Notes: set pre-series. written for snickerdoodle.

Zoe and Wash had finally been able to have a night to themselves planet side when the heavens decided to open up and drench the dusty space port. Their fanciest clothes were soaked in minutes before they ducked inside a dive bar filled with the type of folks nicknamed 'Knuckles' or 'Ice Pick.'

Even in a dress, Zoe carried her smallest gun and she walked in the place, head high, holding Wash's hand. Zoe refused to let the weather ruin her first free night in weeks. Drinking and dancing, they stayed until the rain let up.

They laughed, running through muddy streets, as thunder and lightening blasted overhead. A great crack ripped through the air as they finally reached a respectable dancehall. Its flashing rainbow sign sputtered to dimness as they walked inside the club, red with reserve lights.

Wash took Zoe into his arms. "Happy first anniversary."

Hours later, the mud speckled couple, leaning on each other, made the way to Serenity with sleepy smiles on their face.