Chapter three: The Green-Eyed Girl

(Shinigami and Metal Men in Kanto)

"Charmander, use Ember!" shouts Clark. Charmander blasts a little fire towards the Caterpie in front of it.

"What are you doing?" shouts James, making Charmander miss his attack and the Caterpie escape.

"Dang, James! I was trying to catch that Caterpie!"

"You're actually trying to catch these Pokemon?"

"Yeah. It seems as though Pokemon are the keys to finding our way home."


"Look, James. I'm going to try to catch a Pokemon. If you're not going to help, just go over there with Asato."

James grumbles about how pointless catching Pokemon is, and goes over to Asato, who is playing with his Eevee. "Hey James!" Asato shouts as he waves his hand, "How do you think the name 'Sokka' is for Eevee?"

"You're naming the Eevee?" asks James incredulously.

"Of course!" answers Asato, "All of the rest of the Pokemon have names. He deserves one as well."

James groans and walks away. Not paying attention, he walks into someone. "Oww!" she shouts, "What do you think you're doing?"

Clark and Asato run to see what happened. A 10-year old girl is sitting on the ground. She is wearing a purple shirt, orange vest and shorts, a purple and orange hat, and purple and orange shoes. Under her hat is her long, auburn hair. Her most remarkable feature is her green eyes. "Green eyes" the three boys thought in unison.

"Aren't you going to apologize for bumping into me?" huffs the girl.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Tooks" says James after he wakes up.

"Don't call me Tooks" retorts the girl. Then, she looks at the Poke balls in both Clark's and Asato's hands. "Are you Pokemon trainers?" she asks.

"Yes!" answers Clark enthusiastically.

"Well so am I" says the girl, "How about we battle?"

"Go ahead, Asato" says James.

"Why me?" asks Asato.

"You have the most Pokemon" answers Clark.

"Okay" says Asato.

Asato and the girl stand on opposite sides of a grass field. "I choose you, Squirtle!" shouts the girl.

"I guess I'll use Sokka, then" says Asato as Eevee comes out.

"Squirtle! Use Tackle!"

Squirtle charges towards Sokka, knocking him down.

"What am I supposed to do?" shouts Asato.

"Use Tackle!" shouts Clark as he looks at the Pokedex.

"Okay. Sokka, use Tackle."

"Squirtle, dodge and use tackle."

Squirtle dodges and tackles Sokka, getting a critical hit and making the Eevee faint. "Sokka!" shouts Asato as he catches the Pokemon.

"Idiot!" the girl groans as she smacks her head, "How can you have Pokemon and not know use them?"

She stops when she sees Asato tear up. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she exasperates, "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!"

(Shinigami and Metal Men in Kanto)

"I really am sorry" says the girl for the 50th time, "Sometimes when I'm passionate about something I say what I feel no matter who it hurts."

"It's okay" says Clark, "Buying us lunch is enough of an apology."

The four of them are sitting at a table in the Viridian City Poke Center. The girl is sitting next to James. Across from them are Asato and Clark, respectively. "By the way," asks Clark, "Is your name Faye?"

"Yeah" says Faye, "How did you know?"

"Professor Oak told us that a girl named Faye received a Squirtle from him."

"Oh yeah!" exclaims Faye, "Did you get your Pokemon from him, too?"

"Umhmm" Asato answers.

Suddenly, Nurse Joy comes to their table with two Poke balls. "Your Pokemon are fully healed" she says.

"Thank you" says Faye and Asato. Faye grabs a Pokemon and gets up.

"How do you know you picked the right one?" asks James.

"Trust me, a trainer knows."

"Wait!" shouts Asato, "How about you travel with us?"

Faye smiles and winks. "Can't, "she says, "We're rivals now. It's not healthy for us to travel with each other." Then she laughs and leaves.

The three boys stare after her. "She reminds me of someone I know" says Asato.

"Me too" says James.

"Me too" says Clark.

After a long pause, James gets up. "Come on you two" groans James, "We're not gonna get anywhere just sitting here."

"Right!" says the other two as Asato grabs the Poke ball and leave the Poke Center.

(Shinigami and Metal Men in Kanto)

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