The Savage Life Keeperoliver Chapter 35

Doc looked at the common room that he had missed. He then looked back at Dobby and Kreacher. "Dobby, I know you and Kreacher probably don't feel like doing this, But, there is still one more we are missing from our party, and was wondering if you and Kreacher wouldn't mind getting him for me?"

"If we is missing someone, then Dobby will be getting him, there is no need for Kreacher to be making this trip."

"I think it is best if you both went, MAX is kind of big, and maybe more than one of you can handle."

"Who is this Max you speak of Mister Doc Savage sir?"

"MAX is a Hydra Dobby. I have him hidden in a cave on upstate New York. It may also be best to take Klinger with you, as they know each other. MAX is a gentle creature to those he knows, but, a bit of a stubborn one, if he doesn't know you. If he cooperates, bring him to the Forbidden Forest behind Hagrid's shack. He'll be safe there, and we should be able to meet you there."

Dobby took Klinger, and him and Kreacher left with a soft pop.

Dobby was able to find the location of the cave from the description he got from Klinger. Klinger then turned into his Spyro form, and met with MAX. He then turned into his Phoenix form, and communicated with him, to tell him of what was going to happen. MAX agreed to his wish, and Klinger had Dobby and Klinger enter the cave. Dobby and Kreacher were shocked when they saw the twenty foot tall Hydra. "Mister Doc Savage was right when he suggested we come here together Kreacher. I thinks we need to join hands to do this."

"Kreacher agrees with Dobby for once. I hope he is not hungry."

Klinger changed once more, to his normal body, and took his place on Dobby's small shoulders, when Dobby asked, "Mister Klinger sir, would it be better for you to ride on Max's neck, to keep him calm?" Klinger agreed, and took his place around MAX's center neck, and all four vanished from the cave, and reappeared in the Forbidden Forest behind Hagrid's shack. They found Doc waiting for them there, with Hagrid. Hagrid's look of joy became apparent, as he saw MAX for the first time. MAX saw Doc, and he let out a loud roar before he came forward to his claimed parent.

Doc threw his arms around MAX's neck, and strokes his skin the way he knew MAX liked. MAX watched as Hagrid stepped closer, showing no fear. MAX knew instantly he was no threat, and allowed Hagrid to rub his head. As the two men released MAX, he raised his head, and looked at the surrounding area. He liked the fresh open air, and the comfort afforded him by the forest. He sensed other creatures in the woods, but, they posed no threat to him either. In fact, he sensed they welcomed him to their home, as another protector to the woods.

Hagrid asked Doc, if he could use MAX in his class, if MAX agreed. Doc agreed, as did MAX, when asked by Klinger. Hagrid then asked what MAX preferred for his meals, how often he ate, and where he wished to stay when not out roaming the forest. Hagrid knew of a cave that would house the large Hydra, And took him to it. MAX Entered the cave, and found it most appealing. They then went back to Hagrid's hut, and chatted a bit more, before Doc told MAX to behave himself, and try to get along with the other creatures. He did not know that MAX had already been accepted by the rest of the inhabitants of the wooded area.

Hagrid said good bye to Doc, and Doc, Dobby, and Kreacher made their way back to Savage House and the rest of their family. The evening soon passed, and they all made their way to their rooms for the evening.

The next morning, every one was up and ready to go eat, and visit with the friends they made from the other houses. They were al thrilled to see the four familiar faces, and were filled in on what they did in their absence. It wasn't long before they were back into their routine.


The rest of the School year went by fast. The Savages soon found themselves in the middle of their NEWTs. They couldn't figure out where the name for the tests came from, as they zoomed through each test, as if they were just quizzes. The observers were amazed at the speed in which all the Savage House members completed their tests, especially Hermione. As long as they were, she completed each one in record fashion. The observers thought that she was somehow cheating, but, could not find any thing to substantiate this. And to top it off, she never missed a single question. In fact, of all the Savage house students, not a single question was missed. Not a single practical was found in error. Perfect scores were achieved all the house members.

The entire class of 1998 achieved the highest overall score ever recorded, which met with much delight from the Professors. They decided to throw a party for the school, inviting all students, as the OWL test scores were just as amazing.

A Hogsmeade weekend was granted for the students so that they could get proper attire for the event. The Savage House students went as group, which kept the shops hopping, as the number of customers meant a profitable weekend.

The group went to the Three Broomsticks for their lunch, and Madam Rosemerta danced her way through the guests, serving food, and drinks to them, chatting with the students. She loved these students, as they were well mannered, and disciplined. There were no rude, or suggestive comments about her.

Harry finished his meal, and saw Ginny was as well, and took her hand, and asked her to go with him some place. She grabbed his hand, and they excused them selves from their friends.

Harry took Ginny to the What Not Shop, and Harry looked at the display case. He found what he was looking for. "Ginny, I know this is sudden, but, I want you to know I love you. Very much, do I love you. With that being the case, I want to know how you feel about me?"

Ginny was wondering where this was going. She looked into Harry's eyes, and saw the emotion in them. "Harry, you know I have always loved you. I could never love any one else. You mean the world to me."

"That's what I wanted to hear. Ginevra Molly Weasley, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?"

Ginny had tears forming in her eyes. She was biting her bottom lip. She was having trouble catching her breath. She was trying to answer him, but found it hard to breathe. She finally managed to squeak out a whispered "YES!"

Harry barely heard her response, and asked her to repeat it. "YES! Harry James Potter, I will marry you." She said loud enough for every one in the store to hear, which brought a round of applause from them all, even the shop owner. Harry then had her select a set of rings to make it official. Ginny made her selection, which Harry payed for, and then slipped the engagement ring on her finger. Ginny held it up to her eyes, and marveled at what it meant to her. She threw her arms around Harry and snogged him in front of the entire store, not that Harry minded. He picked her up, and twirled her around. Harry had made Ginny the happiest girl in the world, For that minute anyway.

In another part of town, Hermione and Neville were going through the same ritual, as were Draco, Tracy, and Daphne. At this Daphne was hesitant. "Draco, Tracy, are you sure this is what you both want? I mean, I love you both very much, but, unless you both say you want this, I will not agree?"

Tracy looked deep into Daphne's eyes. "Daphne, both Draco and I talked about this. He told me he would not ask you, if I didn't want it. Believe me when I say, this is what we both want. I have seen how you were when we took you into our folds. You were despondent, scared, lonely, hurt, and heart broken. Since you have been with us, your spirits have grown, you enjoy life, and you are once again happy. We don't want to see you hurt again. We love this woman in front of us. So, yes we both want this."

Daphne wrapped her arms around both of them, and kissed them. She backed off, and allowed Tracy to go first. "Yes Draco, I will marry you."

Daphne then took her turn, "Draco, Tracy, I loved Anthony very much, bur, he is gone. I found myself again, with you two, and I can't imagine myself with anyone else. I agree to marry you both."

For now, those were the only proposals. Their will be more, later.

As the Savages gathered for their return. They all gathered around Ginny, Hermione, Tracy, and Daphne, to admire their rings, and to hug them for their new status, as fiances.

The four were once again treated to this attention, when they got back to their house. Lily, James, Lucius, Narcissa, Frank and Alice were the proudest people there. Not far behind were Severus, Sirius, and Pat.

The Graduation Ball was the best event the school ever held. There were more proposals, as Fred and George proposed to Miranda and Mariah. And Ron proposed to Angel. Once again, Lily and James were proud, as there adopted daughter was marrying the man of her dreams. They hugged her for all they were worth, and showed her that they would always be their for her. Angel's eyes were filling with tears, as Doc came to her. "Angel, I want you to know, you were always special to me. I loved all of you equally, but, with you, it was the love of a father for his daughter. If James and Lily had not adopted you, I would have. You will always hold a special place in my heart, sweetheart." Doc then hugged his special little Angel.

As the dance continued, and the students moved around the dance floor, swaying to the music, you could feel the love that was shared by the newly announced engaged couples.

Doc even got to dance with Lily, Alice, Narcissa, Tonks (Who was pregnant), Pat (Who was also pregnant), and Minerva (Who was not pregnant). He also danced with the fiances, and other students in the school.

Severus announced hid engagement to Septima Vector to the assembly, during a lull in the party. Lily rushed over to him, "Sev, I'm so happy for you. You know I loved you, but, it was always as a friend. I'm sorry I couldn't love you the way you wanted me to."

"I know Lily Belle. I always knew. That damned Potter was always in the way. The way you always called him a toe rag gave it away. The way you said it with so much hate, was like you were forcing your self to say it. I truly did love you though. Always remember that, Still do, if you want the truth, but, like you, it is as a friend. That doesn't diminish the amount though." He leaned down, and hugged Lily, and kissed he on the cheek.

The evening came to an end, and the students made their way back to their dorms to talk about the things that happened during the dance.


Albus and Doc were sitting on the dock where the second event of the Tri-Wizard tournament took place. They had fishing poles it their hands, and were relaxing. Albus had a bite, and he played with it, as the fish tried to get away. He released the catch, and the fish took off, and when it stopped, Albus reset the catch, and the fight was on once mare. Finally reeling it in, he took the fish off the hook, and threw it behind him, where MAX was waiting for it. He caught the fish in the mouth of his right head, and swallowed it in one gulp. Doc smiled at his familiar, and soon joined Albus with his bite. He brought it in right away, and like Albus, tossed it behind him, and MAX caught this one, with his left head, and swallowed it with one gulp.

"Albus, I never thought that retirement could be so peaceful. Although I wish my friends could be here with me, Knowing I have new friends makes everything OK. 3PO and Teema will be graduating soon. Harry and Ginny are expecting their second child. James II is getting big. Hermione and Neville have Frank II. And my Angel, and Ron, well, maybe soon they will enjoy the pitter patter of little feet. Draco and Tracy, and Daphne are like rabbits. Five children, do you believe it? Fred and George are something else. They both have a set of twins, born on the same day. ! April. Do you think they planned it that way?"

"Knowing the twins, yes. They always did everything together. Doc, do you ever look back, and wish things had been different. I mean would you change anything if you had the chance, not knowing how it would turn out?"

Doc thought about it, as he fighting another bite. He reeled it in, and once again he threw the fish over his shoulder for MAX to catch it, this time with the middle head. "To be honest Albus, no, I don't think so. Like I said, I miss my old friends, but, if it meant missing what I have now, I couldn't do it. Besides, I believe Renny, Johnny, Tom, Ham, and Monk are probably doing the same thing we are doing right now, enjoying each others company. That's the way it should be."

"True, but, I always wonder what life would have been like if you had decided to turn down the Minister's plea for help. those oh so many years ago. I know there are probably thirty or more people wondering this same thing. Lily and James, Frank and Alice. Sirius and Pat. Remus and Tonks. All of their kids, all of their grand kids. Even 3PO and Teema. You have affected many lives here Doc. What it would have been like if you hadn't showed up."

"Well, luckily, we don't have to worry about that. The day I met Harry Potter, was probably the most wonderful day of my life. We had some great adventures together. Now that it's over, and I'm retired, I think back to these memories, and wish I could relive them."

"You do know I have a pensieve, don't you. All it takes is a minute to retrieve a memory, and you can revisit it. Not the same thing as the original, but, none the less exciting. What say, we go grab a spot of tea, and do just that. I wouldn't mind seeing some of these adventures, as well as some of your original adventures, with your first friends."

"You know what, Albus, That sounds like a ripping good idea. Max, why don't you go back to Hagrid, and see what you and Chewie can dig up. Don't do too much damage though. Those trees you tore up, will never be the same again. And the Whomping Willow just isn't the same, now that it doesn't whomp anymore."

"I guess we will just have to plant another one. They are a pretty stout tree, for the first fifty years of their lives. Of course they may last longer, if they didn't have a Hydra, and a Sasquatch around to abuse them."

"Do you believe Albus, twenty five years it's been. Retirement sure does make you look back on your life."

"Come on Doc, you know as well as I do, that if you were needed again, you would be right there doing what you could to fight the forces of evil. Probably getting the Savages together one more time to fight at your side. Knowing them, they would be there, for another one of your exciting adventures. If you want to know the truth, I would probably join you on that one. I haven't been on a good adventure in many a moon."

"Well, then, why don't go get that cup of tea, look into those memories, and then check the paper for a possibility."

"Yes, let's." And they headed up to the Headmasters office



A/N: Well my friends, I put another one of my stories to bed. I enjoyed writing this story, and like my others, I hated for it to end, but, it had to, sooner or later. I liked the end, where it was just Doc, Albus, and MAX. Will there be another adventure, I don't know, that's why the question mark, at the end. If I have a thought, then maybe a short story. Too early to tell. I have many other ideas for stories, but, it may be a few days, before starting on. It all depends on how itchy my fingers get, and how soon I run out of ideas on my other story. Hope you enjoyed this one. As always, Ollie the Keeper. THIS ONE WAS FOR YOU MAX.