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(Shinigami and Metal Men in Kanto)

Chapter one: Where the hell have we gone?

Judgment Bureau

Tsuzuki sits under a tree several meters away from the Judgment Bureau building. "Why is everyone acting so mean?" cries Tsuzuki. The Gushoshin yelling at him and Hisoka calling him an idiot are natural occurrences; he's use to them. Today, however, Chief Konoe even yelled at him. What made Tsuzuki run out he was when Tatsumi called him a lousy good-for-nothing.

"Everyone makes a mistake" says Tsuzuki to himself, "or am I a bigger screw-up than I know."

Asato Tsuzuki has been with the Judgment Bureau for over seventy years. Within those years, he has gone through many partners before Hisoka was put with him. He had to take the lives of many people, getting sick to the stomach every single time. He even had to deal the sadism of Dr. Kazutaka Muraki. Tsuzuki realizes that he's a jinx; he brings bad luck to everyone around him. Maybe he should have died in the Kyoto incident, but his shiki would kill him if they knew he was thinking that.

All of a sudden, a shooting star comes into viewing range. Tsuzuki closes his eyes. "I wish I would disappear" he whispers.

The star shoots towards Tsuzuki and hits him, making him disappear.

(Shinigami and Metal Men in Kanto)

New York City

Wolverine rides down the street in his motorcycle. He then stops out of frustration. "Where is she?" he shouts at the top of his lungs.

Wolverine was already thinking of ways he was going to chew Emma's head off. She knows how hard Laura's life has been. The Xavier Institute is supposed to be a safe haven for his adopted daughter and clone; instead, Ms. Frost has turned it into a war zone. At least Cyclops takes up for X- 23, no matter how much he and Wolverine don't like each other. Wolverine's biggest worry is that Laura will go back on the streets and prostitute. "Damn!" he shouts.

A shooting star comes on the right side of him. Wolverine groans. "I hope I can find Laura and make her feel more welcomed in this world."

"Oh shit!" was the last thing Wolverine said before he was engulfed in the flames of the star.

(Shinigami and Metal Men in Kanto)


Superman flies above the city scanning it. It was one of the happiest days in his life when Superboy came back to life. Clark has not been the best father to him, which is probably why he hangs out with Lex and the Teen Titans all of the time. Superman promised that he would change his ways.

It was not going as plan, though. Connor came to visit him at his office this afternoon. It started off as pleasure, but then Clark yelled at him. Connor retaliated by saying that he had no right to tell him what to do because he had not been around. Then, he ran out. Clark had a feeling that Connor went back to Lex's house, but he did not want to admit to Lex that he lost him on his second day of rebirth. He did not want to check with anyone else either because only he and Lex knew he was alive again.

A shooting star was right above him in the sky. Superman looks up. "My dearest wish" he states, "is to find my son, and to be the best father to him I can be." Superman had closed his eyes before he was disintegrated by the star's plasma.

(Shinigami and Metal Men in Kanto)

Pallet Town

Tsuzuki falls on his butt in the grass. "Oww" he groans, surprised by the squeakiness of it. He looks at his hands, arms, and torso. "I'ma kid" Tsuzuki whispers. Before he could think about how did this happen, a kid falls right on top of him.

"Ah, my back" says the boy. The boy was extremely short with wild black hair and blue eyes. "Who are you?" the boy asks Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki was about to answer when another boy falls on them both. This boy also had black hair and blue eyes. This boy was much taller than the other boy, but only a little taller than him. "Oh, I'm so sorry" the boy says quickly, then, "I'm young again!"

The first boy looks at himself and jumps. "What's going on?" he shouts.

Tsuzuki decides to take the initiative. "Hello," he starts, "My name is Tsuzuki Asato."

"My name is Clark Kent" says the tall boy.

"My name is… James Howlett" says the short boy. Tsuzuki suspected that he was lying because of the pause before his name. There was no need to lie, however.

"Well, it's obvious that none of us are from here" says Clark.

"Yeah, but where are we?" asks James, "and how did we get here?"

"Did you two see a shooting star before you came here?" asks Asato.

The other two think. "As a matter of fact, yeah" says James.

"So," says Clark, "the shooting star is the way we got here, but where are we now?"

"Could this be a clue?" asks Asato as he holds up five red and white balls towards the other two.

To Be Continued

(Shinigami and Metal Man in Kanto)

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