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Meet Isabella Lupin!

It's cold... I shivered as my mind came back into consciousness... Why am I so cold? Whatever I was lying on was solid, painfully solid and there was a throbbing pain at the back of my head.

Finally cracking my eyes open I looked around in confusion. I was wearing nothing but rags, lying in the snow in a dark alleyway. Where am I? My eyes scanned the area as noise finally registered in my mind. I couldn't have been that far from civilisation as I could hear the happy chatter of people walking around minding their own business.

"Hello?" a tentative voice asked from behind me, making me turn around and lock my gaze on a boy around my age. He had sandy blond hair and kind looking eyes, though he looked worse for the wear with bags under those eyes. "Are you okay?"

Opening my mouth to respond, I couldn't find my voice... What the hell is going on? "Do you have a name?" he insisted making me frown again.

What was my name? Did I have one? "What are you doing out in the cold dressed like that?" he asked kindly as he walked closer. I gave him a confused look, "Do you remember anything?"

I finally shook my head in response and he sighed slightly before shrugging off his long coat and handing it to me. "Come with me," he insisted, "I'll take you somewhere safe."

I hesitated before accepting his coat and trying to push myself up from the floor, but I dropped back down heavily when my legs didn't respond properly. He seemed to realise the situation and crouched beside me, "Just put that on, and I'll be right back with help," he told me firmly making me nod in understanding before wrapping his coat around myself.

Once he was gone another shiver ran through my body, as the cold crept back towards me... that boy was kind, and he kept the fear away. Where has he gone? Is he coming back?

I didn't have to wait long for the answer as he came rushing back into the alley, followed by a kind looking woman and a strict looking man. At the sight of the new strangers however, I cowered back into my corner, clinging the boy's coat around me more.

"Oh my dear," the woman cried slightly as she walked towards me, dropping to her knees in front of me. "What happened to you?"

I gave her a wide eyed look before my eyes darted to the boy and I let out an attempt at talking. It came out as an indistinguishable croak as I held my hand out towards him. They seemed to understand though, and she stepped out of the way as the boy took her place, he knelt in front of me again. "Can you talk?" he asked gently.

I whimpered slightly, "Just... try for me?" he asked slowly making me bite at my lip and look at my hands, "Can you try to say Remus?"

"R-R-em-Remus..." I let out in a breathy whisper before my eyes darted to him again. He had a kind smile on his face and I could hear the man and woman praising slightly in the background.

"Can you tell us your name?" he asked.

"I..." I started as I racked my brain, "I... I don't..." my eyes stung with unshed tears as I realised I couldn't remember. Curling up into myself again, I ducked my face into my knees and put my arms over my head.

"She doesn't remember her name?" the man asked worriedly. "My dear, can you tell us what happened to you?"

I looked up at him slowly and shook my head, "I don't... I can't... I just, woke up here." I let out with a struggle, my voice was raspy and it hurt my throat when I talked. "It's cold..."

"Romulus dear, we can't just leave her here," the woman begged him, "She can't be any older than Remus."

"You're right, Mona," the man nodded, before he knelt in front of me, "My dear, we're going to take you home with us. Get you something warm to wear and something to eat." I turned my gaze to Remus again and he smiled comfortingly before nodding.

"You'll be safe with us," he confirmed as he put his hand on top of mine.

"Safe," I repeated before looking at them with tear filled eyes.

"What shall we call you? If you have no name?" the woman asked as the two males helped me to my feet and supported my weight. I gave her another confused look and she sighed, "I always did want a daughter called Isabella."

I smiled widely at the sound of the name something about it felt... right. "Isabella," I repeated making her smile back at me before she pulled me into her arms.

"Welcome to our family, Isabella Lupin," she told me softly.

"Family," I muttered before hugging her back, "Mother." I heard her sobbing into my hair as she held me tight so I held her just as I tight and closed my eyes, hoping this wasn't just a dream.