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I Hate Fairytales Chapter 1.

"Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince on the quest for his true love -''

Leah made gagging noises on the backround.

" Leah would you please shut up? "

" Whatever... " she huffed.

" My Jacob, please continue. "

" Oh please, my Jacob... " mocked Leah with a girly voice.

" Fuck off..."

Nessie looked at me with wonder.

" Please don't tell your father..."

" As you please my Jacob. Could you continue now? "

" ' Course " I replied and I gazed at the book before me.

" His name was Edward, and he was the son of a faraway king. His father became weaker and weaker day by day so he's son had to find a wife. Unless he did that he could not become his father's successor, and his worst enemy would take his place as a king.

His name was James III and he was an evil and greedy man. He was not interested in the country – the only thing that he held interest in was money and power.

Prince Edward searched for his queen around his father's land for weeks. A lot of women held interest in him – but he did not. Prince Edward found them either too boring or too predictable. Lady Jessica – for instance – was a beautiful girl, with lots of virtues but a lot of defects , too. Lady Angela was a pretty, smart girl, but she was too uptight. Lady Lauren was the most beautiful of them all, but the most bad – mannered too, she was not a lady, at all. "

" B-O-R-I-N-G! "

I shot her a death glare and continued.

" Prince Edward was starting to feel tired after his constant failures, and searched for a place to spend the night. He found an inn at the end of the town and knocked on the front door. A beautiful girl answered the door. She had brown wavy hair, and big chocolate brown eyes. Her name was Isa-. "

"-bitch? "

" For crying out loud will you stop interrupting me? "

" Isabitch – sorry Nessie – Isabella let him in."

'' Nessie it's past bedtime. " Bella entered the room.

" But momma - ''

'' Nessie … "

Ness frowned and hugged me.

'' Goodbye my Jacob. "

Leah rolled her eyes and walked out of the house.

'' Bye kiddo. " I kissed her cheek and followed Leah.

We walked silently till we arrived to the forest.

" What's your problem, anyway? " I asked her watching her starting to unbutton her shirt while looking at the forest a head of us.

" With what ? "

" Fairytales. "

She glared at me.

" I hate them " .