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Their swords clashed, sparks flew.

"why sephiroth!? I respected you! how could you do this to me!?"

Cloud Strife was heart broken. he loved Sephiroth but would never admit to it.

"I'm very sorry cloud, but your in the way of my mothers plans." Clouds body went limp,

" Sephiroth, I-I love you!" The older man stared in shock, "Liar!!"

he ran at Cloud then stopped when he saw the compassion in his eyes.

"your... your telling the truth." Cloud nodded, " Sephiroth. up until now i didn't know what i was fighting for, revenge i guess, but now , I'm even more confused."

He hung his head. Sephiroth gave him a comforting hug,

"I'm soon to be dead by your hand. you've almost acheived the victory you've strived for."

Cloud gazed at him with grive strickened eyes, then kissed him. Cloud ravesed the sweet taste of Sephiroth's silken lips. when they parted, Cloyud was crying,

" I'm sorry Sephiroth, but this is for the planet." he ran his sword through his beloved. for the first time sephiroth smiled a REAL smile,

" Cloud...I...love...you...as well, goodbye." he fell in his own blood. Cloud collapsed beside him sobbing. he never cried before, except when Aeirs died, she was a firend. But these tears were for the enemy, even if it was for a short period of time. His tears dropped on sephiroth's silver hair,

"why...why you?" he chocked out between sobs. He stood and walked from the battle feild, "Some day, we will be together again, I promise."

With that he left. Hoping that they WOULD meet, but until then, he was the perfect SOILDER.

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