Title: Unwanted Relationship

Summary: Due to unexpected events ichigo has become an outsider and hate by those around until a blue hair new student shows up and changes his life for the good or does he make things more complicated.

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Chapter 1: Unexpected

Ichigo's POV

"We need to speak to you. Follow us," a blonde, exotic-looking chick said with an annoyed look on her face. I followed her – and don't ask me why. I guess I found it amusing, and for once girls were finally paying attention to me. I'm not the most popular guy in school, okay, so I'm a loner with very few friends. It's not my fault. I wasn't always an outsider looking in but, let's just say, due to unexpected events my popularity has diminished.

"Ichigo!" They all scream at once. Man, chicks can be scary.

"Stop following Grimmjow around, you orange-haired freak!" The small brunette screamed at me followed by harmonized yelling all at once, it's happening again and I froze, as I remembered why I was hated.

Two year ago a very popular teacher confessed his undying love for me.

It was weird and I didn't know how to handle it. I didn't return his feelings and he said "my very existence was that of a tease that you made man develop strange feelings". I told him he didn't make sense and that I was boy. I just thought it was disgusting and I told him off.

I guess some guys don't understand 'no' means no. He attacked me from behind but I managed to get him off of me. Yet the damage was done and I threatened to tell the others. I didn't know that my actions would cause him to act so irrational. That night he confessed to his wife that he was in love with a student, male student at that, and killed himself.

He had left a letter.

"I cannot live with myself if the one I love can't love me back"

His wife saw my picture at his side and came to the school and accused me of seducing her husband and that I broke up their family. Some of the students that idolized him and looked up to him heard what she said and before I knew it rumors about me and sensei started and I was hated, teased, bullied and sometimes I was attacked.

It's funny how people can overlook the fact he attacked me in a fit of lust and almost rapped me – some people put the blame on me and said I was asking for it. I was called slut and other names that I prefer not to repeat.

Sometimes there would be notes left in my desk and locker asking why it couldn't have been me.

And I started to hate myself. I kept asking myself why couldn't I return the feelings he had. Why did he have to fall in love with me. I started to try harder to make the friends I once had like me again but I was told off. I realized at that point that it was useless. I guess I'm to proud to try and kiss up to the student body.

I didn't care if I was liked or hated anymore and kept to myself and adapted to my new school life and got used to the whispers and constant teasing.

So what.

Screw them.

I stopped caring and just faded to the background and used my bad attitude to speak for itself. I stopped caring about how I looked so my hair grew long and shaggy and I started to wear my glasses again. No friends to impress did have some perks, I guess.

After a year people forgot I even existed and those that did and challenged me got their ass kicked. I was a little depressed and found it somewhat disheartening to be an outsider but I soon got over it and kept my face indifferent.

I started to enjoy the constant loneliness and I found being a loner fit my personality. As I watched all my classmates I resented to the fact that at one time I wanted to be liked by them and wanted to be friends with them. I became smug and looked down on everyone.

And you know what? I was happy to be alone and loved it when people ignored me in general.

But he had to show up and break down the walls I built. Ever since I met him my simple life has become upside down.

Why did he have to pay attention to me?

Why couldn't he just ignore me like everyone else?

Now my happy, lonely life is destroyed.

And all because of an unwanted confession.

To be continued*******