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Full Summary:

It's 1866 and 17 year old Jasper Whitlock lives at home with his mother, father and little sister.

Suddenly a day the maid finds a man in the kitchen bleeding all over the plaice, she screams for help, and hears something behind her; Bella Swan, vampire since 1812, the made and unknown man gets killed by Bella.

More people are missing, some is found killed, who is her next victim? Will the victim die, or will he just be a part of the past?

Elena (the maid)P.O.V

The sun was shinning, and warming my back as I walked into the Whitlock's house.

I sang an old song my mother used to sing to me.

It was a very sad heavy song, my mother used to say it was a song about her life.

The sound's of the nature outside matched with the song perfectly.

I was going to make dinner for the Whitlock's, but what I saw inside the kitchen made me scream and jump when I saw it.

A man was lying down on the floor, moaning and groaning in pain, because of the blood floating out of his weak body. I didn't know the person, and for that I could only be grateful for!

I quickly rushed to the man, grabbing a peace of clothes trying to make the bleeding stop.

"Somebody help! There's a man bleeding! HELP!" I yelled but it didn't seem that anybody heard me, just then a small laugh came from behind me, the small laugh sounded like small clear bells, like a laugh from an angel.

I looked over my shoulder, and gasped.

She surely looked like an angel, her long dark brown hair shinned in the dim light, her long sky blue dress fit her perfectly, but her eyes scared me, they were blood red.

I jumped up up at the sight.

"You shouldn't have tried to save him," Her voice was just like her laugh, light and beautiful. But although she seamed to be... Dangerous.

I only looked at her.

"I don't think we personally meet, I'm Isabella Swan" She said smiling a smile to me. I turned to her, completely forgetting the man lying on the floor, still groaning and moaning.

She smiled to me. A dangerous smile, I wanted to run, but something told me not to.

"Can't you speak?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

"What are you?" I finally asked. She laughed a small short laugh.

"Oh, I love that question," She smiled. She walked slowly closer to me, like a predator "I'm a vampire," She said. Not so weird that she had red eyes, then...

"That's impossible," I whispered.

"Not quit," She walked closer to me. "You smell so good," A moan escaped her mouth.

"Like... Blueberries-" Her eyes closed slightly, as a growl came out of her.

"And strawberry," She smiled, and slowly she lay her hand on my shoulder. "This is gonna be so good," She mumbled, her eyes zoomed in on my neck, she then leaned in and sunk her teeth into me. Dear Jesus, let this be a nightmare! An awful, awful nightmare! The pain quickly spread thou my whole body. I tried to fight her, I kicked, and screamed but the more I tried to get free of her death claws, the more week and painful I felled. The hope of life flooded out of me like my blood, and into the beautiful devil that was hovering over me.

One of you guys asked me why Isabella aka Bella didn't have a southern accent, it's because she was born and raised in Washington DC ;) But then she came here... And I'll tell you more in th next chapter, god damint!

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