Chapter three: Loz and Yazoo join the Party

(Dawn after the Sunset)


Loz comes over to Yazoo, who is playing target practice with some orbs floating around. "Hey" says Loz, "Have you noticed that Kadaj has been gone for three days?"

"It sounds to me like you're worried, Loz" smirks Yazoo.

"I'm not worried" starts Loz, "but Mother is, even though she doesn't show it. Zack is trying to play it off, but he's worried, too."

"That's fascinating, Loz" says Yazoo as he shoots an orb.

"I was thinking about looking for him," says Loz, then he thinks, "I'm just wondering where he is. It's not like I'm actually worried about him or anything."

"Of course not, Loz" says Yazoo sarcastically, "but I am wondering about what he's doing. Let's go check it out!"

"Cool!" shouts Loz, "I found his tracer on Earth at this place called Funbari Hill."

"You must have been thinking about this for a long time if you did that" says Yazoo, "Well, come on, let's go!"

(Dawn after the Sunset)

Funbari Hill

Loz and Yazoo float over the Flame Inn. "You're right; Loz" starts Yazoo, "Kadaj's tracer is all around this place."

"Told you" huffs Loz.

"All right, Loz" says Yazoo, "You check the inside, and I'll check the outside."

"Why do I have to check the inside?"

"Because I told you to, Loz"

Loz huffs as he goes inside the inn. Yazoo looks down on the side of the inn. A small boy with Kadaj's tracer is fighting a man with a tracer unknown to Yazoo. "That's seems strange" states Yazoo, "Well, I might as well help Kadaj out." Then, Yazoo zooms towards the man with the funny hair.

(Dawn after the Sunset)

Loz looks around the inn. "It looks like a normal inn to me" sighs Loz, and then he smells something really good. He floats into the kitchen, where the spicy smell becomes stronger. Even though he knows he cannot taste it, to smell it directly is a real treat. In the kitchen he sees the back of a pink-haired teenager. "She won't mind if I take a sniff" says Loz silently, "I'm a ghost, so she won't see me anyway."

Loz comes close enough to sniff the gumbo over the girl's shoulder, when the girl turns around.

(Dawn after the Sunset)

Hana is holding the antiquity while partially integrated with Kadaj. "All right" huffs Ryu across from him, "Now you are going to practice 100% integration."

"All right" huffs Hana.

Suddenly, Tokagero is knocked out of Ryu's body. Stunned, Ryu summons Orochimaru. Ryu was about to attack until he sees who he was attacking. The culprit looks like he could be Kadaj's twin.

"Yazoo?" Kadaj asks as he diffuses with Hana.

"Is this one of your brothers?" asks Hana.

Before Kadaj can answer, everyone hears Tamao scream. Kadaj zooms into the kitchen, followed by Hana, Ryu, Tokagero, and finally, Yazoo. Kadaj is surprised when he sees Loz towering over Tamao. "Loz, what the hell are you doing?" he growls.

"Kadaj?" Loz asks, shocked.

(Dawn after the Sunset)

Loz and Yazoo stand against the wall of the living room, Loz sulking and Yazoo looking bored. Kadaj, Hana, and Ryu stood in front of them. Tokagero was told to see Ponchi and Conchi outside.

"Well" says Hana, "Since you know Ryu, and you know Tamao, Loz, this is Ryu, and…"

"What the hell are you two doing here?" growls Kadaj.

"Well hello to you, too, Kadaj" huffs Yazoo.

"Yeah" says Loz, "You've been missing for three days, and we came looking for you because Mother and Zack were worried."

Hana thinks. "Are they talking about that pretty red-haired ghost and the handsome black-haired ghost that came here about two days ago?" he asks Kadaj.

"Yes" answers Kadaj through the shock expressions of his brothers, "Mother and Zack found me and said I could stay here."

"But Mother looked…" starts Loz.

"Could it be, Loz" says Yazoo, "that the reason why they didn't say they were worried was because they weren't worried, and you just misinterpreted their emotions?"

"Then why didn't they tell us that you were down here, Kadaj?" Loz whines.

"I told them not to" answers Kadaj, "I didn't want you two embarrassing me like you did today. However, now that you know that I'm staying here, you two can go back to the Lifestream."

"No way" retorts Yazoo.


"The Lifestream is boring, and Earth is interesting. I could have some fun here."

"Yeah" agrees Loz, "There are many sensations we can feel on Earth that we can't feel in the Lifestream."

"Cool!" shouts Hana, "The more, the merrier!"

"I think it'll be all right" sighs Ryu, "As long as you don't try that stunt on me again, Yazoo!"

"I won't, Ryu" snicker Yazoo.

"I think it's nice to see many new faces around" says Tamao.

Kadaj looks at Tamao and sighs. Loz and Yazoo catch the look. "All right" he huffs, "you two can stay."

"Great!" says Ryu as he wraps some energy around Loz and Yazoo, "Let me introduce you to Tokagero, Ponchi, and Conchi."

Kadaj and Tamao stay behind as the three of them and Hana go outside. "Don't worry, Kadaj" says Tamao, "Everything will be all right."

Kadaj nods his head and follows Tamao into the kitchen.

(Dawn after the Sunset)

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