Chapter 11 Love conquers

Mystic Falls

"Tyler I don't know about this." Jeremy sighed as Tyler drove to Caroline house. "Bonnie and I managed to work out the fact that we kept this from each other. I don't want to piss her off now."

"I don't really care if you piss of Bonnie. This is my life we're talking about. We're going to Caroline's and Bonnie is going to use her hocus pocus to tell us if that kid is mine or not and we're doing it now." Tyler said accelerating faster.

Jeremy gulped and called Bonnie but it went to voice mail again. He was sure she had gotten his earlier message. He hoped she was already at Caroline's and that this wasn't going to turn into some huge blow up fight.

Caroline and Bonnie were outside waiting for them. Caroline looked flushed and angry but Bonnie looked very calm and serene.

"Why didn't you call me back?" Jeremy asked her pulling her aside. Tyler and Caroline stood other silently looking anywhere but at each other.

"I was trying to convince her to do this." Bonnie whispered.

"Did she agree?" Jeremy asked.

"Reluctantly." Bonnie nodded. "We have to do this fast before she changes her mind."

"We?" He asked.

"I don't think I'm going to be strong enough...but maybe with your help." Bonnie trailed off.

"What can I do?" He asked.

"Just hold my hand." She directed he did juts that and she walked over to Caroline.

"Ready?" Bonnie asked her.

"Yes." Tyler answered for her she glared at him but nodded.

Bonnie placed her hand on Caroline;s stomach and closed her eyes trying to sense the baby which she could she could feel the child's aura and even sense it's sex. But she could not sense the blood line. She wrinkled her eyebrows and tried even harder to concentrate but sighed when she realized even with Jeremy's energy she wasn't strong enough.

"I'm sorry Caroline..." Bonnie started to explain pulling away.

Caroline gasped her eyes wide. "It's Tyler's?"

"You can find a guys can work this out." Jeremy stammered Bonnie's eyes widened and she looked at him.

"You sensed it Jeremy?" She asked. "I couldn't get that far..."

"Oh." He said looking sheepish. "Yes I instantly could sense the Lockwood blood."

"It's mine?" Tyler whispered. Caroline's face had gone stark white.

"I can't..believe..oh my god." Caroline sunk down unto the grass.

"'s okay Car." Tyler said sitting down next to her. "We'll get through this as friends okay?"

"Friends?" Caroline stared at him. "Friends, Tyler we're going to having a baby."

Bonnie motioned for Jeremy to follow her and they left the two of them alone to talk.

"I know that." He said. "I also know you love Matt and I for Katherine. We're going to have to be friends Caroline its the only way we can make this work."

"Matt..." She cried. "Is going to leave me."

"You don't know that for sure." Tyler sighed. "He loves you."

"I thought you loved me." Caroline sniffled.

"I did in was more the idea of you. A long standing crush..but I've moved past all that Caroline." Tyler said softly.

"So even if Matt leaves me you don't want to be with me?" She cried.

"I'm sorry Caroline." Tyler said tucking a hair back from her face. "I'm falling for someone else and I cant walk away from her now."

"I'm not letting some vampire bitch anywhere near my baby." Caroline spat out angrily.

"Let's not make this ugly." Tyler suggested.

"I'm not." Caroline stood up folding her arms across her chest. "I'm being serious. I am supposed to be okay with my child being raised part of the time by a werewolf and a vampire...Tyler think about that for a minute."

"I realize that's crazy...but" He started.

"No really think about it. If you cared if you really wanted to do the right thing you would let this go." Caroline said. "Let Matt think it's his child let us be a family and your child have a normal life." She begged.

"Caroline our child could also become a werewolf you know I carry the gene the child will carry the gene, It is possible that they will phase in which case I am essential." Tyler pointed out. "Matt could not handle that. Then what? The truth comes out when our child is 18? Then he or she would resent us forever."

"You have a point." She sighed. "But..I just. How do I know you can handle your strength? What about her and her blood lust?"

"You just have to trust me." He said.

"I can trust you..but not her." She said. "Your right we're going to have to find a way to work this out. But I'm not budging on the Katherine part of this, She goes no where near my child."

"She wouldn't a harm a baby Caroline." Tyler said his eyes narrowing.

"I don't even want to discuss it. The subject's closed." Caroline said firmly.

"What subject?" Matt startled them walking up from the backyard. He must have walked over from work.

"Matt." Caroline gulped.

"What's going on here?" Matt asked looking from Caroline to Tyler suspiciously.

"There is no easy way to say this." Caroline said her face reddening. "A few months ago...I made a mistake."

"What?" Matt asked looking at Tyler cringe.

"I slept with Tyler the night I took off to my 'dad's house'." Caroline said feeling like she ripping off a bandage. Matt's broken and twisted face expression filled her with the worst pain she had ever felt.

"What?" Matt exploded racing towards Tyler. He slammed Tyler's chest but Tyler didn't budge. Matt started hitting him and Tyler just stood still taking it none of the punches affecting him anyway.

"I'm sorry Matt." Tyler said stiffly.

"Why how? Why?" Matt exploded his eyes growing red and watery.

"I just freaked out." Caroline cried. "Everything was so perfect between us and I got scared and I panicked. I hate that I did this to us Matt I really do. I love you so much and I don't want to lose you."

"You cheated on me." Matt fired at her. "With my best friend. How do I look past that?"

"I don't know." Caroline sobbed. "But please try..."

"I can't!" Matt exploded. "I'm sick and tried of being everyone's whipping boy. You all have your little secrets and I just stay in the background. Good old dependable Matt." he spat out. "But never quite good enough, never exciting enough."

"It wasn't like that I swear." Caroline sobbed. "I love you, only you!"

Tyler shoved his hands in his pockets and glanced at his car wanting to just get out of there but he needed to make sure Caroline was okay first which was irritating because her and her hormones were really pissing him off. But she had his child with him so he had to protect her.

"So what about the baby?" Matt asked. "Is it even mine?"

Caroline's tear filled face and Tyler's grimaced gave him his answer.

"Matt please." Caroline begged.

"I gotta go." He said running out of her yard and down the street.

"Go chase him!" Caroline screamed at Tyler. "Bring him back!"

"I cant do that and you know it." He said calmly. "Go inside and get some rest. We have months to figure everything out okay."

She just sobbed and turned slowly waling inside holding her self together.

Tyler got in his car and drive home numbly his life had just gotten a whole lot more complicated.

2 weeks later

"I can't wait for the party tonight." Mason smiled as he Isobel and Katherine got Damon and Elena's house ready for their imminent return to Mystic Falls.

"I can it's going to a dra-ma." Katherine drawled. "Caroline and Matt are coming."

"How's that whole thing going?" Isobel asked.

"Matt won't talk to either of them but he wants to come tonight for Elena I guess. Caroline is just a crying wreck all the time she refuses to let Tyler consider having me around the kid." Katherine said bitterly. "It's only a matter of time before I'm phased out."

"Who the hell are you?" Isobel shot at her. "Are you a Pierce or not because it sounds like your giving up."

"I'm not giving up. I'm simply facing reality." Katherine said smoothly.

"What you need to do is talk to Caroline. Ease her mind a little and make her see that you wouldn't harm her child." Isobel advised.

"I don't see what good that would do." Katherine shook her head.

"I don't see how it would do any bad either though." Mason pointed out. "It's worth a shot."

Caroline sighed reading re-reading the text from Matt. He said he wanted to talk tomorrow after the reception. She tried not to get her hopes up but prayed it was what she hoped it was and he wanted to make up.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her doorbell and she hurried downstairs.

"Elena?" She answered looking confused. "No Katherine..why are you here?"

"I just wanted to quickly stop by and assure you that I do not eat children." Katherine said sincerely.

"What!" Caroline exclaimed.

"I would never ever harm your child any child. But especially one that is part of the man I about. So..I just wanted you to know that. I was a mother once so I totally understand if you still want me to steer clear." Katherine explained.

"It's just it's scary. I mean your Katherine." Caroline pointed out.

"I know and I get it. Just understand that for the first time in my life I actually feel like I belong here with Tyler and Elena and Isobel's been nice really nice. But I get it you know...and if it's going to be easier for me to go then maybe I should go." Katherine said thoughtfully.

"No." Caroline shook her head.

"God these hormones drive me crazy..." She added when Katherine shit her a bewildered look.

"It's a werewolf baby I'm sure the gene increases the amount of hormones your body is releasing." Katherine pointed out.

"Huh." Caroline looked stunned.

"I'm really old, you get kind of smart." Katherine shrugged.

"Anyways..what I was going to say was I may still have a chance with Matt and if not..well it's not going to be Tyler, It wasn't ever going to be Tyler. I always felt really guilty about that. But I can see that he is happy with you and I don't want to be the bitch who takes that away from him." Caroline sighed.

"I like you Caroline you remind me of myself in some ways." Katherine smirked.

"So you won't go?" Caroline asked.

"Not unless Tyler wants me to." Katherine said.

"I don't think that's going to happen." Caroline smirked.

"So we're cool then." Katherine said and Caroline nodded.

"We'll work everything out." Caroline sighed looking a lot less stressed then she had when she answered the door.

"Elena curled up next to Damon in their private jet excited to return home and celebrate her marriage with all their friends and family.

The honeymoon was amazing they did a little sightseeing but spent most of the time wrapped up in each other. Elena had been anxious to leave near the end through she still had a hard time shaking that strange feeling of being watched. It seemed to be gone as the sat back and enjoyed the long flight home.

"We have our own home waiting for us." Elena murmured.

"I know." He whispered huskily nibbling on her ear. "I can wait to take you in every room of the house."

"Mm, why don't we start practicing right now Mr Salvatore." She whispered finding his zipper and doing away with his pants.

"I have such a wicked wife." He moaned as she ripped off his boxers and took hold of throbbing member.

"You love it." She smiled winking at him before kneeling down to take him in her mouth.

Damon threw his head back and groaned in delight.

They were both pretty wiped out when the finally landed back in Virginia. They spent so much time making love and drinking black magic wine that Elena never fed live in Italy as they planned. She realized it had been a long time and she needed blood live blood.

"Damon I'm getting really anxious." She said as they walked to the car. "I wonder if to much of that wine has an adverse effect."

He glanced at her. "I'ts possible. Let's get you fed then."

She nodded feeling that need and fire start to rip through her painfully. It was almost as bad as the first night. Damon looked concerned when her fangs started to extend. He felt a need in his own body and was surprised how urgent it was. They both had blood bags on the jet.

"This is strange." Damon said glancing around the airport he felt another power but he couldn't place it.

He spotted an attendant working on a jet up ahead and grabbed Elena before she could rush for him. Whatever was happening was effecting her worse she was about to lose it.

"Do what I say." He directed her bringing her over to the man.

"Excuse me sir?" Damon said politely holding Elena tightly against him she buried her face in his shoulder trying to block out the man's scent.

"Yes?" The man squinted up at them

"I was hoping you could help my wife." Damon said in soft tone. "She's not well."

The man stood up and faced them. "Of course what do you need?"

"Your going to give her your blood." Damon stared into his eyes. "It won't hurt and you won't remember this night."

The man nodded his eyes blank.

Damon held unto Elena while she bit into him the scent of blood intoxicated Damon and he found himself oddly struggling for control. Elena was slurping greedily and he had to forcefully pull her off of him. He compelled the man to run and forget again holding her down the whole time. Eventually she relaxed and her eyes got wide.

"What was that? I was getting better." She said looking worried.

"It's not just you." He hissed rushing into the jet and pulling out the rest of the blood bags, he handed the majority of them to her and sucked down three himself.

"Why how did we loose control like that?' Elena asked looking panicked.

"I didn't lose control and I kept you from losing it." Damon snapped. "But I didn't have my full control and I sensed another power here. I don't like it whatever it is."

"Damon it's okay we'll figure it out." She said looking hurt.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap. I don't like you seeing me like that." He assured her pulling her into his arms. "And I get kind of crabby when your in danger."

"We don't know that I am." She said soothingly.

"Elena whatever it was fucked with our needs." Damon groaned. "Why do we always have to deal with fucked up crap that I don't understand."

"Let's deal with it tomorrow. " She begged. "Right now I just want my husband to take me home."

He relented and they got in the car feeling apprehensive as they drove to their house.

Elena forgot about the incident when she saw the finished place. She jumped up and down and smiled wrapping her arms around Damon. He scooped her up bridal style and they both smiled in anticipation for the official carrying over the threshold.

He was predictably dramatic about it slowly walking to the door. He stopped and kissed her then opened it slowly. Finally he kicked it open wide but he stalled in the entry way absorbing the moment.

"Come on Damon" Elena rolled her eyes. "Your wife's getting pretty horny here."

He carried her over the threshold finally and a light blared on inside.

"Surprise!" Alaric yelled everyone else stood around looking amused and holding back laughter.

"That wasn't embarrassing at all." Elena remarked.

"Oh us Pierce woman we do love sex, don't we Isobel." Katherine remarked causing Isobel to glare at her.

Damon put her down and they stared in shock at the house which was completely done and decorated for a party.

"Congratulations." Isobel greeted them first hugging Elena tightly.

"Thanks mom."" Elena said returning her embrace.

"You know.." Isobel shook her fist in warning at Damon.

"Don't worry mom. I'll take real good care of her." Damon smirked.

"Watch it." Isobel hissed.

Elena laughed enjoying her strange family dynamic for whatever it was.

They spent a half an hour greeting everyone before they could finally get to the wine.

A knock at the door startled everyone.

Damon went to get it when the door opened and a tall muscular blond man with blue eyes walked inside.

"Klaus?" Katherine gasped.

"I knew she would lead me to you." He said in an icy tone. "You share my blood with a child? A child descended from your own family? You cursed her too? Have you learned nothing of your past mistakes?"

"It wasn't like that.." Elena stammered. "She didn't turn me on purpose."

"It doesn't matter darling. That is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Katherine is concerned. But I am a fair man and her sins shouldn't have to effect any of you. I'm willing to let any of you leave now and walk away unscathed."

He looked around amused when no one budged.

"I would certainly suggest the humans leave. I am an original vampire. My blood created Katherine, which means it runs in her two decedents here as well the Salvatore boy. They will find themselves having a very difficult time controlling their thirst around me. My blood calls to them making them need to feed."

Matt's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.

"Matt just take Caroline and get out of here." Tyler commanded stepping closer to Klaus. Matt did as directed running out the door with Caroline. Elena's fangs had started to extend and Damon was pulling her back.

"All humans have to leave now." Isobel said pacing back and forth.

"It 's having a stronger affect on them their younger but once the full effects start to get to the older vampires Damon and then Katherine all hell will break loose." Klaus advised.

Alaric reluctantly took Jenna and left. Bonnie stood firm refusing to leave.

"I drank vervain tea today." Bonnie said loudly hoping that would derail Elena who looked like she was losing it.

"She isn't worth fighting for." Klaus murmured.

'Yes she is." Tyler said standing face to face with him.

"She faked her own death., I agonized over it Katherine." Klaus said.

"I knew you would come kill me someday." She said quietly her eyes staring at him looking almost childlike.

"You used my blood and then even after I let you go even after I warned you you continued your games. You continued to use my blood. How many did you curse? As the original you know I'm responsible for their actions." Klaus said sharply.

"I know...I.." Katherine stammered.

"Now you killed a child and a child of your blood the last child in a know the vampire code Katherine. I am your sire therefore I have to pay for ending that bloodline, We are not allowed to do that. The code is set and clear to ensure human life is sustained. Human blood lines cannot end. I need to atone for your sin or face immense torture. You know this Katherine." Klaus said. "I told you all of this."

"I..know..I just thought maybe.." She actually stuttered looking scared. It freaked Elena out she didn't know Katherine could get scared.

"That I wouldn't find out?" He laughed. "That they wouldn't find out? Your a fool Katherine."

"Killing you should suffice. The vampire council will be happy with that action. " Klaus continued.

"Please don't." Katherine begged.

"What other choice do I have?" He asked.

"I won't let you kill her." Tyler said determined.

"You cant beat me. Why risk your life?" Klaus asked.

"Because I love her." Tyler said and Katherine gasped.

"Then you will die a fool like so many others." Klaus sighed raising his arm.

"No!"Katherine screamed pushing Tyler out of the way of the strike.

"Tyler you can't die, not for me you have to much to live for." Katherine begged. "I love you too. I really do that's why I have to do this."

Katherine flashed over to Klaus.

"Kill me and then let them all go." She commanded.

"No!" Tyler begged phasing and rushing at Klaus. Katherine screamed when Klaus pushed him off easily. Elena screamed forgetting about her blood lust as Klaus stalked Katherine stake in hand.

Damon tried to run towards her but couldn't move. Elena was screaming in frustration and could hear Isobel yelling at Mason to help she couldn't move.

"You can't hurt me. It's my blood in your veins." Klaus laughed evilly. "So funny how vampires get all cocky when they become sires. What they don't get is they are not true sires only the original's are. All Katherine did was pass my blood on."

Bonnie was chanting fanatically but getting nowhere. Jeremy placed his hands in her shoulder and she suddenly felt a burst of pure power she directed it towards Klaus's brain and it had the desired effect he crouched down in pain.

Mason rushed towards him knocking backwards against the wall. Bonnie's spell was barely holding him he came out of it and pushed Mason back several feet. He landed with a hard thus and Isobel screamed in horror.

"Bonnie focus." Jeremy directed feeling himself fade as he pushed more power into her.

Klaus crippled up again and Tyler faced him in his human form with a long stake in hand his launched his entire body at him and jammed It through Klaus's heart just as Bonnie's spell wore off. Klau's eyes got wide as his face turned gray.

Tyler didn't stop there he ripped Klaus head off and glared at it as it rolled landed with a thud unto the floor.

Damon was finally able to move and leaned down to check on Elena who looked shocked but okay. Isobel had rushed over to Mason and he seemed to be sitting up and talking to her.

"Get a fire going Damon, I'm not taking any chances." Tyler said roughly.

Damon nodded and helped Tyler burn the body.

Jeremy was passed out and Bonnie hovered over him.

"I took to much energy." Bonnie said a tear in her eyes.

"He'll be fine." Elena said handing Bonnie a few blood bags.

Jeremy came to after one and smiled kissing her softly.

"We made a good team." He quipped.

"Don't ever scare me like that again." She smiled kissing him back.

Katherine stepped outside and stared at the fire her eyes wide.

"He's really gone." She said glancing at Tyler.

"I'm going to go." Damon said quickly making himself scarce.

"Don't ever try to sacrifice yourself for me again." He said his face somber.

"Ty..I wouldn't let you die. You have a baby that's going to need you." She said.

"I need you too. I love you Kat, okay I fricken love you don't ever make me think I'm going to lose you again." He said his voice breaking slightly.

"I wont." She said softly reaching for his face. "I love you too Tyler."

"What a party." Elena joked as she and Damon cuddled on the couch after everyone had left.

"Yeah I would say killing an original vampire pretty much takes the party stories cake." He agreed.

"You didn't kill him." She pointed out.

"Are you trying to hurt me?" He scoffed. "I couldn't kill him. I couldn't move."

"No Damon." She laughed. "I'm just saying it's kind of like we came full circle and with the help of Bonnie and Jer, Tyler got to be the hero today. It's just crazy how everything worked out."

"The kids are growing up." He laughed.

"I'm just glad they were able to stop him." Elena sighed.

"Me too princess. I really love our life. I don't want to lose anybody." He admitted.

"We won't." She remarked.

"How do you know? Tonight was close." He remarked.

"Because we are kind of the dream team here." She pointed out. "All these battles are making us force to be reckoned with."

"Team Damon." He quipped.

She laughed and pulled him in for a deep kiss.

"I love you." She whispered into his mouth.

"I love you to Mrs. Salvatore." He replied kissing her softly.

The end-

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