Authors Note:

Ok so I final figured out where I was going with this so I'll be rewriting this along with Accommodating lover, Unwanted relationship, His Sins, The discipline committee is out to get me, Operation Seduce Senei, and Distorted Fantasy. I'll be leaving the others up but they will all be on hold and I'll rewrite them as soon as I finish rewriting this. I'll mostly focus finishing Monster and Chains that Binds Us so that I can start completing most of my stories so that I can move on.

I 'll most likely take down these stories until I finish Monster and Chains that Binds Us and rewrite them before posting again. I haven't decided yet, I'll just post the first chapter of some of the stories I'm rewriting but they'll be on hold or if I feel like adding a new chapter then I'll post... who knows I'll post when i feel like it.

Sorry to all the readers. But now that I have a clear concept I think it'll be better to just start over.

I'll be posting the new Chapter of today Unwanted relationship or tomorrow I'll also be changing the name as while and the story line