A Savage Life Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Well, it seems I strike again. If I keep having these darn thoughts, I will be writing for what ever is left of my short life, But, at least I will go doing what I have loved doing for the past 10 months, and that is sharing my stories with my family I have gathered here on FFdotNET. This is my take on Harry leading a different like, being brought up by someone other than the Dursleys. I hope you enjoy it. I have done a lot of research about the main character, other than Harry. Incredibly, he fits in well with the Harry Potter world, sharing names of characters. Have fun reading. As always, Ollie the Keeper.

ASL; A night of sorrow.

The British Prime Minister was deep in thought, as to the problems his people were facing. Her Majesty has placed in his hands the task of finding a solution to the number of deaths that were cropping up every where. All of these deaths were the same, no apparent cause. Not a mark on the bodies. All body parts normal and healthy. Yet the look of horror on all the victims faces.

He had requested his Magical counterpart to update him as to the situation, but it seemed she had disappeared, and the wizards were in the process of finding her replacement.

He had asked the city's Chief of Police to assist him, but he was at a loss of ideas. How do you find an answer to a question no one knows. People were dying with no apparent cause, in locked homes, to include windows. Not just single individuals, whole families.

He needed help, and fast, before more people died. But who would be up to the task he was asking. And then he knew. He asked his aide to come in. "Benson, I need to you to pull out a file on Clark savage Jr. You may have to go back a few decades. I seem to remember him helping us with a problem some forty years ago, but, I do believe he is still active in this world. He supposedly is retired, but, in this time of need, I am sure we can ask for, and receive his help."

"You say forty years ago sir, wouldn't that put him a little too old for the help we will probably be needing? That would make him, what, seventy or eighty years old."

"And your point being, Benson?"

"Well, sir, at that age, you're body starts to deteriorate. With your body, goes your mind. Are you sure we shouldn't be looking for someone younger with a fresher mind?"

"You do realise that I am 61 years old myself, don't you Benson, and that I am still as fresh in my mind, as I was thirty years ago. Just because your body may not be able to do the things you were capable of back then, does not mean you are now incapable of thinking as well. Now, try to contact Mr. Savage, if you will. You will find him in the United States. New York City to be more precise, and the Empire State Building to be exact. Now, if you will, I still have work to do.


He had received the call three weeks ago. The Prime Minister had asked for his aid, and he would have passed on it, except for the number of unexplained deaths, with no apparent cause. Whole families dying.

He has been here for two weeks, listening to street talk, reading the papers, and talking to the Prime Minister, and his contact with a secret society. It seemed that a tyrant with terrorist tactics was trying to take over the United Kingdom. He had an army of followers, called Death Eaters, and were behind the deaths of the populace. The contact was not specific with his explanation of the cause of these deaths. He kept saying something about the killing curse.

During his research, he had come up with the idea, that though they seemed random, the deaths were part of a search pattern, in which the Death Eaters were searching for somebody.

Clark had found several leads, that always led him do dead ends, in alleys, or restrooms or abandoned buildings. He now knew what to look for in the Death eaters though. They were always dressed in Black robes, and they all wore death white masks. He was a little upset at the way they had escaped his trailing them. He was sure that he was not spotted.

Clark had arrived here with his two remaining associates, Andrew Blodgett Mayfair, and Theodore Marley Brooks. They were holding offices in the PM's building, following Clark's trails, and plotting them on a large map of the London and surrounding areas. They had to, at times, go to a different map, as the pattern started to expand out. It finally brought them to the city limits of a small town called Godric's Hollow.

Clark had rented a room in the town Inn, and wandered around, becoming familiar with the town.

Finally on the last day of October, he found an area of unaccounted activity. There were people entering what appeared to be a vacant lot, but as soon as they entered the property, they disappeared. He watched the property for better than five hours. Three people had entered, and three people had left. The whole time they were on the property, they were unseen. When they did show back up, it was as if, they just reappeared.

The sun had gone down, and the kids had started their trick or treating. It was chaotic, with all the kids running around, but Clark was enjoying the moment, when a dark and sinister looking individual appeared about a block away from where Clak had been holding surveillance. He watched as the figure walked up to the gate of the property, and pulled out a stick, and waved it around. Suddenly, a small family cottage appeared. The Figure walked through the gate, and approached the door. Rather than knock, he used this stick, and lights started to come from the end of it, hitting against the door, battering it. It held for a while.

From in side the house, he heard a man scream, "Lily, He's here, take Harry, and Run."

Clark heard a woman scream no, but was soon hushed, when the door was soon blown off it's hinges. The figure then entered the house, where followed a display of different colored lights, that ended in a dark green light. Clark entered the house to find a young man of no more than twqenty or twenty one, on the floor. Going over to him, Clark saw the look on the young man's face, and knew he was dead.

He then turned and went upstairs, when he heard, "No, not my son, not Harry. Take me instead."

Clark had looked into the room, and saw a beautiful young lady standing in front of a crib, protecting the child it held. "Move out of the way, woman. There is no need for you to die. I just want your boy."

"NO!, You can't have my Harry. I would rather die, than for you to have my Harry."

"So be it. If this is what you want, then who am I to argue. As he lowered the stick towards the young woman, Clark had thown something into the air between the figure and the young lady. When the Figure said some strange words, a strange green light was emitted from the stick. However, it had hit the barrier Clark had thrown. The light hit the Barrier, and bounced off and hit the figure in the chest. The figure was in shock at this act. With one last curse, he hit the crib, causing it to explode, showering the child with wood splinters, the largest causing a huge gash in his head, in the shape of a slanted Z, or more to the point, a lightning bolt.

The figure fell to the floor, but as he fell, a green mist started to leave his body. Doc spotted a covered urn, and captured the mist in the urn, to examine it later. He turned to the young lady.

Lily cried as she realised this gentleman had just saved her life, and her son's life. However, she just realised that James was down stairs. She ran past Clark, and saw the body of her husband. She collapsed at his side, and cried. This was how the next individual found them. Lils' you alright, where issss...NO! James. Please be alright."

"Sirius, James is dead. He died trying to save Harry and I. It would have been for naught, if it hadn't been for him." Lily pointed upstairs to see the figure of Clark Savage Jr.

Clark came down stairs, holding tiny Harry in his huge hands. Clark was easily seven feet tall. He had short golden hair, and Golden eyes that sparkled, in the light.

Sirius stood up, holding his wand on the descending figure. "Who are you?" He threatened. Lily pushed his arm down.

"Pads, he saved mine and Harry's life. Don't treat him like that. Please sir, forgive my friend. He is just trying to protect me. Can I please have my boy?"

Clark handed Harry to his mother. Harry looked at Clark, and smiled brightly, and waved bye bye to him. Clark smiled at the young child.. "I know your names. You are Lily, and that is Harry. And you are Sirius, or Pads, which must be a nickname of some sort. I am Clark Savage Jr. I also have a nickname. My friends call me Doc."

Sirius almost jumped out of his skin, "Doc Savage, THE Doc Savage, from America?" You can't be. Doc Savage must be 80 or 90 years old now. You only look like thirty or thirty five."

"It's a long story, and one we don't have time for. We must get out of here, before any of the Death Eaters come here to follow up on this oneupstairs. Who was he by the way?"

Sirius replied, "Lord Voldemort, the leader of the Death Eaters. You're right, though, we must get out of here."

They left the house, but not before Lily had to say good bye to her husband, "James, why did it have to be you? Why were we the ones he was after? How could he feel threatened by Harry? He's just a baby. That damned Prophecy. Dumbledore had to tell us. It's not fair. We haven't even been married two years. I'll miss you James, but Harry will know of you, I promise. I love you James. I will always Love you." She collapsed against his chest, tears streaming down her cheeks, staining them with the dust from the rubble from the explosion.

"Excuse me Lily, did you say Dumbledore? Could that be Albus Dumbledore?"

"That's right Doc. Albus Dumbledore. Do you know him?"

"Yes, we met about fifty years ago, while I was training with Arsene Lupin. He was teaching me Arcane Magic. Never really believed in it until now. Please hold on a minute, I want to retrieve something right quick. He went back in the house, and came back out a few seconds later, with a tiny broomstick, a stuffed wolf, a stuffed dog, several photo's, and two wands. James and Voldemort's.

As they were leaving, they were approached by the biggest man Doc had ever seen. Being seven foot himself, this man had to be about nine feet tall.

"Lily, Sirius, you're allright Where's James? And who is this bloke?" Hagrid asked.

"Hagrid, James is dead. Voldemort killed him. Harry is all right, as well as Sirius and I. This is Clark savage Jr., better known as..."

"Blimey, you be Doc Savage, aren't ya. Be knowing of you, I do. Eard of ya, when you helped out with the werewolf case some forty years ago. Right brilliant piece of work that was. So what are ye doin ere?"

"It's a long story sir, and I'm afraid we don't have a lot of it. Right now, we have to find Albus."

"Alright, I'll be takin Lily an Harry wit me, and Sirius can take you on the bike."

"Hagrid, You take Lily and Harry on the Bike, and I will Side along with Doc. I think it will be safer that way, with Harry."

"If'n your sure Sirius. Don't want to be puttin you out or nuttin."

"I'll be fine Hagrid. We'll meet you where? You haven't said where we are going."

"Oh ya. Lily's sister's house in Devon. #4 Privit Drive."

"Hagrid, you better not tell me that was where He was going to leave Harry, if anything happened to me and James."

"Ummm, well we had to take him some where, and Sirius and Remus were not his first choice."

"I will rip that old goats beard off of his face. That bastard was going to leave my son in the care of my sister, who hates any thing magic. My sister who is married to the lowest pond scum imaginable. Owww, he better have a good explanation for this one."

Both Sirius and Hagrid backed away from Lily, as she let loose her tirade. Lily was well known for her temper.

Lily climbed into the box car, holding Harry, and Hagrid climbed on the huge bike, and took off down the road. Once out of sight, he pulled the throttle, and they rose up for their long flight to Devon. Sirius told Doc to hold his shoulder. He did, and then felt like some one grabbed his head, and started pulling him, like he was a piece of salt water taffy. And then it was over.

Albus and Minerva had been talking when they heard the pop of someone aparating. They were surprised, when they saw Sirius but Albus was more surprised by the second individual.