.

"He can open them," Jason answered. "He's pretty strong."

"I know that," Sookie replied. He snapped Gabe's neck like a salted pretzel rod. Eric said Godric was twice as old as him.

They caught up to Godric who had the door open a sliver to see out. Hugo followed Sookie quietly.

"I see someone who may be able to request the room and outside the doors be cleared," Godric murmured. He made a motion like he was stretching his neck, then added, "I have her. Back down the stairs to give her room."

Godric also went down two steps, and Sarah Newlin opened the door, came to a stop at the top of the stairs, and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a golden dress which looked really good on her.

"Mrs. Newlin, these humans have requested to leave this building and the grounds."

Sarah inhaled in shock, since she did not take herself over here of her own free will. She had been told Godric was a powerful vampire, but till now, he had been complacent as a lamb. He came to them, and truly sounded regretful for being a minion of Satan.

More importantly, Jason Stackhouse was with him, along with who she assumed was his fangbanging piece of trash sister, that Steve told her about earlier. Deceivers straight from the Devil himself. They were going to ruin everything.

"Godric, please go back downstairs. I'll let Steve know your concerns."

"Could you not see them outside?"

"My husband or Gabe will take care of that. You just go back to your room." Sarah added a bit of shooing motion with her hands to let the vampire know that she'd take care of this.

Just as calmly, Godric said, "No, I caught Gabe raping Miss Stackhouse, after mutilating Mr. Stackhouse."

Sarah swallowed, but did not ask Godric what happened to Gabe after that. She said, "I'll let Steve know. We have a lot of people in the church for a lock-in, so you need to go back downstairs."

Sookie had heard enough and said, "Listen, Sarah, you got to get some crowd control going up there, or we're going through and who knows what'll happen."

Godric looked down at Sookie, and asked, "What are you threatening to do?"

"It's not me, but now that it's sundown, my boyfriend's going to come tearing in here, and it's best if I'm outside waiting for him."

"He's a vampire?"


"He is going to harm humans in my area?"

"Well, to save me, he'd do anything."

"I do not see a reason for bloodshed."

Sookie's mouth gaped. Godric just killed a man in front of her, but she rather he did that than getting raped. Gabe was no sort of Christian that she recognized.

Godric turned his head to look back at Sarah, his eyes narrowed as he asked, "What can you do to assist us, Mrs. Newlin?"

"I am not doing anything to help the Stackhouses. They're nothing more than heartless, two-faced, vampire fuckers, and they're going to burn in Hell, right next to you after you fry tomorrow morning. I hope you crackle up like a pan of bacon, you murdering demon. I want to see you suffer as if you were in the fires of Hell itself here on Earth. Praise the Lord," she defiantly declared, then shrieked and slapped her hands over her mouth. She had not meant to say that out loud.

"Despite Psalm 32:3-5?"

"Huh?" Sarah replied, stunned that she stated the hateful things that were in her head. That was private.

Godric quoted, "I believe the accepted English translation is When I kept silent about my sin, my body wasted away through my groaning all day long. For day and night Your hand was heavy upon me; My vitality was drained away as with the fever heat of summer. I acknowledged my sin to You, and my iniquity I did not hide; I said, 'I will confess my transgressions to the Lord'; And You forgave the guilt of my sin.

"There's also Psalm 103:12: As far as the east is from the west, so far hath He removed our transgressions from us. Shall I continue?"

"Stop speaking those words. They aren't for you."

Jason suddenly caught on, and said, "But letting them put ya in the sun, is suicide. And you'll still have a sin on you when ya die."

"Don't listen to Jason Stackhouse. He's worse than Judas."

Jason asked, "Why, what did he do to you?"

While Sookie disagreed, "No, he's not. Suicide is self-murder, and ya can't repent it if you're dead. That's why suicides cannot be buried in hallowed ground. My uncle Francis committed suicide by shooting himself in the head so we know. Gran had a terrible time trying to get him buried proper, so he ended up being cremated."

"It is not suicide. It is God's will. If He did not want a vampire to die, He would let them live in the glorious sunlight. That is the first thing He made … 'Let there be light'," Sarah argued.

"It's also self-hate, and God wouldn't want that," Sookie refuted. "God loves everyone and everything."

"Stop," Godric said quietly. "Mrs. Newlin, if you will not assist us willingly, you will go out this door and ask anyone you meet that belongs in the church to go into it now. You will ask the staff to assist you, and help show people to their seats so things may begin inside. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Godric."

"Holy fuck," Jason said, watching Sarah turn and go out to fulfill Godric's instructions.

"Must you use such language?" Godric asked.

"I guess not."

"How did you arrive at this building originally? Can you leave the same way?"

"Hugo's car should still be in the parking lot, unless they towed it," Sookie answered.

Godric looked at Hugo and said, "Hugo, give your car keys to Mr. Stackhouse."

Hugo took his keys out of his pocket and gave them to Jason.

"You're coming with us, right?" Sookie asked.

"I do not believe so."

"But what about that frying ya like bacon? That didn't sound nice at all," Jason said.

"Look, Isabel, Stan and Eric want ya back," Sookie said.

"They cannot always get what they want."

"Try telling that to Eric Northman."

"I have told him that to his face numerous times. I suspected he sent you, but since you were with Isabel's Hugo, I had my doubts." Godric resumed his post at the door, and said, "Mrs. Newlin has gotten almost everyone out of the vestibule. I can glamour the rest individually."

Sookie had to say, "Shut the fuck up," when she saw Godric in action. He moved vampire quick, and appeared in the middle of the vestibule. He didn't even say anything at first, just turned his head and swept up the few people left with his gaze, who all looked at him in open shock when he appeared out of nowhere. He said, "Please join the others inside," and they calmly walked through the double doors into the church proper.

His requests to refrain from using profanity were falling on deaf ears. Godric asked them, "Will the two of you simply stop talking?"