Half Blood Girl

Summary: In central New York is the Olympic city, where gods and their children live. When Percy comes under the employment of Lady Athena he immediately falls for her beautiful daughter, Annabeth. However, no daughter of Athena will date a mortal man. That's when Percy is discovered to be the lost son of childless Poseidon and suddenly everyone is interested in being Percy's friend.

Rating: T (for now).

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Chapter 1

The Olympic City had always provided great wonder for Percy Jackson. For as long as he could remember he'd considered what it would be like to be a god and had marvelled at the centuries of stories centred around these fantastic people. The gods were deadly and dangerous and completely fantastic. Yes, Percy had spent his entire childhood wishing he could be a god or one of their prized sons, wishing there was something more to his mundane life than he'd ever had.

His mother didn't understand his fascination with these timeless warriors. She said they were cruel and selfish and entirely out-of-fashion. 'Let those arrogant immortals stay in Ancient Greece where they belong' she'd say every time Percy mentioned them, which was often as they were his favourite subject. Sally Jackson had been there in the late seventies when the gods and goddesses had descended from Mount Olympus (which had been hovering above the Empire State Building at the time,) making the entire watching world aware of them and built themselves a glorious city in the centre of New York. Her opinion of them hadn't changed since then.

Sally Jackson had been the only child of two very wealthy Doctors. She'd had a bright future in medicine or law or architecture or whatever else she may have desired but that all changed when she met his father. Percy's Mom talked about his dad very little. The only thing she'd ever told him was that he was 'dazzling' and that Percy had his deep sea-green eyes. His father had left before Percy was born, leaving Sally heartbroken when he abandoned them. Her parents disowned her when they found out she was pregnant, cutting her off from any chance of going to college, gaining good qualifications and getting a job. Sally had to make do with the worst paid jobs especially during a time of recession and because she had no support from Percy's father, the small family had little money.

Sally adored Percy none-the-less and would do anything to give him a good life and the future that she felt he deserved. However it wasn't easy considering she could hardly make enough money to pay for the apartment and sufficient food for them to eat. She worked several jobs in her attempt to give him the best she could but any extra money she made always seemed to go towards some disaster, such as the refrigerator breaking or she was forced to go for a meal with her colleagues that she really couldn't afford. Therefore Percy was required to spend each weekend and every summer holiday working. And one such summer, at the age of seventeen, Percy finally got his chance to have a personal insight into his favourite place in the world.

While every other teenager in New York City had been planning parties and trips to the beach with their friends and discussing holidays with their families, Percy had been going through a last minute rush to find a job for the summer in a way that had become tradition over the last few years. It had been Percy's close friend, Grover who had introduced him to the job, saying that the Lady Athena had a vacancy in her house staff. Grover also worked for the goddess because his own god, Pan had asked him to care for her gardens. Grover was a satyr and had explained to Percy that Pan had given all satyrs magical powers over nature. Percy had met Grover in a grocery store where he had been working at the time. Grover had been in an arrangement with the shop owner to buy all his used packaging (which Percy had found out later he ate) and they just kept meeting in unusual ways until they decided to be friends.

Percy woke up early on the first day of the summer holidays, both excited and nervous about his new job. His mother was already up and dressed in her work clothes when he went into the kitchen. She was cooking up a batch of pancakes as she always did on his first day of work each summer, Percy's favourite. He walked over to her and gave her a short hug. Percy had grown a lot in the last few years and he was now quite a bit taller than her. Sally couldn't believe how quickly her little boy had grown up. She placed the food on the small kitchen table and poured some orange juice into glasses. She watched Percy eat for a minute and sighed as his fidgeted with the belt on his dressing gown.

"Nervous?" Sally asked tenderly.

"A little," Percy replied, taking a sip of his orange juice.

"You know, Molly still has that job available in her café if you'd prefer that," Sally offered, watching him with motherly eyes.

"No, Mom, I've told you I want this job a million times!" Percy exclaimed, placing his fork down and fixing her with a keen stare. "You can't keep trying to pass on your prejudices against the Olympians to me." Percy sighed. "I still don't understand what is so bad about them," he added as an afterthought.

"Well, if you're sure this is what you want, I can't tell you what to do for the rest of your life," Sally said sadly. "Just be careful, remember, you can never-"

"-trust an immortal or their children," Percy cut in, having heard this lesson many, many times. "Don't worry, Mom, I'm going to work for one, not fall in love with one."

Sally gave a deep sigh and they ate the rest of their breakfast in silence. After eating his pancakes, Percy went upstairs to get changed into the shirt and black trousers that Grover had advised him to buy. He grabbed his coat, kissed Sally on the cheek and headed out the door for the subway.

He met Grover at the entrance to the subway and they showed their subway passes to the attendant. The trip only took ten minutes but they felt like the longest ten minutes ever to Percy. Grover gave Percy a few hints on the way there, such as to avoid the grumpy woman who ran the kitchens and to watch out for the practical jokes Athena's twin boys liked to pull on anyone stupid enough to fall for them. He reassured Percy; saying Athena was a fair person as long as you worked well.

Finally they came to the Olympic City stop and Grover and Percy made their way onto the platform and towards the exit. At the exit, stood two Cyclopes with large swords strapped to their thighs. The tallest Cyclops asked for them to place their bags and coats into a scanner and to see their passes to allow them entrance into the city. Percy was really glad that his new boss had already sent his home with Grover because he wouldn't like to try and explain that it was his first day working in the city to the terrifying looking Cyclops.

After their bags and passes satisfied the security guards, they were allowed to walk up a set of stone stairs and then Percy got his first glimpse of the city. Of course, Percy had read thousands of books and articles on the Olympic city and seen many, many pictures but none of these could have prepared him for just how brilliant the city was in real life. It was largely built from marble with columns of gold and silver and bronze and platinum. There were statures placed on every corner and fountains in every square. Ornamental gardens were placed to the front and back of every palace. The streets and the buildings were spotlessly clean and no graffiti spoilt the icons.

Grover explained that Zeus' house was in the very centre of the city with the other Olympians' homes surrounding his. The lesser gods and goddesses were towards the edge of the city. Athena's house was quite close to the centre, Grover told him, second to only Poseidon, the brother of Zeus. The subway station was quite far out in the city, so therefore Grover and Percy had a rather long walk to her palace.

Athena's house was massive and built entirely of marble. There were two large silver statues of the goddess on either side of the steps to the main entrance. There were beds of white and gold roses planted along the path that lead from the street and to the entrance. The door was huge, made of polished oak wood and the door knob was carved into an intricate owl. Percy began to walk towards the door but Grover quickly grabbed his arm and showed him to a side entrance, stating that the main doorway was only for visitors, not staff. Percy was surprised that this entrance was a smaller version of the main door even though only the staff would ever see it. The gods certainly didn't cut corners when it came to decorating.

The interior, if possible, was even more fantastic. Gold infused wallpapers and curtains filled out the premises and there were flowers and vases in every alcove. Every so often Grover would point out somewhere to him but he didn't think he took much of the information in as the place was so big. There was a sitting room, a cloak room, three kitchens, a ball room, two dining rooms, a gym for the boys to train in, stables, gardens, a library, an office, three bedrooms belonging to Athena's current children, twenty-five spare bedrooms (all with ensuite bathrooms) and Lady Athena's rooms. Percy thought it was no wonder that they needed so many staff. Grover told him that the children's rooms and Athena's room was off bounds unless he was sent there to clean by their boss. As they went around the house, Grover introduced Percy to various members of the staff and he got a better idea of some of the jobs that needed doing.

Finally Grover left him with the Head of the House Staff and went off to start working on the gardens. She was a grumpy lady with grey hair that was thinning at the scalp. Her face was severe and she had deep black eyes, like tunnels. Percy could tell immediately that she didn't like him as she warned him gruffly not to ruin anything in the immaculate house. She sent him off to clean the bedrooms of Athena's three children and Percy began to wonder what he had let himself into.

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