One Week Later

It had been a week since Balto had tried and failed to reason with Tikani's pack, and since then, life had simply resumed as usual - for most of them at least. There was still some residual anger towards the wolves for their actions, so there was less regret towards Kisa's death in the general public than that felt by Balto. That, along with Spitz's repentant feelings towards it meant that he wouldn't have a severe punishment. He would still be watched over in a sort of probation, but Kari was more than happy to volunteer for that.

Today found Balto and Jenna accompanying Rosy and her mother on another one of their walks, which had helped improve his mood over the past few days, but there were still a few things eating at his mind. First there was the issue of the sled team; if they couldn't hunt in Tikani's territory, then what would they do for their family? The second was Tikani's vow to never forget what had happened. They day after their escape, Balto expected him to storm the town, but he did not come that day, or the day after, or the days after them. "He doesn't strike me as the type to let this go; I know I wouldn't if anything like that happened to Jenna. Should I be afraid of him? Should I-"

"Balto, you've been very quiet for the past few walks. What's on your mind?" Jenna asked, cutting off his train of thought.

"Heh, and I thought Boris was the only one who could read my moods well," he thought. "I'm just wondering if Tikani would be angry enough to try to take revenge on me. You heard what he said; he's holding me responsible for what happened."

"I know, but if he was going to do anything, I would think that he would have done it by now," Jenna replied. "After all, he was always very prompt in his response when Spitz's team entered his territory. I think he's simply going to be more protective of his land from now on."

"You have a point," Balto admitted. "Speaking of Spitz, I'm also wondering what his team will do for their hunting now that Tikani has essentially closed his borders."

"Actually, you can ask them yourself; I think that's Spitz and Kari over there," Jenna replied, and sure enough, there they were, walking down the street. Balto and Jenna trotted over. "Hello you two, how are things holding up?" Jenna greeted.

"They're going just fine, thanks for asking," Kari replied with a smile. Spitz put on a smile as well, albeit a slightly forced one, and said a quiet hello to them.

"Are you sure? Without the deal, you two will have to find somewhere else to hunt meat for your family," Balto replied. "If you want, I could ask Maska if there is anywhere else you could-"

"We don't need that, we can manage on our own," Spitz cut in sharply, but when Kari gave him a stern look, he toned it down a little. "What I mean is… we can find caribou ourselves. We've done it before, and we're quite good at it… thanks for the offer though," he said.

"It's okay. If you change your mind, don't hesitate to tell me," Balto said.

"We will. It was nice seeing you again Balto, and if you see your wolf friend again, tell him we said hello," Kari finished, before leaving with her brother.

"Do you think they'll be alright?" Jenna asked him.

"Yeah… they've managed to go along this long without my help, and I'm sure they'll do fine," he replied. He and Jenna continued their walk, with Balto breaking into a grin. That had been the first exchange with Spitz in which the husky had not been outright hostile with him. Some battles had been lost, but others had been won. He may not have been able to make peace with Tikani's pack, but the dogs felt more trust towards their ally in Maska and his pack. He may have made a new enemy in Tikani, but he had managed to mend fences with Spitz. It wasn't a perfect situation, but Balto was content with it, and if trouble ever came to the town of Nome again, he would be there to face it down.

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