Half Blood Girl

Summary: In central New York is the Olympic city, where gods and their children live. When Percy comes under the employment of Lady Athena he immediately falls for her beautiful daughter, Annabeth. However, no daughter of Athena will date a mortal man. That's when Percy is discovered to be the lost son of childless Poseidon and suddenly everyone is interested in being Percy's friend.

Rating: T (for now).

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Chapter 2

Percy spent most of his first morning of work cleaning out the bedrooms and bathrooms of Athena's two youngest children, twin boys who were fourteen. The rooms were surprisingly tidy for two teenage boys but Percy had seen many half finished experiments and pranks just waiting to be pulled. The rooms looked like the bedrooms of any wealthy child with darkly painted walls and large beds. The windows were large giving the rooms a light, airy feel to them. Each boy had a huge desk and Percy figured that Athena's children had obviously inherited her intelligence. On hooks next to the wardrobe hung shields, spears, swords and other various weapons and Percy was excited that these young half bloods obviously stilled trained as heroes. The bathrooms were at least three times as big as the one Percy shared with his Mom at home and each had a Jacuzzi style bathtub as well as a shower.

He worked hard on his own, wishing there was someone to talk to. He vacuumed the carpet and cleaned the windows. He remade the beds and tidied away a pile of books on the floor. He dusted the bookshelves and took a collection of dirty dishes down to the kitchen. He scrubbed the bathtub and polished the bathroom mirror. Finally when the two boys' rooms were sparkling clean, Percy made his way to the room of Athena's oldest child who still lived in the house.

The door was the same polished wood as in the rest of the house, Percy thought as he knocked three times to check there was no-one in the room. When he went in the room was messy and disorganised. The walls were cream but most of them had been covered with drawings and notes of buildings, statues and myriads of machines. The desk was also piled with papers and books. The bookshelf was overflowing with books on architecture and design and guides to famous monuments. The floor was littered with discarded papers, balled up and thrown in the direction of the bin. Models covered every other free space and a shiny looking laptop was placed atop of silk, grey bedsheets.

Just as Percy began picking up some balled up pieces of paper he heard a shout coming from the direction of the stairs. It was the voice of a young woman and came closer as it continued.

"- kill you if you touched it, Jonathan!" the voice exclaimed.

"It was Tommy, not me!" Jonathan, one of Athena's sons, shouted back.

The door opened and in walked a girl about Percy's age. "Liar," she said under her breath as she closed the door behind her.

All Percy could do was stand and gape at the girl as she walked over to her bed and picked up her laptop. She was about a foot shorter than him and her figure was thin yet curved in all the right places. Her hair was long, curly, blonde and pulled back in a messy knot at the back of her head. Her eyes were large and the same regal grey as all Athena's children seemed to have inherited. Slight freckles dotted her nose and her cheeks showed the remnants of childhood puppy fat. Percy couldn't believe how beautiful this girl was.

The girl hardly looked at him as she sat down on top of her expensive looking sheets. He watched her type her password into the computer, unable to take his eyes off her. Sensing his gaze, she lifted her head from the screen and looked at him questioningly.

"Hi," Percy said breathlessly, as if any sound would dissolve the image of the perfect girl before him.

She just continued to stare at him, her grey eyes showed irritation. Her fingers hovered familiarly over the keys of her laptop, suggesting to Percy that she was desperate to get back to work.

"I'm just cleaning," Percy explained.

"Yes, well do you have to do it now?" she asked, returning her gaze to the screen and typing something in.

"Well, um, no… not if it's a problem," he said unsurely, wishing he knew how he was supposed to react to such a foreign situation. He paused and the room was engulfed with an awkward silence. Percy decided to try and fill it. "I'm Percy and it's my first day here, you know," he said, "and-"

"Okay," the girl said, "I meant it; do you really need to do your cleaning now? It's just I wanted to get this project finished today before my Mom goes to Olympus to meet with the other gods, so I can show her. So if you'd just come back later?"

Percy gave a silent sigh; he'd promised his Mom he wouldn't be late home on his first day of work. She didn't seem to think it was a good idea for him to wander around the Olympic City at night. It was already late in the afternoon and he wanted to finish the room now so he could go home. Waiting to clean it would mean he'd be even later home than he'd expected. But he couldn't say no to this girl; one she was very pretty and two her Mom was very powerful.

He gathered his cleaning equipment and made his way to the door as quietly as possible. However stealth wasn't on his side because Percy tripped over a large volume that had been left on the floor. Athena's daughter raised her head once again and fixed him with a look that quite clearly said 'are you kidding?'. Percy blushed deeply and rushed out the door, closing it firmly behind him. He made his way down the hallway, looking for his boss and a new task.

He didn't get chance to think about his meeting with Athena's daughter until that evening when he was on the subway. Grover noticed he was very quiet and started to question him about it.

"I don't want to talk about it," Percy insisted as his friend asked for about the fourth time what was bothering him.

"Something is wrong," Grover said, his brow furrowed. "You've spent all day in one of the goddesses' homes and you haven't even mentioned how cool it is once."

"Maybe I'm just tired," Percy snapped and he immediately felt guilty. He shouldn't be angry at Grover for caring about him. He decided to tell him his thoughts. "I met Athena's daughter today," he explained, "and she's, well, she's amazing."

Grover's frown deepened. "Umm, Percy…" he started to object.

"I mean, she didn't even tell me her name, so I don't think she likes me or anything, but still, she's so beautiful!" Percy blabbed on, remembering just how golden her blonde hair was and how deep her eyes. "Do you know?"

"Know what?" Grover asked, confused.

"What her name is?" Percy said, thinking the meaning of his question had been pretty obvious.

"It's Annabeth. Annabeth Chase," Grover provided.

Percy's sea green eyes lit up. "It's perfect… Annabeth, daughter of Athena."

"Percy, listen!" Grover exclaimed, drawing Percy out of his daydream. He fixed Grover with a keen stare. "You can't get involved with halfbloods. They don't date mortals."

"Why not?"

"Because they are better than mortals, Percy," Grover said softly.

"What!" Percy asked, his eyes narrowing.

"Sorry, buddy, that's the way it is," Grover said, closing the subject.

They sat for the rest of the journey in silence. They reached their subway stop and they got off the train together but they still didn't talk. When they parted ways they said goodbye but Annabeth wasn't mentioned again.

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