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"You've got a friend in me." - 'You've Got A Friend In Me' by Randy Newman.

Kendall Knight shivered in the cold Minnesota winter and wrapped his arms around himself in an attempt to contain the little warmth he had in his body. The five year old glanced around the pond, wobbling as the small motion threatened his lack of balance. All around him, people of all ages seemed to be having such a fun time as they glided across the frozen surface and their skates. Kendall couldn't understand how anyone could possibly stay on their feet when the blades were so thin and the ice was so slippery. He had already lost count of the times he had fallen.

"Ready, Kendall?" Strong arms steadied him and Kendall returned his father's grasp. "No, buddy. Let go of me. I've got you."

"I'm going to fall again." Kendall whimpered, tears already prepared to fall. Skating could be fun if he could figure out how to stay upright. But for now, falling hurt.

"Just relax, Kendall." Jeffery Knight sighed. "You're in Minnesota. You need to know how to skate." He waited for the question he knew was coming.

Kendall tipped his head to look up at his father. "Why?" He asked, a typical five year old. "Is it the law?" His green eyes widened as a sudden thought came to him. "Are the police going to put me in jail if I don't learn how to skate, Daddy?"

His father looked torn between laughing and simply looking frustrated. But when his son looked up at him, reminding him of his beloved wife back home, he couldn't stop the chuckle the forced it's way out of his throat. "No, Kendall. It's not the law. No on is coming to arrest you if you don't learn how to skate. Still," He added as he adjusted his hold on Kendall. "Everyone in Minnesota learns how to skate when they're your age. Sometimes they're even younger."

The small boy shook his head. Just because everyone did something didn't mean he had to too right? Hadn't his mother said the same thing when he followed Johnny Williams' example of eating paste in day care? But Kendall had resigned himself to the fact that he had to learn how to skate. So he sighed and said grudgingly, "Okay."

He meant that it was okay for him to learn how to skate. He didn't mean that it was okay for his father to let go of him. Immediately, his balance began to fade and he flailed his arms around before gravity won and he fell once more to the hard surface. Tears pricked at his eyes when he felt a sharp pain in his hand. Kendall looked down. "Daddy, I'm bleeding!" He shrieked. When his father reached him, he held up the injured hand for inspection. "See?" He asked in an injured tone. "You let go when I wasn't ready and I hurt my hand on that stick." He glared at the offending twig.

"Kendall, it's just a little scratch." His dad dabbed at the finger in a clueless attempt to make his son feel better. "Look, it's barely bleeding."

"I want a Band-Aid." Kendall pulled his hand away and looked at it sorrowfully.

"Kendall, you don't need a Band-Aid. It's only a little cut." Jeffery sighed and pulled Kendall to his feet. "Come on. Let's try this again okay? We can-"

"No!" Kendall shouted, attracting a handful of curious stares. "I want a Band-Aid! My finger hurts, Daddy!"

Mothers, especially first time mothers, always have things like Band-Aids with them. Fathers on the other hand tend to be relaxed about the whole thing. Probably a little too relaxed. "Kendall, we don't even have a Band-Aid right now." Mr. Knight pulled his winter hat off to run his hand through his dark blonde hair. He sighed again when he saw a tear making its way down Kendall's face. "Do you want to go home?" He asked reluctantly.

"I have Band-Aids. Do you want one?"

Both Kendall and his father just noticed that a tiny boy had joined them on the edge of the pond and was holding out a small box to Mr. Knight. His naturally pale face blushed when they looked at him.

"Thank you." Kendall's father finally said. He knelt down beside the two boys and took a Band-Aid from the box. He pulled his gloves off with his teeth and unwrapped the much desired Band-Aid while Kendall smiled gratefully at the other boy.

"You shouldn't use your mouth to take your gloves off like that." The child said solemnly. He regarded Kendall's father with wide brown eyes. "Your saliva will make them get wet and then your fingers will be cold. Besides, did you know that humans have more germs in their mouths than dogs? And if you get bit by a dog that's bad because-"

"Logan!" A young woman hurried up to the boy and took his hand. "Sweetie, you can't talk to people you don't know, remember? You have to be careful." She then turned to smile at Kendall and his father, who was looking at the kid, Logan, as if he had two heads. "I'm sorry. My son can be a bit. . . helpful at times. I hope he didn't bother you."

"Of course not." Kendall's father shook his head and laughed. "In fact I think we have something to say to. . . Logan. Right, Kendall?"

"Yeah!" Kendall stared at Logan. "You shouldn't call people dogs. It's not very nice."

"Kendall!" His father exclaimed. "Logan didn't call anyone dogs. He just told us an interesting fact about dogs." He smiled apologetically at the woman and her son who had retreated behind her legs. "I'm sorry. Kendall tends to take things a little too seriously." He gently shook his son's hand to gain his attention once more. "Kendall, Logan gave you one of his Band-Aids. That was nice of him to share wasn't it?" He watched as Kendall nod. "What do you say?"

A wide grin split Kendall's face and he let go of his father to skate over to the boy. "Thanks, Logan! My finger feels all better now!"

Logan let Kendall approach him then ducked his head shyly. "Your welcome." He whispered, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. Then he looked back up at Kendall hesitantly. "Do you want to be my friend?"

Kendall nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah! I'm Kendall. You're Logan right?"

The woman looked up from watching the boys interact to smile at Kendall's father. "Well, your son is certainly the friendly type. Actually I'm surprised that Logan is so bold. He's usually a wall flower. I'm Rebekah Mitchell. You've already met Logan of course."

"I'm Jeffery Knight and this little rascal is my son, Kendall." Mr Knight raised his eyebrows in a question. "How old is Logan? He seems remarkably well adapted for-"

"For his size right?" Rebekah finished. She smiled. "He's five believe it or not. I'm afraid he takes after my side of the family. My husband, Ryan, is over six feet tall. I'm guessing Kendall is five too?"

"Almost six." Kendall stopped talking to Logan about Power Rangers to hold up four fingers.

"That's only four fingers." Logan told him before anyone could say anything. "You need two more." He reached over and made Kendall's fingers stand up. "See? Four plus two is six!"

"Wow, can you teach me how to do that?" Another small boy, his skin showing a rich Hispanic heritage slid to a stop on front of them. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, nearly taking Logan down with him if Kendall hadn't held onto his new friend.

"Teach you what?" Logan asked, startled by the sudden arrival of the other boy.

The boy stood up, straightening his helmet and grinning before talking. "Make your fingers say six." He said as if it were obvious. "I'm Carlos by the way. My daddy is over there." He pointed vaguely to the left where Logan's mother and Kendall's father could only assume that the rather frantic looking man was the boy's father. "Who are you?"

"I'm Kendall and he's Logan." Kendall took charge. "He's my new best friend."

Carlos' smile faded. "But I want him to be my best friend." He argued, taking on of Logan's arms and pulling him closer.

"He gave me a Band-Aid." Kendall grabbed Logan's other arm and pulled him back. "He's my best friend."

"He's going to show me how to say six with my fingers!" Carlos whined.

"Boys!" Logan's mother tried to break into the conversation and rescue her son. Next to her, Kendall's father was trying to convince his son to let Logan go. Carlos' father had spotted the group and was hurrying over to them.

"Carlos!" The man reached them and gently but firmly pried Logan's arm out of Carlos' grasp. "I am so sorry." He apologized. "Carlos, that's not the way we meet new friends. We have to be gentle remember?"

Carlos was near tears though. "But I want Logan to be my best friend!" He wailed, causing small smiles on the faces of the adults.

"Wait!" Logan held up both hands.

"Hey, my dad does that when he works sometimes." Carlos' tears stopped as he watched Logan. "He's a policeman."

Logan sighed. "Let's all be friends, okay?"

"Yeah!" Carlos and Kendall cheered at the same time, all thoughts of the fight forgotten. "You're really smart, Logan!" Carlos said enthusiastically.

Logan shrugged in embarrassment. "So let's skate." He suggested.

Kendall had forgotten his previous fears and followed the other two boys and they skated around in circles, making their parents laugh at the sight. All had gone smoothly until Carlos skated a little too close to Logan and knocked the other boy over.

Logan fell on his hands and knees. It didn't hurt too badly but as he was getting up, there was already a small hand helping him. He stood up, expecting to see Carlos or Kendall. Instead he found himself shading his eyes to see the tall brown haired boy before him.

"Are you okay?" The new boy asked. He looked at Carlos and Kendall who had joined them. "You should be more careful." He told Carlos softly. "He might have hurt his face." While he spoke, his hands touched his own face as if to make sure that it was still unharmed.

"I'm okay." Logan assured them. "It was just an accident so it's okay, Carlos." He smiled shyly at the new boy. "Thanks for helping me." He offered his hand. "I'm Logan. These are my new friends, Carlos and Kendall."

"I'm James." The tall boy murmured. He stood awkwardly before the other three boys before he started to turn around. "Well, I have to go."

"Wait!" Logan stopped him. "Do you want to be friends with us?" He asked hopefully. "We can play Ninja Turtles."

Rebekah Mitchell shook her head in wonder. "I have never seen Logan like this before." She whispered to the boys' fathers. "He's usually so shy. He must feel completely comfortable with those boys."

They were joined by another woman who had been watching the boys since James helped Logan up. "They look like the four musketeers out there don't they?" She smiled and shook her head. "You would never know that they just met today." She held out her hand. "I'm Michelle Diamond. That's my son, James."

The other adults introduced themselves and pointed out their sons before falling silent and watching the boys skate together. James' mother was right. It was as if they had known each other for all five of their years.

It wasn't long before Kendall had fallen into an almost natural leader position as he kept the other three boys organized. James seemed to think it was his duty to protect the others from hurting each other while being careful to keep his face out of the fray. One would never know that Logan was normally a shy child as they watched him laugh and play, clearly having the time of his life. Carlos skated around with reckless abandon but finally settled down to the point where the other boys didn't have to constantly watch their backs around his crazy stunts.

Somehow, when the hours began to drag on and their parents managed to pull their sons apart, everyone knew that this wouldn't be the last time that the boys played together. What they didn't know was just how strong their friendship would become. For the time being, they were five years old, completely happy and innocent. Best friends.

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