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1 It's all in your head

Tanya jumped as the lights overhead flickered back on. Duke was standing in the doorway, his hand on the light switch. He looked puzzled at the way, even thought the lights were on, Nosedive still seemed like he couldn't see and was terrified.

"Don't let them get me! Please don't let them get me! I don't wanna get hurt anymore and I can't give her what she wants!" Wildwing looked confused, and started rubbing Nosedive's arms and back in a gentle but firm way.

"Nosedive it's okay! No one is here but us, and we won't get you! Nosedive calm down, we won't hurt you. I won't let anything happen to you." The teen whimpered, latching onto Wildwing for strength. He wouldn't look at Tanya or the now very confused Duke.

"But you can't help me." This caught Wildwing off guard, and he started.

"What do you mean I can't help you?" Nosedive trembled, his want to explain but resolve not to apparent on his face.

"You can't help me Wildwing, you just can't."

"Nosedive you can tell me anything. I'm right here for you, always. No matter what happens, I'll never leave you. I'll be right there with you the whole time. I won't let you face what has you so terrified alone." That was when the teen began to sob, and tremble more, telling all he'd been through the last two days. The dream, the man, the girl, the voice, all of it. Mallory and Grin came in soon after the story began, and all five ducks heard the majority of what the poor teen was going through. Wildwing held him as he cried, and before long the teen was asleep. Slowly and carefully he laid Nosedive on the bed, then turned to face the team. His expression was unreadable, even without the mask (which had vanished soon after Nosedive was attacked and was now safely in the leaders bag).

"Outside." He whispered, understanding that they all wanted and needed to talk. When they got there they stood in a circle, Wildwing standing closest to the door.

"Any guesses, or complaints, or anything?" Wildwing asked the team, his voice sounding tired. When no one replied he sighed. "Alright then we'll go around the circle. Mallory what do you think?" The red head looked up, surprise and fear etched on her features.

"Well I uh…" she took a deep breath. "I really don't know what to think! I want to believe that some odd power has control over Nosedive like that but… I know it can't be true. I don't want him to be doing this to himself, but there's no other explanation! I mean, if something wanted your soul don't you think you would be the first to know?"

"Alright, good points. Duke?"

"Don't ask me Wing, I told you yesterday morning I dunno what to think? Even though the kid being on drugs seems to be the most likely answer he already told us he wasn't. And I believe him. I'm thinking something more along the lines of Wraith casting a spell or something. Something is defiantly up and it's not all in the kid's head either."

"Again, good points." Wildwing looked helplessly at Tanya. "What do you think Tanya, your team tech?" She shrugged, looking back at him almost as helplessly as he'd looked at her.

"You know we all want to believe him Wildwing but it's illogical! I mean specters just don't start appearing in one night!" She sighed, and looked toward the door. "And if that's what happened to him in one day of it, what will happen if this continues? I don't care so much about the problem right now, I just want a solution."

"Thanks Tanya. Grin?"

"I believe him."

"You do!"

"Yes. There has been bad vibes all around the past few days. When he is frightened more so. I believe these lost souls are the cause of it."

"All right, so that's everyone's opinion…"

"Except yours."

"Do you really wanna' hear it?"

"Do you really wanna' tell it?" Wildwing sighed. Mallory was right. He shouldn't make his team do anything he wasn't willing to do himself.

"I don't know what to think you guys. He's my little brother, and I love him more than anything. And I'm frightened that maybe this time, with this problem, I can't help him. Because I don't know what the cause is I have now power to help. And I want to, more right now than I want to beat Dragaunus. And I can't do a thing! But I have a feeling that something bigger than we realize is going on, and it's going to change everything."


Nosedive woke up, all alone. At first he was terribly frightened, thinking he'd woken up to late. But then he heard the others ducks voices coming from just outside the door. He couldn't understand what they were saying, but it helped to know they were there.

"Easy there buddy boy," he whispered, "big bro and the others will figure it out. There's no reason to be frightened."

'But there is!' His mind screamed, arguing back. 'There is! You have senses use them! Can't you feel the deathly silence in the air, or the mind numbing cold that has just come in?'

"Yes but I'll be all right." He told his mind, "Just as long as I have…light." As he'd been about to say the last word the lights in the room had all gone out, and he squeaked the last word. He had to fight the urge to scream. He didn't want to frighten Wildwing or the others anymore than he was sure he already had. And last time the lights went out nothing happened so….

'But last time it wasn't cold!' Nosedive's breaths came in shallow, hurried, gasps almost to the point of hyperventilating. He started to shiver and tremble, with fear or cold or both he didn't know. Seemingly from out of nowhere a boy walked into the center of the room. His clothes were torn and faded, his hair a sickly blonde, he was so thin Dive could almost see through him, and his skin ghostly white. Nosedive began to shake harder as the boy neared the bed, the boy's face in an expression of shock and horror.

"What do you want?" Nosedive squeakily whispered.

"Let me out! Let me out! Please, I'll be good from now on! I won't steal from the kitchen I promise! I'm just so hungry! Please let me out! LET ME OUT!" The boy's small hands reached up and took Nosedive by the neck, strangling him. Only then did he scream.