Getting over her.

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Felix's POV:

I ran as fast as I could through the shadowed streets of Volterra, while still remaining concealed from the humans, it would take me a few minutes to run to the North of the town and to the forest which marked the edge of my home. I foolishly hoped that as I ran I would leave behind all the memories I had of her... Bella Swan, what did she see in him? Her... well... now her husband I suppose. Earlier this week we, the Volturi, received a letter; announcing the marriage of Bella Swan to Edward Cullen! It broke my long-dormant heart, Bella was the first, and seemingly only, woman I loved, adored and treasured! From the very moment I saw her; Bella became the sea I swam in, the air I breathed. But, for reasons unknown to me, that Edward Cullen possessed her love, possessed was the wrong word... more toward, obsessively guarding it and pinning it down and locked it away, so as it was incapable of latching onto someone else, this would have been a better description! And, as if that wasn't enough, my Best friend, Demetri, had decided to make his "move" on Heidi: he "invited" her on a "hunting trip" to Venice (when I needed the moral support most) Heidi accepted and what d'ya know, turns out Heidi was so thrilled that he asked her she's been all but soldered to his face for the past few days! He wasn't the only one; most of the others decided a marriage was the perfect excuse for a "romantic getaway," Chelsea and Afton are touring Tuscany, Santiago has taken Corin to Barcelona, Renata convinced Marcus and Sulphicia to go to Cyprus with her claiming 'she had always wanted to go, but didn't want to go alone'. Even Athenadora convinced Caius (AND HE'S A RIGHT MISSERABLE BASTARD) to take her to Rome, by dropping Heavy hints such as; 'Rome is a beautiful city, don't you think?' or 'I hear Rome is a really cheap weekend away this time of the year...' leaving me, Jane, Alec and Aro at home Jane and Alec decided to take the weekend off for some "Family time," as if their relationship wasn't creepy enough, I mean NORMAL siblings fight like Caius and werewolves, but not the Gruesome Twosome (The term that me and Demetri use for them... but only behind their backs, we aren't particularly fond of being tortured by Jane's gift or having the shit beaten out of us by someone who is technically still-a-kid-but-old-enough-not-to-be-counted-as-an-immortal-child, while under sensory paralysis, probably with the other filming it and then blackmailing us) oh no, they love to hold hands and coo to one another, if I didn't know better I'd swear they were a couple... however this left me on duty to guard Aro and assist him. This resulted in the most unbearable thing yet, the main reason I'm running, Aro called upon me to help him choose none other than... A WEDDING GIFT FOR BELLA! I knew I had to get outta there, or I'd end up having an EB (Emotional Breakdown) in front of Aro! So once I assured him the necklace and the box he'd chosen were perfect, I bowed, backed out the room and made myself scarce. He must've known how I felt for her; he'd seen it many a time in my thoughts, that I loved her, so why did he do that to me? I stopped briefly, I had reached the forest; I looked back one last time at my home... there were five human men staggering around, howling with laughter, an overpowering smell of alcohol clinging to them. They'd been drinking, heavily, by look and smell of them. I felt a rush of envy; they could get drunk, they could forget – however temporarily- they could escape the pain of love and heart-brake...! Ah... love... it's supposed to be the most wonderful feeling in the world, ha... if so, then why did it hurt so much? Even the pure agony of being shredded and torn limb by limb then burnt had to be less painful than this! I smelt someone from behind me, this someone's scent I did not recognise, I could tell it was a Vampire as the scent was sickly sweet. A thought occurred to me, they could assist me, they could kill me; they could torture me, the idea of death was a small comfort. Even burning in hell for the rest of eternity would be better than this Cruel, crazy world: once I was dead all my problems would be over, death offered the escape from the pain that I so desperately craved. If they were merciful they would oblige to killing me, so I turned round to face them...

Mooch's POV:

I ran south, the wind felt warm against my new, improved face. I knew where I was going... to the Volturi. I wanted to know the options I had in this life that I started little more than a week ago, I was new, strong and beautiful. I began to think back to my first week as a vampire... A nomad called Alistair created me, when I asked him why he simply said: "Some people's lives are too valuable to ever loose, and the best you can do for them is give them immortality, so they can do the best they can (even better than if they were human) in Eternal life." My first week of this life was spent with Alistair teaching me how to hunt, defend myself, control myself and, most importantly, explaining the rules the Volturi set for us... then he left, I let him knowing – even in the short time I'd spent with him - he wanted to be alone, I understood this. I had already decided to go and visit the Volturi to discuss my options in this exhilarating new life, before he left I told him this and he cautioned me: "There is a rule the Volturi set up in access in Volterra, today: No hunting in Volterra! Disobey this rule and you die!" I opened my mouth to query how they fed "They import humans into the castle in order to feed!" he told me before the sentence could come out my mouth. This is why I hunted along the way... I hunted whatever was around at the time and place as I'd travelled (for the past couple of days) to Italy, I'd figured if I was well fed I wouldn't be thirsty during my stay at Volterra. However I made sure I was discrete when I hunted (like Alistair told me to be) ensuring nobody but my prey was around when I attacked and hiding the carcasses well afterwards. I was also trying to remember my life before this Glorious new one. All I had recovered so far were dull Distant-sounding conversations, within each one a man, whom I assumed must be my father, called me "Mooch". It couldn't have been my real name. A nickname, perhaps, but as this is the only name I remembered being called – other than "OI, c'me 'ere"- I occupied it. As I ran I passed a river, although I didn't need to drink water any more –only blood – anyhow, I stopped and examined myself, my hair'd gone frizzy, I flicked through vague human memories before recovering a new memory... it was of me shrieking in frustration after spending an hour straightening and smoothing out my hair then seeing it go frizzy again after it beginning to chuck it down with rain... I laughed at the memory; me shouting, swearing and fuming about such petty things now was extremely laughable. Because now the frizz was nothing to worry about, if anything, it enhanced my beauty rather than messing up my look. I started to run again time was precious, despite the fact I was immortal now, the burning thirst and the lust to hunt wouldn't stay away for long, I knew if I screwed up in Volterra I was as good as dead! All this thinking about Blood reminded me of the young deer Buck I brought down earlier that day, It was... well... different from human blood it was Bitter to the extent of which it was almost sour and nowhere near satisfied me but it temporarily extinguished the fire in my throat all the same. Whereas human blood is so sweet, so mouth-wateringly delicious; just the thought of it sent Venom pooling into my mouth, human blood was just so much more... SATISFYING! As I got closer to my destination I thought about my "special skills" or my "Gift" as Alistair had called it. I first discovered my "Gift" when I got pissed off at Alistair 'cause I was thirsty and he wouldn't allow me to hunt until nightfall; I had wanted to break something, it was then that the Vase smashed and I HADN'T EVEN TOUCHED IT! It couldn't have been Alistair; he was in the other room! He had a "gift" as well Alistair had a kinda tracking sense he felt a "pull" towards the destination/person he wanted to reach it came in handy when we were thirsty and wanted to find prey. But I found the more I practiced, the more I could do with it I could levitate multiple objects or even people, I could shatter objects without touching them, I could pin multiple people down without making physical contact, I could make household appliances operate without having to get up and switch them on and I could even bring objects I wanted from other rooms without having to do so much as lift a finger. Alistair told me I had to be sensible with my gift though, or it could get me in to more trouble than it's worth. He also told me that not all Vampires have gifts only about 1 in 50, so I was very privileged to have one: especially one as powerful and generally useful as mine. I was getting close now; I very suddenly came across a stranger's scent. I decided to follow it. Besides, I didn't actually know where to find the Volturi; all I knew was that they lived in Volterra; maybe this stranger knew where to find them. I ran south still but this time in a slightly more easterly direction, I ran for about a minute before stopping dead in my tracks. I had found the stranger, but I had not anticipated there was no other way to describe it he was...HUGE, bordering on mountainous. He was very, very tall and he was wide – not with fat – but with pure muscle. I stumbled back two steps, one instinct told me danger... stand up and fight! My brain, common sense and self-preservation said "iiiieeee! Look at that bloke he's huge, you'll never win. Legit, while you still have a chance!" As the giant began to turn, I froze, this was it: I was A) dead from the fight/been killed before I could even move or B) running like hell away from this guy who looked like a Rugby player X Body builder. So what happened next was the thing I least expected, I found myself starring into the Burgundy red eyes of what I –moments ago – thought would be my attacker; what I saw there was unbelievable. Those eyes held the most terrible grief, pain and desperation I had ever seen, even the expressions that some of my prey had displayed could not compare to the agony etched on this Vampire's face, his eyes locked on mine for a second, a flicker of hope crossed over his eyes, but it was short lived. I felt a surge of pity and horror, what had happened to this Vampire to cause him so much pain. I had to help him somehow. I'd start be introducing myself... so I plucked up my courage and introduced myself "hello, my name's mooch, I'm new to this life. Who are you?" he looked at me for a minute, as if he couldn't quite grasp what I was saying. Then he answered my question "I am Felix." His voice was smooth, deep and masculine, even when saturated with pain. Little did I know what our simple conversation would blossom into later on!