Title: Reverse founders day

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Summary: Founders Day alternate ending. It's Stefan and Katherine on the porch. How does that change everything. The story follows the episode exactly as it was up to the point where Bonnie saves Damon and Stefan from the fire. Then it goes off into an AU.


Chapter one: Strange bond

Elena stood there holding unto to Damon for dear life. She met his hazy gaze and felt the relief flood her. She glanced at Stefan hoping to see relief for his brother's safety but saw worry and jealousy instead. She didn't have time to think about that right now. She and Stefan helped Damon to his feet. He looked at Elena for a moment and took off.

"Great. I need to make sure he isn't going to go feed." Stefan muttered.

"Stefan." Elena said softly. "He won't. He hasn't in a long time."

"But he was weakened with vervain." Stefan augured.

"Stefan you were worried about him tonight. You saved him, Stop making him out to be the bad guy all the time. You care about him." Elena said softly gazing into his green eyes.

"I do care about him." He admitted.

"And so do I." Elena said seeing the flash of worry spread across Stefan's face. "But I love you Stefan."

"I don't trust him." Stefan said.

"But you can trust me right?" Elena pressed.

"Of course." he said looking uncertain. "I'm just going to make sure he's not causing any trouble. I'll meet you at your house okay?"

"Okay." Elena sighed she started heading to the school to grab her stuff and head home.

Damon left Elena's house feeling like he probably just made things worse. He only wanted to help Jeremy. But he was just no good at it. He felt defeated at his failed and feeble attempt to do the right thing. He left the house only to run into a scowling Stefan on his way out.

"What are you doing here?" Stefan snapped.

"Would you believe the right thing?" Damon asked.

"I doubt that." Stefan crossed his arms.

"You saved me tonight so I'll pass on the jarring words right now brother. I'm tired and I need blood. I'm going back to the boarding house." Damon sighed frowning slightly.

"I'm glad your alive Damon." Stefan said.

"Undead." Damon corrected causing Stefan to crack a slight smile.

"Later." Damon said rushing off. He was just about to cross the road to the boarding house when he saw Bonnie walking towards the school. He started toward her figuring he at least owed her a thanks for saving his life even if she lied about the device. When he saw Elena come out of the school. He listened closely curious about the hard expression on Bonnie's face.

"Bonnie thank you." Elena said quietly. "For saving them,"

"Your my best friend Elena. I couldn't let you run into a burning building full of vampires."

Damon felt something stir inside of him. He was overcome by the idea of Elena rushing into danger to save him.

"Still I don't know what I would have done if..." Elena's voice trailed off.

"I know." Bonnie said. "But listen Elena. I don't regret not deactivating the device. If I had there would have been a blood bath tonight. I told you before I won't make you choose. But I cannot help them anymore. You can't come to me with this stuff anymore. You are not Katherine and I am not Emily."

"Of course I know that." Elena exclaimed. "Bonnie I never meant for you to feel like I was using you."

"I know but every time I have helped you help them it has ended badly. I won't do it anymore." Bonnie said.

"Okay I understand." Elena said weakly. "But we're still friends?"

"I hope we can be somehow." Bonnie said smiling slightly.

Damon approached them slowly not wanting them to know he was listening in on their conversation.

"Bonnie." He said somberly. "Thank you for saving my life. I owe you. I don't take it lightly."

"I didn't do it for you." She replied.

"I'm getting a deja vu feeling here." Damon smirked.

"Damon I know what I am now." Bonnie said her face hardening. "I will tolerate your presence here but if you spill any innocent blood even a drop. I will destroy you. I know how and I will. The same goes for Stefan."

Damon swallowed back his anger at the immature angst ridden witch as he glanced at Elena's pained face. He held back the words he wanted to say and looked at Bonnie.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that." he said swallowing a bit to allow her to actually think he was scared. Better to let her think she has control then challenge her.

"Let's hope." Bonnie said darkly walking off.

Stefan sat on the porch and smiled when he saw Elena slowly walking up carrying her large bag with her dress inside.

"Stefan." she said happily.

He took her bags and set them down turning back to face her.

"Damon was here." He said. "I don't know what he was doing here. But he seems to be in control."

"Good." Elena said quietly. "This night has been crazy enough."

"I agree." Stefan smiled. "We could use some normalcy."

"That would be nice." Elena said reaching her arms around his neck. He hugged her and stroked her back.

"I needed that." She purred. Stefan smiled she hadn't been this affectionate since before he relapsed on human blood.

"I'm sorry about earlier." Stefan said. "I know you hate it when I act jealous like that. It's just Damon.. I don't trust him."

Elena reached up and kissed him deeply with more passion she had ever shown him. He felt his doubts about Damon start to disappear.

"That was nice." Stefan murmured. "I love you Elena."

Elena stared at him with a strange expression on her face.

"I love you." She said and then looked down. "But you are right to be worried.. you know about Damon."

"What?' Stefan said looking confused.

"I am sort of drawn to him.. but I love you Stefan. I swear. I think it's just a lust thing. Teenage hormones." Elena stammered.

Stefan looked at her wide eyed unsure of what to make of this sudden confession.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything. I just wanted to be honest." Elena said tearing up slightly.

"I.. I'm glad you were honest with me about it." Stefan said looking crushed. "I don't want to lose you Elena tell me what to do here. I can't go through history repeating itself."

"I know." Elena whimpered looking sad but slightly bewildered. Stefan felt so confused and hurt. He heard the door open and Jenna looked out she saw Elena's wet cheeks and look concerned.

"Elena are you okay?"

"I'm fine." She mumbled.

"You should come inside. It's late." Jenna said. "Stefan you should get going now."

"Yes Jenna." Stefan said staring at Elena who was avoiding his gaze. She hurried into the house.

Stefan started back towards the boarding house feeling anger bubble up inside of him.

"How could he do this?' Stefan said out loud. "How did he get to her. Make her start to want him? This can't be happening again. Just when I was starting to like him."

Damon and Elena stared at each other for a moment after Bonnie left.

"Someone took my stuff." Elena blurted out.

"What?" Damon asked.

"Yeah my bag with my founders day dress is gone. Good thing I had my phone and purse with me. Someone broke into my locker." Elena said.

"Why would someone steal a costume dress?" Damon asked shaking his head.

"And a really uncomfortable corset." Elena nodded.

Damon laughed slightly and shrugged.

"I guess it's the least of our problems now." Elena said sadly gazing into the direction Bonnie left.

"About Bonnie.." Damon started looking serious.

"We don't have to talk about that now." Elena said shuffling her feet. Fear written all over her face. She had witnessed just what Bonnie was capable off tonight and it scared her badly.

"Elena I'm not going to spill any 'innocent blood' here as she puts it. I haven't in months. I didn't tonight even though I was pumped full of vervain. So don't start getting all worried about that okay."

"Why?" She asked. "Did you stop?"

"Because it does matter." He said softly and she gasped slightly realizing those were her words. She had gotten to him at some point he started to care at least a little.

"You know Elena. I came here to destroy this town and tonight I found myself wanting to save it. How does that happen?" He shot her a bewildered gaze.

"I don't do good it's not in me." he continued.

"Yes it is." Elena said. "I've seen it."

"No Elena not without some ultier motive. Good is reserved for you and Stefan and Bonnie. But Bonnie saved me tonight. Granted she threatened me later. But she saved me and she did it for you. Which means somewhere down the line you decided I was worth saving and I want to thank you for that." He said softly.

"Damon." Elena whispered her eyes gazed up at him. "You don't have to thank me. I fight for the people...I..care about."

His eyes widened slightly and he leaned down and kissed her cheek. It was the most tender thing Elena had ever seen Damon do she felt like she was under a trance. He stared intently into her eyes and at her lips. She felt herself starting to cave in she felt her eyes travel to his lips and her knees start to go weak. But she pulled back just as he leaned down. She saw his eyes close as the sting of rejection hit him and felt an immediate sense of pain at hurting him.

"Damon. We can't.. I can't betray Stefan." Elena stammered.

"I know." He said quietly his face looking pained. "I promised you I wouldn't make you regret our friendship. I won't again. I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. I wanted it to." She admitted blushing slightly. "You almost died tonight. I think it's okay that we got caught up in a moment this once. Our bond is a little strange right."

"Your good at rationalizing things Elena." Damon smirked.

"I guess.. I mean. Stefan." She stuttered.

"He doesn't need to know." Damon said.

Elena stared at him. Surprised he wouldn't want to rub this in Stefan's face. But it would hurt her and Elena just knew somewhere inside of her that Damon wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

"Damon about what I said earlier. That's out the window now. that you almost died tonight. You need to know I will never regret our friendship it means way to much to me." Elena said.

"Can I walk you home?" He offered. "It's late."

"Yeah." She agreed.

He took her hand in his and she giggled.

"Damon friends don't hold hands."

"Okay." He said reluctantly letting go. "Just tell me what the boundaries are. I'll follow them."

"Thank you." Elena said just as her phone started ringing.

"It's Bonnie." She said looking worried.

"Bonnie what's wrong?"

"Oh my.. okay I have to stop home and check on Jer then I will be right there." Elena said in a rushed tone.

"Caroline is in the hospital. She was in a accident with Tyler and Matt." Elena explained.

"I know I heard Bonnie." He said. "Come on I'll run you home and then we can get to the hospital."

"I have to call Stefan." Elena said.

"You can call him once we get to your house." Damon said bending down so she could jump on his back.

Elena shrugged she had never done this with Stefan she was kind of excited. She climbed on Damon's back and wrapped her legs and arms around him. She tried to ignore the strange sensation she felt feeling her body against his hard muscles. She felt the wind whip past them as they took of in a 'slow' vampire speed to her house.

Katherine waited patiently in the kitchen for John. Still surprised at how easily she fooled Stefan. That kiss was supposed to tell him who she was. She was pissed that he still thought she was Elena. Oh well it would take some more time. She mused. She wouldn't give up. She knew what wedge to use to drive them apart and intended to do just that.

She heard John open the fridge and snuck up on him. He thought she was Elena just as she wanted and started talking to her. She sauntered around the kitchen nodding and keeping her eyes down as he tried to 'bond' with Elena. Katherine could careless about what he was saying.

"Need some help?" He asked as she fingered the knifes.

"Yeah I do actually." She said chopping off his fingers and stabbing him on the stomach.

"Katherine?" He gasped.

"Hello John. Good bye John." She stabbed it in further.

He lay gasping in the floor for air. She smiled over his shaking body. Holding the knife over him as he took his last breath.

"Somethings wrong in there. Please trust me okay, Stay here."

Damon, Katherine thought, Elena must be with him. I knew I was right. I didn't even lie to Stefan.

She quickly flew out of the house leaving Damon and Elena to deal with dead John. Happy with how things were working out so far. Just so long as she remained patient. She would get everything she wanted this time.

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