Notes: third season. Written for SPNland.

Victor drove through the rain as he got off the phone with his boss. Another reaming about the Winchester case and his vacation request was denied to add injury to insult.

All he wanted was to go a week without bad coffee and even worse hotel rooms as he traveled around the fly over states looking for their asses. He wanted to go a week where, instead of following a creepy trail left by satanic sociopaths, he was at a lake with a full cooler and a woman. He'd rent a house boat, reacquaint himself with a grill, and maybe catch a few fish. Watch the fucking sun rise over the mountains or something.

But no, the brothers were seen in Michigan. Another corpse mutilation with a side order of arson. The top brass wants them hauled in. "Post-haste," he snarled, quoting his boss, as he dropped his cell phone in the cupholder.

Victor had just wanted to go a week without hearing about those two.