Chapter 46 – Movie Night

(Spike POV)

* Better hurry up, Spike. I'm putting the movie in. *

* I'm hurryin', luv. What're we watchin'? *

* Don't know. There's nothing written on it. Found it. I'm pushing play right now. *

* I'm in the lift, be there in a few. Where'd you find it? *

* In the couch. It was buried in the….. OH MY GOD! *

I frantically dig through the pockets of my duster, finding all manner of things but the one thing I'm hoping is there. The disk is gone. It must have fallen out of my coat. Oh bugger.

I sprint down the hall and burst through the door to see Buffy sitting wide-eyed on the couch with one hand clapped over her mouth. I quickly close the door then sit uneasily on the couch next to her and gently touch her arm. "Buffy, pet, now don't get angry. Uh…. there were security cameras in the conference room. I was gonna tell you, just wanted to wait 'til all the prophecy mess was sorted, yeah?"

Her hand drops away from her mouth which is still hanging open in shock then she turns and punches me in the chest. Hard. "OH MY GOD! How did you get it? Who else has seen this?"

Ow. I scoot back a little. "Angel gave it to me. This is the only copy, I swear."

I didn't think it was possible for her eyes to get any wider. I was wrong. "ANGEL! OH MY GOD!" She punches me again, knocking the air right out of my lungs.

I draw in a ragged breath and cough out, "H…he didn't w…watch it, Buffy. H…had it erased f...from the system a...after the agents t...told him about it."

She raises her fist again and I flinch back and grab it before it can fly. Her breath hitches as she drops her hand and I can smell the tears getting ready to fall when she whimpers in a small voice, "Agents? As in more than one? Which ones? Oh my God, I can never show my face outside this apartment again!"

I gently wrap my arms around her and pull her into my lap then lightly stroke her hair. "Buffy, it's ok. There were only two and they don't remember. Angel had their memories altered. It's sorted, pet. Nothin' to worry about."

She looks at me, embarrassment and anger flitting across her features. "You're sure. Nobody knows about this besides us and Angel? And he didn't see it?"

I press my forehead to hers and whisper. "I'm sure, pet. He told me he didn't watch it, an' I believe 'im. You've got nothin' to be embarrassed about, luv." I glance at the screen where Buffy is slowly hiking up her skirt and swallow as my jeans get suddenly tighter. "Really, luv. Nothin' at all to be embarrassed about."

Buffy turns to look at the screen then gasps. She stares at it for a moment as her breathing quickens and I start to smell her arousal. She wiggles against me and I moan as my eyes fall shut. She turns to face me then slips my duster off my shoulders and yanks my shirt over my head and pulls me to her, kissing me hard. She pulls back when breathing becomes an issue and looks at the screen for a bit then says quietly, "I like watching us. Maybe we should get our own camera."

My eyes widen and I leer at her, "Didn't know you were so kinky, Slayer. You've been holdin' out on me."

She pushes me back against the arm of the couch then leans down and takes my nipple in her mouth as she quickly pops the buttons of my jeans then lifts her head and smirks at me, "Now I'm just holding you."

She scoots off my lap and drops to her knees on the floor in front of me then dips her head and licks up my shaft as I groan. "God, you're an amazin' woman, Summers."

She beams a smile at me and says, "Damn right." then starts doing things that make my eyes roll up in bliss.



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