It had been over fifteen years since Alice went back home, leaving the role holders all heart broken and alone. But now there was a new outsider in their midst, and the game could begin again. Will someone win the game this time? And if so who will win the outsiders heart?

You may have to vote.





You decide.


"Ali. Angel come here." The thirty three year old woman laying on the bed called out to her fifteen year old daughter. Her time was running out. She could feel it in the way her breath rattled in her lungs, she felt so tired. So weak. She just wanted to close her eyes and drift, but she had something to say first.

"Yes, mom." Alice Eveangiline Mary Liddol, her daughter. Her precious baby named afte her and he great grand mother said as she moved in closer so that she could see her. Alice, the woman who had given birth to her looked up at her and smiled. Her Ali was so beautiful. The total opisit of her blond hair and blue eyed, fairness.

Ali had jet black hair and wide teal colored eyes that sometimes turned a lovely shade of turquoise, angelic features, and a soft voice. Yes she was the very oppisit of Alice Liddol herself.

"I'm dying, baby." She said the words as if they had just popped into her head, her tone slightly suprised. Ali blinked at her and took her hand, a look of determination on her pretty face.

"Your not dying mom. You still have many years ahead of you." Her teal eyes flickered to her mother's face, noting how pale and bloodless her face looked, she reached out and snatched the pill bottle off of the bedside table and read the label.

It was at tirty three years of age her mother had discovered that she had terminal cancer and had been forced to live indoors for the past few months as her health spiraled down. Thirty three was much too young to die. Alice cuckled at her daughter's tone. She had sounded like she was issuing an order. "No. I'm dying. I kow that you can feel it just as much as I. I want to ask you a question."

"Alright fire away."

"Do you remember the bed time storys that I used to tell you as a child? The ones about heartland?"

Ali frowned and looked at her mother again, was it the pain pills talking? "I remember. Why do you ask?"

"Because it's real. Every word I told you is based on fact." Yup, definitly the pain pills.

"That isn't possible mom. Neko men and usagi men don't exist." Ali said gently as she checked her mothers blood pressure and couted her heart beats.

"Yes they do-" Alice argued as she reached into her shirt and pulled out a small purple, amythest crystal container full of liquid. "This contains the liquid that Peter made me drink the day that I arrived there. I noticed several months ago that the vial had refilled. I want you to take it and drink the contents." I want you to escape. Alice thought as she tied to hand the vial to Ali.

She didn't want her baby girl to suffer through watching her die, and then suffer though her father's visits. Nothing good would ever come of that man coming to see Ali once she was dead. He never came byto check on their daughter, just to slap her around and tell her that she was worthless when he got drunk and she tried to push him out the front door. He had walked out on Alice ten years ago after she had found one of his friends in Ali's bedroom touching her.

Ali had been frightened and crying for her father to help her but he had just sood there and watched. The low life bastard. Alice had barely gotten Ali way form them before her father's friend could rape her. She could'nt remember a time she had felt so angry and betrayed as she had that night.

Alice had forced the men out of her home, and away from her daughter at gun point and had forbidden them to ever return. It had taken her years to pull Ali from her shell, the trauma that she had suffered that night still remained fresh in her mind, making her wary of men. And that was no way for her Ali to live out the rest of her life.

Alice wanted her little girl to feel safe enough, and confident enough to allow herself to fall in love. She wanted her to live in heartland with Boris, merry, Jullian, Blood, Elliot, Ace and the others. She wanted her to be taken care of.

"I don't think so mom." Ali said as she pshed the vial back at her mom. She was not drinking a strange liquid, even if it was what her mother wanted.

"Ali, please. Take the vial and drink whats in it." Alice begged as she pushed the vial back at her daughter. Ali growled at her.


"Ali. This is my last wish, how can you expect me to move on once I die if you don't do it?"

Ali looked at her as if she would like to throttle her. She was not going to be guiltd into drinking it. No way, no how. Nuh-uh. No. "It might very well be poisioned, and you want me to drink it. Are you insane?"

"It is'nt. Just try it."


"Ali!" Her mother looked at her with tears in her eyes and Ali found herself taking the vial and downing the liquid inside without thinking. Dammit. She hated it when her mother cried. It always made her feel like such a bully. Alice smiled as Ali wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and glared at her.

It would'nt be long now. Alice thought as she opened up the drawer in her bedside table and pulled out a sealed envolope and handed it to Ali. "Give that to the first person that you meet." She said with a smile as Ali's legs went out from under her as a black hole opened up in the floor and sucked her down into it.

"Take care of her Nightmare."